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Igor Ganapolsky
Android developer and Linux enthusiast.
Android developer and Linux enthusiast.
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It strikes me how similar AngularJS dependency injection framework works similar to Dagger 2 for Java.

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Now this piqued my curiosity about Observables in JavaScript...

Super excited that Google is now using Docker images in their samples, like the GCM sample. I hope they can bring more awareness about Docker to developers.

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Since I'm building an IR Controller with my Raspberry Pi, I'd better understand these things...

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Some really compelling reasons for developers to start using Firebase.

What is the deal with Google Cloud DataStore. How is it different than Firebase?

I am actually super excited about Firebase Database. Can't wait to implement it in my app.

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I'm starting to get the hang of Docker. It is an awesome tool. I just wish they integrated the squash command. As it stands, all my docker images are humongous and take a long time to push...

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I learned my lesson - don't buy from My reasons:
1) Their prices are no better than Amazon's
2) Their customer service is in Philippines
3) They make the customer pay for returns
4) They take two weeks to issue a refund
5) They don't provide a portal for customers to leave reviews on items
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