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Veganism can refer to a diet or lifestyle. A vegan diet consists only of plant-based foods, eschewing animal products and byproducts. People who are vegan don’t eat meat, eggs, milk or fish. Since they rely on a plant-based diet, they get their protein from nuts, seeds, beans and legumes. Individuals who adopt this diet may also eat vegan meat alternatives, which are made from soy or wheat proteins.

Since vegans don’t consume dairy, they avoid regular cheese, ice cream and yogurt. Plant-based versions of these foods; however, are allowed. Milk can be made from rice, soy, almonds and coconuts.

Honey and other bee byproducts are also avoided by the vegan community. Stricter vegans even avoid casein, gelatin, vitamin D3, albumin, shellac and other animal-sourced additives.

Many people adopt a vegan diet to live a healthy lifestyle. Some choose to live a vegan lifestyle for ethical reasons. These individuals believe that animals are conscious beings that should not be eaten or exploited by humans. As a result, many vegans avoid wearing makeup containing carmine or beeswax or clothing made from fur or leather.

Others choose veganism due to environmental concerns. Animal agriculture uses up more natural resources like forests, water and methane gas than plant-based farming.

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