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If confirmed, this research by physicists at +UC Irvine may alter our basic understanding of the universe and redefine how we interact with its fundamental forces.

Read on in this +ScienceDaily piece.
Recent findings indicating the possible discovery of a previously unknown subatomic particle may be evidence of a fifth fundamental force of nature, according to new research by theoretical physicists.
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Come help us find the right people for the job. We’re looking for interns in sourcing, outreach and human resources. It’s one way you can help promote Atoms for Peace and Development.

Apply now and share with your friends. Deadline is 26 August 2016. Qualified women and candidates from developing countries are encouraged to apply.

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The more entangled atoms, the more stable the clock. An extremely stable clock is essential to measuring things like gravitational waves and potentially even dark matter.

Read on in this piece. 
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It’s research like this that helps improve battery designs for the future. Maybe it will mean one day we will have smartphones that last for more than a day without needing a charge.

Read on in this piece to learn more about this research at +Brookhaven National Laboratory.
Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory have created a new imaging technique that allows scientists to probe the internal makeup of a battery during charging and discharging using different x-ray energies while rotating the battery cell. The technique produces a three-dimensional chemical map and lets the scientists track chemical reactions in the battery over time in working conditions. Their work is publish...
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How can we keep living off the planet’s vast resources without them running out? One way is with the help of nuclear.

The atoms in our water supplies, soil, and oceans reveal key clues about the supply of natural resources. Join us at our Scientific Forum to learn more about how data collected with the help of nuclear technology can play an essential role in establishing adequate environmental policies to better manage our natural resources. #iaeaSDGs

Learn more about the Scientific Forum here:
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to hopefully find places to bury poison in a way that it won't enter the groundwater, Too bad you will find it nowhere in/on this Earth.
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Just one outbreak of an animal disease can disrupt trade and damage livelihoods. Learn how Botswana uses nuclear to stop that from happening.
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It began as a duet with structural biology and an X-ray based imaging technique, but is now an orchestra of imaging tools that together create dynamic visualizations of how cells work.

Read on in this +Nature News & Comment piece. 
Structural biologists are at last living the dream of visualizing macromolecules to uncover their function. But it means integrating different technologies, and that's no easy feat.
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Health, wellness and nuclear all in one sentence? You bet.

Nuclear science and technology play an important role in reducing deaths from non-communicable diseases such as cancer — one of the targets of the goal 3 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With the help of the IAEA, countries worldwide use nuclear to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. This includes establishing and maintaining radiation medicine services and facilities, educating health professionals and improving access to #cancercare4all.

This September explore these contributions to healthcare worldwide by watching the livestream of our Scientific Forum related to the SDGs.

Find out more about the forum and atoms for good health and well-being for all: #iaeaSDGs
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Some brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Schizophrenia occur when genes in the brain turn on or off.

But what if we can prevent these sicknesses by reacting before the genes change? This imaging tool might help.

Read on in +Scientific American magazine.
The innovative method, which appears to show gene activation, is a cousin of PET
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Lumpy skin disease is a highly infectious cowpox virus common in Asia and Africa, but it’s now popping up in Europe. Scientists are turning to nuclear-derived tools to quickly and accurately deal with the disease.

Read on to find out more. 
Starting today, 36 experts from 22 countries across Europe will be trained at the International Atomic Energy Agency's laboratories on how to quickly detect lumpy skin disease – a highly infectious cowpox virus that is spreading through herds on the continent. Traditionally common to Africa and ...
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The starships in Star Trek like to manipulate atoms for peaceful purposes. So do we, and so do these Harvard, Caltech and MIT physicists who’ve used laser beams to rearrange rubidium atoms, much like the starship Enterprise in Star Trek.
Physicists have manipulated 50 individual atoms at once in a dramatic upscaling of a technique vital to quantum computing.
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Happy Birthday Erwin Schrödinger!

Born ‪#‎OnThisDay‬ in 1887, the Nobel Prize-winning Austrian theoretical physicist and philosopher changed the face of quantum theory forever when he introduced his revolutionary wave equation for electron movements. Based on Niels Bohr’s atomic model and on de Broglie’s theory of wave mechanics, he formulated his Schrödinger equation which articulates the movements of electrons in terms of wave mechanics as opposed to particle leaps. This contribution earned him, along with Paul Dirac, the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1933 and is considered one of the most important achievements in 20th century physics.

The equation helped form an important part of the foundation of quantum mechanics and plays a key role in the widely known thought experiment ‘Schrödinger’s Cat,’ which poses a paradoxical question related to quantum superposition.
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Manchester : a city being bled white and brought to its knees by two insatiable gigantic parasites that know no mercy and whose greed knows no limit
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