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Ian Anderson Gray
Speaker, Social Media & technology Consultant, founder of Seriously Social, Web Dev & Co-founder of Select Performers Internet Solutions
Speaker, Social Media & technology Consultant, founder of Seriously Social, Web Dev & Co-founder of Select Performers Internet Solutions


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How to Schedule Tweets like a Pro

How do you schedule to Twitter properly? Like a pro?
Well, I'm excited that the wonderful +Lisa Kalner Williams has written a fab blog post for my Seriously Social blog. I hardly ever accept blog posts, but I do when they are quality ones like this!

There has been a lot of talk about social networks such as Facebook or Twitter penalising social posts from 3rd party scheduling tools such as +Buffer, +agorapulse, +Sprout Social or +Hootsuite.

Thankfully, the research shows that they don't make a noticeable difference. But what do you think?

Do you schedule your Tweets? If so, why? If not, why not?
What has been your experience?
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Why being a Solopreneur is really rather awesome

Being a solo entrepeneur definitely has some downsides, and you hear a lot of those negatives. For example, it can be lonely, you don't always have access to other people to bounce ideas off each other, an irregular salary (at least at first) and more... but there are so many amazing reasons to follow the solopreneur path.

And that's why this article put together by +Mike Allton is just amazing. Mike and +SiteSell have gone all out and asked 64 experts to share why Solopreneurship is amazing - but also what the challenges are.

It's a definite must-read!

#Solopreneur #Solopreneurship #entrepeneur #business #onlinebusiness
I wanted to ring in the new year by asking some of my friends and business experts a question that many of you have been wondering at some level. 🤔

I know that some of you have been thinking that this is the year you're finally going to start that business you've been dreaming of... but you're still not sure. You're wondering whether the benefits are great enough, or if the challenges are just too much.

These 65 experts share what they feel the benefits and challenges are to being a solopreneur today, and, more importantly, they share some very actionable solutions to those challenges! 💪

I'm thrilled to present insights from +Diana Adams, +John Paul Aguiar, Kate Ahl, Angela Allan, +Mike Allton, +David Amerland, +Jessica Ann, Jonathan Aufray, +Kelly Baader, +Alois Bělaška, Ryan Biddulph, +Rich Brooks, Toño Calero, +Karla Campos, Erin Cell, Matt Cherry, +Ian Cleary, +Heidi Cohen, +Andy Crestodina, Dorien Morin-van Dam, +Adel de Meyer, +Gini Dietrich, +Adi Domocos, +Eric Enge, +Ken Evoy, +Ben Fisher, +Peg Fitzpatrick, +Kim Garst, +Mike Gingerich, +jan gordon, +Carrie Jessica Gottschalk, +Ian Anderson Gray, +Holly Homer, +Christine Hueber, +Sam Hurley, +Shep Hyken, +Mitch Jackson, +Salma Jafri, +Janet Johnson, +Michael Kawula, +Sameer Ahmed Khan, +Anna Lebedeva, Tim Lewis, +Matthew Kaboomis Loomis, +Alisa Meredith, Stephanie Nissen, +Charlie Patel, +Savannah Peterson, Amanda Robinson, +Ted Rubin, +Neal Schaffer, +Dave Schneider, +Ron Sela, +Dennis Seymour, +Madalyn Sklar, +Dustin W. Stout, +Michael Q Todd, +Christoph Trappe, Andrea Sodergren Vahl, Bella Vasta, Kim Black Vij, +Katie Wagner Social Media, +Amanda Webb, +Warren Whitlock, +Sue B. Zimmerman

Be sure to note their answers and follow them on Facebook or Twitter to continue learning from them!

#Solopreneurship #OnlineBusiness #ExpertRoundup
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2018 Anti Trends

There are a lot of articles predicting what is going to happen this year, but what about what is NOT going to happen this year?

I gave my thoughts in this "Anti-Trends" article for Sotrender here.

What do you think will happen and NOT happen in the world of marketing this year?

cc: +Jan Zajac
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Join us TODAY at 2pm for the Free Range Social Show

We're talking about Facebook Messenger Day and how it compares to Snapchat and Instagram stories on today's Free Range Social Show.
There's a big fight going on with the top social networks and it feels like the VHS/Betamax format war all over again... well perhaps not. But, it's funny the way Instagram basically copied Snapchat stories and then Facebook (which owns Instagram) releases stories for its messenger platform.
So what do you think? Is this all a fuss about nothing? Can businesses use these tools or is it a waste of time?
Julia Bramble and I are live later today at 2pm. Join us!
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Twitter users can now add their Periscope links to their profiles

I'm not a great Periscope user or anything, but I do like to keep my Twitter profile up to date!

Thanks +Ana Hoffman for keeping us up to date as usual! :-)

#T #TW
Twitter users can now add ‘View on Periscope’ links to their web profiles

To link your Periscope profile, click on “Edit Profile” on Twitter, then check the “Show My Periscope Profile” option.

Once implemented, when you go live on Periscope, the “View on Periscope” text will change to “LIVE on Periscope,” allowing other Twitter users to quickly watch your live broadcasts.


Stay on top of marketing news #MarketingSkinny

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I don't really have a cold, or anything proper, but I still feel really under the weather today.

My sinuses are blocked and my head feels like mush! It makes working difficult!
The problem is you can't really give a name to it. It could be a mild virus or something, but I'd really rather like to give it a name.
Any thoughts on what I should call it? Needs to sound impressive. Oh, and it's not man flu!

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Social Warfare bug?
Hi +Nicholas Cardot,
Hope you're well.
Where is the best place to submit a bug or ask for support for Social Warfare? Hope you don't mind me contacting you here.

I'm having issues with adding social media images on a post. The images seem to be aligned at the bottom right. I can't click on the edit or delete buttons because the edit/delete buttons disappear when I try and hover over them (probably because they only show up when I hover over the image which is to far down on the right).

Have you seen this problem before? Is there a way to fix it?
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Check out this MEGA post on Over 100 Internet Business Ideas by my friend +Ashley Faulkes. Just oozing with goodness including:

- blogging
- writing
- teaching
- digital and physical products
- services
and much more!

#socialmedia #business #blogging #FTL

Need some ideas for your next online business or how to make money online?

This Guide is The Biggest And Most detailed of it's kind- giving you ideas from
- blogging
- writing
- teaching
- digital and physical products
- services
and much more...

This post has over 100 ideas, including useful resources and tips from 50+ business owners like
+Mike Allton +Brent Jones +Andrea Beltrami +Ian Anderson Gray 
+Foundr Magazine Nathan Chan, +NinjaOutreach David Schneider
+Dennis Seymour  +Adam Connell +Cat Neligan +Rebekah Radice +Brittany Bullen  +Marianne Manthey +Cara Chace  +Kristi Hines +Chris Hodgeman +Maddy Osman +Kirsty Stuart +Doug Cunnington +Brent Galloway +Sarah Santacroce +Jason Quey +Danny Ashton +Brandon Schaefer +Kelly Hungerford +Ron Sela +Jase Rodley +Diana Marinova +Tor Refsland +Daniela Uslan +Nicky Pasquier +Tom Southern +uttoran sen +Ann Smarty +Sue Anne Dunlevie +Tim Soulo +Alex Pirouz +Julie Mason +Kurt Frankenberg +Pre-K Pages #businesstips #onlinemarketing #bloggingtips 
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Want to Broadcast with Facebook Live using your Computer?

Would you like to stream live from your computer to your Facebook profile, group or page?
Would you like to have slick transitions between multiple cameras, pre-recorded videos, images and be able to share from your screen?

How about doing this for free?

I've been grumbling about the fact that I still don't have Facebook Live enabled on my Facebook profile. It appeared on my page a month back, but not on my profile.

I have found a way of doing this for free using a tool called OBS. It also allows me to stream to my Facebook profile.

I go through all the steps in this article.

#SocialMedia   #Facebook   #ns   #facebooklive  
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My 150+ Top Tools, Apps & Gear

Over the years I've spent rather too much time researching the best tools, apps, plugins, services and gear. All of this of course was in the bid to become more productive and efficient. Of course, I have to admit, I rather enjoy the research- I am a geek after all!

So, what are your favourite apps, tools and gear? I'd love to know!

#socialmedia #tools #FTL #P
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