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LIVE!! the Science Hangout with the Physicist +Amine Benaichouche from CERN. He'll be talking with us and having a Q&A Session. Also the Angelical voice of +Daria Musk will be performing 2 science hits!.

Live Stream:

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Thanks for the reminder, I re-shared!
Why the picture of frame dragging when the science topic is spacetime travel?
Hmmm ... what a pity ... this is 05.00 AM in Sweden ... :-(
My friend would love this but he's dead set against social media and thinks GMail is full of ads and spam.
+Ted Pavlic In fact this pictures also represents spacetime travel... I would have to explain you why by talking about spacetime travel and Amine is the expert in the topic!... so I suggest you to hold on the question or the answer and join us in hang out or stream tomorrow.... Ok? :)
I can't join the hangout but I'm looking forward to watching the video. :) Thanks!
+Idrialis Castillo - I won't be able to attend. I understand how frame dragging is "spacetime travel", but using that term seems to oversell general relativity -- it's gilding the relativistic lily. It would be better to discuss general relativistic spacetime geometry as a whole rather than making it sound like something out of science fiction. That's all I'm saying.
Teaching and science evangelization are arts that go far beyond the usage of canonical terms.
I want in!!! Not sure I want music but I'd love the science info.
The discussion on Space Time Travel will be intriguing.
So thrilled to included with such amazinG+ G+niuses in this Hangout!!!
Wish I could attend this...just too difficult with the time it is on.
Apparently Mexico is the EST. I though that we were in CST....
excelente, this is a great use of hangouts
I'm excited!!! Daria and Space Time. Nice!
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