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Rocking the bytecodes
Rocking the bytecodes


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One year ago, Google introduced ConstraintLayout. This Feburary the final version of 1.0 was released.

Yesterday at their IO talk +Nicolas Roard and +John Hoford introduced interesting new features of the coming 1.1 version.

If you haven't done so already, it's definitely time to give the ConstraintLayout a closer look. It's time to use it for new screens from here on.

And there's this new site dedicated to help you getting up to speed with it:

Initiated by +Mark Allison it's a community led site dedicated to explain and introduce ConstraintLayout and to help you find solutions for common tasks or problems.

cc: +Sebastiano Poggi +Wiebe Elsinga +Taylor Ling +Huyen Tue Dao +Hugo Visser

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rxlint 1.2

Lint is a powerful tool to check your code for common mistakes. RxLint is a set of checks that help checking your RxJava code on Android.

It's been a while since rxlint was updated, but this update adds a new lint check + full support for RxJava version 2.x.

Happy linting!

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On Saturday January 21st we are meeting up at TQ for a new edition of Hack away for a day. This time our focus will be Firebase! Apart from a great Firebase t-shirt the best Firebase hack project team (of max 3 people) will be rewarded with a great Android Things kit including a Raspberry Pi 3 + a Rainbow Hat!

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Hey Cupboarders!

Cupboard 2.2.0 introduces an abstraction to make it easier to work with alternative SQLite implementations such as SQLCipher aside from a couple of bug fixes.

Also, cupboard-tools is more modular now and deployed to Maven Central.

The content provider also supports alternative SQLite implementations, but you do need to bring your own SQLiteOpenHelper in that case. That might be a topic for a future blogpost still.

Both projects now have change logs as well.

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Cupboard 2.2.0 and Cupboard tools 0.3.0

For various reasons it took some time, but new versions are out for consumption now! If you are looking for a simple way to store data in SQLite, check it out!

The sdk docs mention that As a general rule, APIs that require user input or authentication credentials aren't available to apps

Do you have any guidance on how a Things device could login on behalf of a user, for example when authenticating to Firebase?

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With the release of the Android Gradle plugin version 2.2, the Android build tools have their own options for annotation support.

This means that android-apt should not be needed in most cases. More info in the somewhat rhetorically titled blog post linked below :)

#gde #opensourcesoftware #android
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