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It may look like an ordinary USB memory stick, but a little gadget that can sequence DNA while plugged into your laptop could have far-reaching effects on medicine and genetic research.

The MinION would take about 6 hours to complete a human genome, Brown claims, though the company plans to market the device for use in shorter sequencing tasks like identifying pathogens, or screening for genetic mutations that can increase risk of certain diseases. Each unit is expected to cost $900 when it goes on sale later this year.
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Damn, tech advance way too fast!
Wow, that is amazing!
I'm thinking in the "Animus" machine (Assassin's Creed videogame)!
Is that the future is a tape the future!
Is it single-shot or reusable?
+Vik Olliver Looks like multi-use with additional enzyme solution being a consumable part
Wasn't it only a few years ago, we hailed the sequencing of human DNA and now it's on a thumb drive. #nobigdeal
TY chus
Don't believe it until i see proof
Very nice tech, but I wonder if the extreme portability will be that much of an improvement over the table-top units that can run multiple genomes in parallel. I suppose that is why the company is targeting rapid diagnostic situations; this would be more effective in a physician's office, for example.
this is my first post so if i mess this up iam sorry....i just got a copy of my medical records to review and i found that the some of the blood work test the dr odered. i did not know about or approve .....he said he had to do it because one of my test levels read high so he ran a test to rule out two nationalaties for illness commen in a certain race is this common does anyone know??'s very impresive to know how far these cadgets can go
+Donna Paneitz : the rules vary a bit depending on specifics, but in general, your consent is required for the drawing of blood or any other actual procedures, while the choice of specific tests to run with that blood are usually at the discretion of the physician. Running a test on a blood sample to look for a potential disease after an initial blood factor test comes back abnormal is pretty standard procedure. This is particularly true if the illness is question is known to be common in your sex, race, or immediate family background.
Seems incredibly cool, but I wonder how accurate this device can be.
I think you mean, it does all of that and it's only $900.00 :D
$900 dollars for a DNA sequencer .. I come form a time that was not even an option for millions of dollars...
that's crazy, so now you could know possibly if there is something in ur genetic history that could be a precursor for cancer or something else. Sure it would take sometime to red and translate it, but that wicked!
In seconds! 19600 of them! 6 hours?
Imagine a future where technology like this is coupled with an on-site stereochemically pure molecular 3D printer for a completely independent and personal solution for rapid medical treatment; from diagnosis, to targeted drug synthesis and delivery. Genetically Sequenced, algorithmically analyzed, crosschecked with a crowd-sourced anonymous medical database, then computationally recommended drugs which could be synthesized on the spot and administered to patients under advisement of their local physician (after passing standardized quality control checks for purity/dosage). That is the future I envision. Let's make it a reality!
Mike T
GATTACA here we come.....
Then the mark of the beast !! Without it u can't Sell,Trade or buy!!
I need one i will clone something it might not be today but i will do it
An interesting device, depending upon how it's used.
+Idrialis Castillo Maybe so, however sometimes true efficiency never see's the light of day, because it poses a threat to those who seek profit in the computationally replaceable intermediate phases of development and deployment. The advent/adaptation of new high-end technological advancements/equipment inexorably gets introduced at the expense of unwilling - resistant profiteering middle-men.
Matt H
They need to start working on reducing the cost of getting the DNA into digital form, then we can have hobbyist also working on this also and they can follow up in areas that are deemed "unprofitable"
This will revolutionize the work of inspectors for the EPA, FDA and the USDA, who already recognize how dependent America's health is upon a non-toxic, pollution-free environment.
Such innovation!!!!! Remember how long it took the human genome project?
Won't be long before the cops are using it to frame innocent people.
I hope they train people how to use it. Who is allowed to use it any?
Wonderful more tech for government to moniter us with
Holy mackrel! TAKE MY MONEY!
uh oh, don't let the military know about that
that's an amazing does it help me?
+Lee Berry thats the thing- there's no need for it. No reason to have it. Why do they need this?
Need more evidence of the coming Singularity? How long ago was it they first were able to do one part of the human genome? 1993?
Oh great, just what we need, instant medical insurance rejection.
this a tech we are waiting for..
once again proved,,, knowledge is power
The minion will sequence 1 GB in 6 hours single use. To sequence a human genome to 30x coverage you would need 99 of them. However, the gridion (20 run in parallel with 8k nano pores) is expected to output 30x human genome in 15 minutes for under $1k by 2013. 
This is what the future looks like! "The future is now" J Verne. Can this also sequence insect dna?
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