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Happy Valentine's Day
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Like the bit you and Russell Crowe did at the BAFTAs. Are you two planning to do a comedy double act?
Hugh, if I weren't straight I'd say you're a pretty handsome man. Well, since I'm comfortable with my sexuality already, I'll just say it: you're a pretty handsome man. Damn you and Clooney for your built-in tail-pulling abilities. lol
From one dude to another, Happy Valentine's Day back at ya.
Now that's a nice looking Valentines card I APPROVE. lol
You're an awesome actor! Happy Valentine's day!
Thus, I can work with more pleasure !!
My valentine bring me "Real Steel". I´m so happy !
Gorgeous!! Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!! :D
in this day, i wish you the best...enjoy this day with somebody that you love
and that my dear has just made my crappy day a little better, happy valentines day to you too :) ahhhhh
Looking good Hugh! Why are your pictures always preppy? What about some fun pictures? And why are you always alone in the pics... :)
wow bro.. u r looking so handsome.......
Great pic Hugh :) and Happy V day for you too :)
happy valentine's day to u too.... <3
A happy Valentine's Day to you too, Hugh.
I wish you and your wife a Happy Valentine and I am sure you hear it all the time but I love your acting. Thank you
Happy Valentines Day to you
Pati V
Awww! SEXY ;)
why not red with white spots bcos today be valentines day
My son said with your haircut he can't tell you apart from Robert Downey Jr. I told hi I was going to have him drug tested.
Happy Valentine's Day TOO...AMAZING JEJJE...SO CUTE... :)
eu me acho mais bonito, não quer dizer que te acho feio.
What can you expect? Excellent Actor really good looking! It's a whole package!
Thank you for taking the time to wish us all a happy Valentine's Day! Hope you have a happy Valentine's Day as well.
Dee M
and a great Valentines day to you Hugh. :)
Happy Valentines day to you and your family Mr. Jackman:)
Oh Hugh Jackman. Is your photo my Valentine's Day present?
OOOO LA LA! Happy Valenties Day toooo MEEH! My day is complete now that I've had my pic of you! xoxo
still the best actin adventure sci-fi actor alive""
Yeah, baby just loosen up that tie for me!! This is a happy V.D day!!
i got my first valintentine happy valintine
Gorgeous. Nice picture.
Be my Valentine Hugh. Have a good one. 
Nice picture! , Happy Valentine`s Day you too :)
Same to you & all, GBU <3
Kat H
Happy Valentine's Day to you and your lovely wife!!! BTW, saw you and Russell Crowe together presenting on that UK Oscar-style two were great!!! Any plans to co-star in an upcoming film??
Oh, Hugh! Love your song and dance show, more soft shoe and Curly from Oklahoma please! :D
First accurate post in the "What's Hot" section.
Wow! Happy Valentine's Day to you too. :)
Good Style; i copy and then show you...
Dear My Friend Tara,
I hope you see this and have a smile.
Love, Me
Posting pictures of yourself shows others how self-centered you are.
I have no idea who you are, an actor I guess but really? How self absorbed do you have to be to post this knowing that the people that swoon over you will never get reciprocation?
That's interesting; I have this post from Hugh Jackman kind enough to show me his conceit on this Valentines Day....but I never put him in any circles. Guess I have that browser bug, too!
This inspired me... I'm going to post a photo of myself and title it 'Happy Valentine's Day'. Not sure if it'll get the same fanfare though.
Happy Valentines to you too hugh I even saw that one night on raw when you KO'd dolph ziggler
Fantastic day and blessings all day, everyday!
That's just mean... it's not right to look that good :)
tall,dark and handsome!!! Yeeeeesssssss!!!!!!!!
Hey there Hugh - you like doing photography? What equipment do you use and what genre is your favourite?
Thanks Mr. Jackman
good to hear from you :)
I supppose Robert Boucher was single on the Valentine's Day...
Love a guy in a tie. Thanks why I designed Men's ties/, 36 in all.
His claws are gonna come out... and he's gonna impale himself...
That's fairly gratuitous, but I'll still take it. Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!
Back at you Hugh. You're the man.
I don't give a shit, have a headache!!!
Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!
What Happy?!? :( Wish you would be my Valentine. :(
But ...
Well HAppY VaLenTine'S DaY to you too <3
Awesome Valentine To You!...Thank You
yeah, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY.......................
I think I own All your movies hahaha Keep Rocking Brother.God Bless You & your family.
Happy Valentines Day Mate
Hope someday to meet You
Now that's a good valentine...your family is very lucky... Happy V-Day!!
I can't wait for the (X-MAN ORIGINS) came out on 3D ! should be AWESOME .
Happy Valentines Day Hugh! Have fun with your Girlfriend and/or Wife! c:
idk if u will respond but i would really like it if u did
I already told you NO HUGH JACKMAN! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!
Saw Real Steel this weekend. AMAZING. Just saying :)
Very narcissistic. Simply screams "I love myself!"
OMG!!! Happy Valentine's Day too!!
thats ok he is still sexy..yummy yummy valentine
Hey, Everyone Happy Valentines Day...Here's a picture of ME!

Just what everyone wanted!

You remember me +Hugh Jackman right? I'm the guy known for playing Wolverine and type cast for "Old Timey" Magicians!
That is totally not fare HUGH!! to post such freaking hot pics and say Happy Valentine, where I am here passing cold lonely valentine day.
Hello! Are you really Hugh Jackman?
omg im 11 and i love your movie real steel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive watched it like 21 times
Happy Valentine's Day Mr. Jackman
you're so handsome..happy hearts day to you..
One of the coolest actors from Australia.....Where have you been hiding mate ?????????
Happy Valentine's Day to you, too, Mr. Jackman. Looking handsome as always.
if you werent married, id want you as my valentine! Happy v day
Haha,Looks Like You Didn't Grow Any More Hair After Real Steel!!
Great picture(: happy Valentines Day to u too<3
shorted out my keyboard by all the drool
Thank you mr. Jackman i hope u had a great day too.
Thank you! Happy Valentines day to you and your wife :-)
Right back at ya! Hope you were extra special to your lovely wife today or was it yesterday if you were back home in OZ.
Happy Valentines Day Hugh Jackson !!!!!!!!!!!!!<3
I can't believe Wolverine is on here and I hadn't added him to my circles yet.
i did and i made a circle just for him and other peopl it is called Awesome People lol
'Fraid I can't accept the greeting. It's Single's Awareness Day over here. Hope you enjoy your day. :)
dude where are the clawss a.k.a. wolverine
Is it?
I don't see the "ON" light but oh well...
Thanks so much for the photo of... yourself. Twat.

How did this end up on my feed?
Big fan of many of your movies. Best wishes.
Suzie D
Happy Valentine's Day~
why just photo of you, you forgot the chocolate and roses..
thanks....i wish u th same///
Dude, I'll bet you wish you were as good looking as me. I'm 49.
439. I don't think he is wishing everyone Valentine and He has a wife? where is she?! what a huge of narcissism. smh.
please take the tie and shirt off it make you look stuffy. lol
Mai O
Papasito!!!!!! (:
wow......esse eu quero!!!!
sigh. double sigh. ok..Beautiful.
This photo is not at all captioned with "Hey girl..."
It doesnt make no sense why one man is as sexy as you...!!!
diossssssssssss!!!!!!!!!! porque es tan lindo este hombreeeeeeee
why doesn't that work for me.. I can't send a picture of myself as an acceptable valentines day gift.
Looking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Valentine's to you and your loved ones.
Uhm... thanks. I'll pass it on to my female friends. Same to you!
can i have some of the steroids you used in wolverine
Hot. Knot .. handsome u. Same to u
帅啊 真帅Ò‿Ò
Thank you Hugh - happy valentines day to you!
Happy Valentine's Day/Night Hugh!
You look impressive.
Happy Valentine's
i think its over many months ago this valantines thing i mean i dont care because i have no boy to love
Wow!!!Happy valentine day to you toooo...
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