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Here's one of the coolest interviews I've ever done. I interviewed Adam Green the director of Hatchet (film), FROZEN and co-host of The Movie Crypt Podcast about his newest movie DIGGING UP THE MARROW! Out now on DVD! It's a great interview about horror movies, metal and doing things yourself. It's a great read even if you do not know about his films it's a great read about loving art and making art!!!

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Hey buddies! I was fortunate enough to get a chance to interview, MY BATMAN, Mr. Kevin Conroy. For 22 years, Kevin has been THE VOICE of Batman for the majority of Batman projects set in the animated DC Universe. Of all the people I got to meet at Denver Comic Con, this was by far the most thrilling, and my most memorable moment of the whole weekend.

We chat with Kevin about how his early childhood life lends itself influence on finding the voice of Batman. Working with Adam West and Adam's influence on his career. And we also find time to talk to Kevin about the upcoming Arkham Knight video game! All of this and more in today's video interview.

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Just in time for Denver Comic Con!! Chris Shary artist for Descendents (Official) & ALL did a sweet new Mostly Harmless Podcast shirt for us! It's a parody of the Creepy Pork and Beans creepy kid done Chris Shary style! Even better, Chad Price from ALL & Drag the River is printing these shirts through his company Wounded Heart Press! So this is a two-fer for all ALL fans!

Pre-orders are up now for these at $12 bucks. These bad boys will be jumping up to $15 after Denver Comic Con, so order now. These will be shipping June 16th! All orders will come with a Free Mostly Harmless Koozie as well!

You can purchase these at:

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WOAH! Keith Morris, singer of OFF!, The Circle Jerks & co-founder of Black-Flag/ FLAG is on this week's Mostly Harmless Podcast!
In this interview a very pissed off Keith Morris, sits down with me in the OFF tour bus and rants about critics on the internet before talking in-depth about his Diabetes, brushes with death and what keeps him going at 58 years old. We also talk about his screenplay/comic book ideas, Record store day and the band's music videos. All of this and MORE in today's audio interview!

New Podcast is up with Chuck Ragan at We talk A LOT about fishing, songwriting and the secrets of the universe! We also find time to talk about Chuck's new record; Till Midnight, and building the family of the Camaraderie! All of this and more in today's podcast!

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I never remember to share things over here... Here's an interview I just posted with Mike Herrera from #mxpx  & #tumbledown !

I lost my voice at work today, but that didn't stop me from finishing and uploading the newest episode with DAVID DONDERO! David Dondero played the Hi-Dive Denver last Thursday and was kind enough to meet with me in the the basement! We talked at length about how the critically acclaimed songwriter discovered his first musical obsessions, finding punk rock only to leave it behind for his acoustic guitar. We talk about his travels, troubles with alcohol and oh so much more! David even busts out an an impromptu jam of NEWCLUES's "IN THE JAM!" Download/listen at:

I keep forgetting to use G+ for stuff. We've got a TON of new interviews posted in the last few weeks over at! Go check them out!

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