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The iPad Air Screen Repair, our thoughts on repairability...

Thanks to +Josh Muccio for this post.

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Awesome review of the excellent ship-in iPad repair service that +iHeart Repair offers! Take a look :)
Thanks to +Brett Martin for this awesome write up of our ship-in iPad repair service :) She's even got a coupon code in there for $10 off a ship-in iPhone, iPad or iPod repair.

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Just Released! How to repair the Brand New iPad Air Screen...

A video repair guide... The complete Ultimate Guide is coming soon!
How to repair the screen on the iPad Air

The latest from +iPad Screen Repair  

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Merry Christmas Everyone, from to you!

This is the LAST of our 3 post series of Great Apps for the Holidays! Check it out. Holiday Fun and Relaxation is the topic today...

Thanks to +Amanda Oliver for putting all this together :)

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Next in our 3 post series: Holiday Travel Apps for the iPad

Thanks to +Amanda Oliver for the great new post!

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Get these holiday apps for your iPad to stay on top of the holiday shopping this year. Good luck and happy holidays!

Thanks goes to +Amanda Oliver for this post.

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It has begun. The first ever iPad Air screen repair is in progress...

The Ultimate Guide to iPad Air Screen Repair  *Coming Soon*

Thanks to +Josh Muccio & +iHeart Repair 
First ever iPad Air screen repair by +iHeart Repair
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Hot of the Press! Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for the iPad!

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New Post on iPad Screen Repair by +Amanda Oliver 

Here's a few annoying software glitches – and the corresponding fixes – that happen to the iPad.

Read all posts by +Amanda Oliver here:

Read all posts by +Josh Muccio here:

Thanks goes to Amanda for this awesome post :)
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