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me and eva simons...
she is a wonderful artist from holland...
and her hair is freakin' fantastic...
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Nice hairoo..............................
Her head´s on fiiiiiiiiiire! AWESOME!
Not to mention her music is great as well
woah, her hair... is... awsome!
her hair is on fire..., almost literally
Will, i need to contact you. please contact me on
w 3alaykoum salam w ra7mato allah w barakatoh
y y y y yar mohammed u wont like itttttt
She's fab. But what are your opinions about Rocky Horror.
Her hair is HOT- kinda reminds me of DragonBall Z though..Just sayin...
Nathy K
Cool pic....and very beautiful woman!
I just seven hours old try beautiful
Orgasmic Russian lust
really wonderful her hair!!!
looking good artist!
nice hair also.
Oh she's from Holland? Love her hair! Your dj set was somethin' else!
hez the one in black eyed peas......?
what a cool hair style
Dontbreadbtomuchuntiiy.. rocky horror rules. In every lifetime.
yeah its seems so...........

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Wow her hair is amazing. LOVE IT
Vocês me mostraram um show maravilhoso aqui em florianópolis espero que voltem serei a primeira a chegar ;)
Did she have that sexy dutch accent? lol
what is style , i like it

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Fantastyczne Zdjęcie i fajna fryzura co trzeba zrobić zeby Taka uzyskać pozdrawiam Ciepło
It feels like you are the fan on your pics ;) Nice hair !
Ko Sai
Wooo ! nice
It looks like your hat might catch on fire. Be careful. As Smokey the bear says, only you can prevent forrest fires.
king a
wow nice style she is a artist!!!!!!!!!!!! no she is a model
I love different things (adoro coisas diferentes)...
her hair is very freaky-looking :)
dioooosss que peinado tan atrevido que cooooooollllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wonderfull !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hair..nice!!!!
she is fire, Will u shud have also went freaky so shud look twice frekin fantastic.
It's great for an artist; it kind of reminds me of that clay-mation character from one of the Christmas specials...The heat Miser...LOL
nice hair it looks like some kind of flame or some thing
Muito loko esse cabelo ameiii... showw
Looks like a style my daughter would wear! Good Morning from McComb, MS WOLF PAC, Queen Alpha/Wolf saying hello!
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hair 0oO
Isn't she married to the Heat Miser?
Olha o Moicano Dessa Mulher mito loke ela kkkk
she's carrying a fire ball .......................ha ha
Who could put off THAT fire?!
I loved her hair!!! But I think my boss wouldn't like if I tried...
I dont like the style, looks cocky... i mean the hair...
Her hair seems like a flame....Lol, is crazy but amazing. That is that i call personality!
Suf Yan
fire womem :D
we get it, you are a stud, always with a babe, yes i am jealous
Our cool that this hair, it seems very different ta fire.
over 200 comments about this chicks hair... nice
Omg I love Eva Simons she is so pretty I love her hair:)

her hair is freak !!o-0 But ,she look awesome !.
dude ur right her hair IS awesome!!
I LOVE EVA SIMONS!!! Please collaborate with her!!
She totally looks like the heat miser! In a good way :-/
Eva has awesome hair! Makes her look like Mr. Heat Miser! :)
That's the most retarded hair I've seen in the world
Her hair looks like something Heatmiser would do lol
eu gostei dessa foto mas está muito iluminada,sou uma grande fã sua e tenho 12 anos.
Her hair is ........ interesting
Amaka K
lovve the hair mannn :]
Adorei o cabelo vermelho!!

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her hair is amazing!!!;)
Is like a bleezing fire,that's cool!!!
Ola eu sou leandro, e queria saber se o show que teve no recife foi filmado e se a produção poderia disponibilizar pra galera.
will you is am magnific musician in productor
u kno a lot of celebrites lol cuz u r one
Hi i am of Galapagos Island... it is cool.... agregenme para el chat....
Ditto! her hair is AMAZING! pass it on for me:)
Ola eu sou leandro, e queria saber se o show que teve no recife foi filmado e se a produção poderia disponibilizar pra galera.
Her hair is on fire!
superb hairdo i must say!!! imagine walking down hre lyk dis!!!
u huh...... wateva!!! ok den nxt!!!:)
I WANTT that hairr:) Pretty cool:)
is it her real hair , how much hairspray is in there
mt loko esse cabelo tá melhor que o do Neymar, ushauhs'
um that's kinda creepy
Her hair reminds me of Syndrome, the supervillian from the Incredibles. It totally rocks!
Will U R, nd very fyn @ it
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Malcolm Paradise
no soy fan,pero me gustaria serlo, no soy amigo pero me gustaria serlo, no soy nadie hablo ingles lo siento
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Started loving this chick after hearing Take over control!
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man her hair is on fire xd but i likeeee :D
oh yeah cool pic ...and hair!! <3<3<3
william when you gonna do another show in Brazil are waiting

love the brack eyed peas
william....I only just work out ...will..i am that lovey ladys hairs on a good way
with that hair , she would never wear a helmet
sorry, but what's d name of this hairstyle?
red flames....?

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Translate hair or...just...a flame on a humans head?if yes then: QUICK STAB YOUR HEAD IN THE TOILET! If not
Love the cool look will, but how did you manage it when she's on fire??????
oh look.. a firy tree! :)
loz tot
lol love her hair !!!!xxxxx
Coiffure originale ! Pas évident de la réussir tous les matins !
whats wrong with hr hair
Hehe her hair looks like a giant flame.... XD
No, talk about big poofy retarted hair
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