Discover how yoga could help reduce depression symptoms.

Many people report feeling depressed even without being formally diagnosed with depression. A study of adult women showed that participating in two sessions of yoga a week helped lessen symptoms of depression, stress and fatigue even though if no other changes were made to daily activities or habits.

The researchers found that yoga may offer this benefit due to its combination of exercise and relaxation techniques. It also helps people sleep better and get rid of headaches and back pain.

Anxiety will cause the body to respond by breathing quickly and getting a boosted heart rate. These physical effects might result in a positive feedback loop of increased anxiousness. Sudarshan Kriya yoga (SKY) is a practice that can help reduce these symptoms.

The SKY method involves several cycles of controlled breathing. When the breathing is under control, the body will naturally feel calmer and less anxious. Consider practicing breathing techniques at any time, not only during yoga.

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