Discover how Panax ginseng could provide support for fatigue and stress.

Panax ginseng is grown in Korea, China and Siberia. This Asian plant is known for its ability to help people manage stress and fatigue. It is widely used for the management of anxiety, depression, concentration, memory and work efficiency.

The Panax ginseng does this by releasing compounds called ginsenosides, or panaxosides. These compounds are thought to affect multiple points in the body in order to help with the release of physical and mental energy. Because of this, traditional medicine practitioners refer to it as an "adaptogenic" drug.

The Panax ginseng supplement is derived from the roots of the plant. The panaxosides in Panax ginseng work differently from other forms of ginseng, such as the American ginseng plant. The panaxosides from Panax ginseng may also help lower stress hormones that diminish energy.

For help with motivation to exercise and to be more productive at home or at work, try this herbal support from German-grown Panax ginseng.

This California Gold Nutrition EuroHerbs product features veggie capsules of a therapeutic dose of ginseng that could minimize your fatigue and stress.


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