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I'm hanging out with the Google Science Fair to talk aboutthe science of music on 3/8/12 at 2:30PT PST. Join me @googlescifair!
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That sounds absolutely fascinating. Good Luck
the science of music is hard 2 understand, no matter what type. i mean classical, pop, electronic, r&b, traditional, etc. each one has its own beat, and different beats within that beat.
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I think i will pass... science isn't really my thing?
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I think what you referring is about "Signal Processing and Signal Routing" for music purposes. I believe you are already using them. These are tools such as Pro Tools, Ableton, Reason and etc. For guitar Processing, I used to use Line 6 antfarm, Digitech fed in a tubalizer to have that illusion of tube amp directly plugged in a mixer. You did study these things at school and I know you use Pro tools heavily.

Ah, you are looking for new techniques that has not been done.

Sorry, I am out of commission for 10 years now due to spine ailment.
You guys are geniuses in using them. But still the best is analog (tube). oops, try +Rob Michael . An amazing musician he is.
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