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Free iPad mini Case To Win

First one to give me a solid reason why this case is perfect for their iPad mini wins my lightly used CaseCrown Bold Standby shown here. Check out my review if you need some help on reasons to like it:
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It will distract muggers from stealing my real iPad - instead they will be lifting my imaginary iPad Mini ;)
Buying my very 1st iPad. And it will be a Mini !
Because infosec will think my iPad mini is a book, and won't require me to actually take it off the production floor!
Wow. Great job all of you. +Ben Lloyd is the winner, in there like a shot in 2 minutes. Ben please email me at jordanpw AT gmail to give me your shipping details and I'll send it out tomorrow.
Oh, and for the rest of you - lookout for more flash giveaways coming soon.
Because a leather case gives you grip and feels great in your hand, also adding style which is it always a plus :)
Hi +iPad Insight, I really appreciate the win but can I pass it on to someone who does actually own an iPad Mini? Maybe I will get lucky with your next flash giveaway (I do own an iPad proper) :D
Unless I can trade for another accessory of course :D
OK, thanks for the honesty +Ben Lloyd . +Rod Borghese You're next up since Ben doesn't have the iPad mini. Send me an email - jordanpw AT gmail - and I'll get the case shipped tomorrow. 
+Rod Borghese It would be great if you could email me tonight, as I'll be mailing out one other case tomorrow morning too and probably won't be going out again for that sort of thing until after Xmas.
OK, +Ivan Vargas You're next up then - send me an email to jordanpw at gmail by 10AM Eastern and I'll send you this case. 
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