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Ian Geldard

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– The warped philosophy of social justice decrees that good parents are part of the problem, not the solution For more evidence of the sickness at the heart of our universities, I present the…
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Ian Geldard

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Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson on Why He's The Best Choice Against Trump and Clinton
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Ian Geldard

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This week, the former Shadow Home Secretary and Europe Minister David Davis made a major intervention in the EU referendum debate. In a powerful speech, Davis set out exactly why a brighter future lies ahead for a Britain freed from the shackles of a supranational corpse that hasn’t created any jobs in the UK. Below …
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+Ian Geldard There's a lot to be said for internationalism instead of the EU being a club. One problem with a points system is it tends to pick out the already successful. People at the start of their career wouldn't quality, unless they can come to study and then apply to stay once they get a degree.

I think the unvoiced assumption in the EU is that these countries are similar enough that A. people would fit culturally and B. the economies are close enough that you'll get migration due to ambition, opportunity-seeking, etc. and not out of desperation.

Maybe the feeling now is that that isn't quite true of Eastern Europe, or maybe it wasn't really true of Greece, places like Sicily, etc. That would be sad. I hope we regain a European identity that seems to be on the wane currently.
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Ian Geldard

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We only have four weeks left to avoid making a Titanic mistake for the future of the UK
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+Pavlos Papageorgiou the EU is finished bit like a balloon grew too big and is about to burst with us in our out I prefer out.
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Ian Geldard

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When Barack Obama made his pro-EU plea to UK voters last month, he appealed to our internationalist tendencies. If the UK was to remain “open” and “outward-looking”, he said, the choice to remain in the EU was unquestionable. It’s a narrative which has defined much of the referendum debate.
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Ian Geldard

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"We won't get a better deal than the one we have now". They keep saying that don't they? But who says we actually have a good deal? For sure we have full market access, but it requires us to gradually merge governments, have ...
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Ian Geldard

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Questions have been raised over recent EU referendum polls that show massive, anomalous leads to the 'Remain' camp
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Ian Geldard

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Dan Hannan MEP: A Bright Brexit Future
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Believe in Britain take back control. 
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Ian Geldard

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WATCH: Dan Hannan's brilliant speech during The Spectator EU Referendum debate
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Brilliant stuff! 
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– The warped philosophy of social justice decrees that good parents are part of the problem, not the solution For more evidence of the sickn

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