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i2k2 Networks Private Limited
Dedicated Web Server Hosting, Public Cloud Hosting Solutions, Enterprise Email Hosting & Data Center Company in India
Dedicated Web Server Hosting, Public Cloud Hosting Solutions, Enterprise Email Hosting & Data Center Company in India


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Top 5 Benefits of Using a Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers are reserved for the exclusive use of the business that hires the server. Organizations opting for a dedicated server have full control over the server and can choose different components such as hardware and operating system. Over the years, many providers have started offering #dedicatedserver hosting services such as affordable #windowsdedicated server hosting and #Linuxserver hosting. There are many benefits of using dedicated servers. The post lists some such advantages -

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Get the most out of your AWS investment - Designed, deployed and supported by i2k2 Networks

As an advanced consulting partner of #AWS, i2k2 harnesses the power of AWS Cloud Computing to create a unique offering that combines the flexibility, scalability, and power of Amazon’s robust cloud platform with i2k2 expertise in cloud integration. i2k2 has been offering cutting edge Cloud to Cloud and Business-to-Business integration services for all the three service delivery models - #SaaS, #PaaS and #IaaS.

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Simple. Powerful. Reliable. Dedicated. Managed Linux Server Hosting

Linux dedicated servers are an efficient, stable, secure and reliable operating system; it is easily able to support tasks in a web hosting or enterprise environment. Find out more about i2k2's Managed Linux Hosting services and their benefits -

#LinuxHosting #HighAvailability #DedicatedServer #WebHostingIndia #i2k2Networks

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Cloud Hosting with i2k2 Networks

Offering Dedicated Web Hosting to Our Clients Since 1999. Our award-winning Cloud, dedicated servers and online back up services are just some of our many customer-tailored hosting products that we have to offer. The security of your business is our top priority and we use the highest standard

enterprise-level equipment for our infrastructure and client hardware. We also offer our years of network security expertise to be certain your hosting content is safe. Find out how i2k2 can help you -

#DedicatedServers #CertifiedCloudHosting #Tier4DataCentre #ServerSoftware #StabilityandSecurity #EfficientandEasilyUpgradable

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Top 4 Tips to Help Beef Up Your Email Server’s Security

A slack in the business’s email server security, for instance, can result in data loss and virus attacks. To help avoid these concerns, the post lists some ways to beef up email server security. Take a look.

#EmailServerSecurity #EmailHostingSolutions #i2k2India

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What Are the Security Benefits of Cloud Computing?

Convenience, economy and enhanced workforce productivity have emerged as just some of the measurable benefits of cloud computing. The good news for organizations still on the fence about embracing the cloud due to worries about data security is that today's cloud computing practices can actually help to improve security. Here's a closer look at some of the security benefits of cloud computing:

#CloudComputing #CloudSecurity #SecureCloudServer #CloudHostingSecurity

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4 Ways Amazon Web Services Can Help Scale Your Business

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a broad set of global compute, storage, database, analytics, application, and deployment services that help organizations move faster, lower IT costs, and scale applications. Everyone from the largest enterprise to the hottest startup has turned to +Amazon Web Services for web and #mobileapplications, data processing and warehousing, storage, archive, and more. If you are wondering how Amazon Web Services can help you scale your business, read this post to learn about the business benefits of #AWS -

#PublicCloud #CloudComputing #CloudServers #i2k2India

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Dedicated Servers - The Ultimate in Power & Flexibility

Get complete control with our powerful, flexible and reliable dedicated servers from i2k2 Networks. Our high quality service will support your business where it needs it the most, including supplying the dedicated server hardware, setting up your software and monitoring and upgrading your server. Let us take care of your needs so that you can get on with business.

#ManagedDedicatedServers #LinuxCloudServer #WindowsCloudServer #i2k2India

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Confused Between Public vs Private Cloud: Here Are Some Factors to Consider

Migrating to cloud comes with several benefits such as enhanced scalability, flexibility, and control. When moving your business operations to cloud you have two options- migrating to public cloud vs private cloud. To help you make informed decisions, this post conducts a comparison of public vs private cloud deployment on the basis of different factors. Take a look.

#PublicCloudvsPrivateCloud #CloudMigration #CloudDeployments #i2k2India

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5 Myths & Misconceptions about Colocation Hosting services

One of the most common hosting service, the colocation service, is widely used and been proven to be essential. It’s basically a practice of housing the privately-owned service while server room and networking equipment in data center belongs to the third party. Despite its various benefits, some people still take certain myths of colocation seriously while they are actually wrong. Read to explore it.

#ColocationHostingMyths #MythsAboutColocation #ColocationMythsBusted
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