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"If I were forced to listen to only one song for the rest of my life, it would be 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' by The Rolling Stones."

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how about the walk of life from dire straits?
How come I always get this mixed up with "If you're not with the one you love... love the one you're with." :D
snow patrol set the fire to the third bar would be mine lovely
Me too.Top of my iPod "favorite songs" list.
Good choice I like this song and I tell students at work those words all the time they think I'm nuts
that is true !! and i love that song to :-) thanks for shureing your thoughts
fre CC
Even the greatest song could lost all the beauty that carries.
So be careful with what you wish
Ron S
Not a bad choice.. for me, ZZ Top's, Fool for your Stockings.
Right now my favorite song is Love love by Take that... It caught my atention because it was removed from the credits in the american blu-ray of X-men: First class... now I can´t stop hearing again and again.
I use that line on my kids AND my wife. And you know what? It's a true statement! You don't always get what you want, but you get what you need.
Excellent selection Hugh. I would keep the same group in mind but choose "Tumbling Dice".
But you can usually get what you need. You're great.
For me, it's Peter Gabriel's "Solsbury Hill", but if I had to choose one from the Stones, it would have to be "Big Umbrella".
"Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle" by Nirvana
I think +Erik Collett it's because the two songs have similar rhythm, especially the last part.
"Kiss from a rose" by Seal
"" I came back on my feet again" by Michael Boulton
"Crush" by Dave Matthews Band
Pink Floyd The Wall is always a top fave!
It's a good choice dear Hugh!! I would be always listening "Lifetimes" by Sheryl Crow.
Are you the real Hugh Jackman? Im a huge fan of your acting career, i want to be a Movie Director when im older.
one of the best every by them next to paint your pony red
With or Without U2 / Everlong Foo Fighters....
I'd listen to a song by The Killers called, "All these things that I've done".
Have been a fan of that song since my teens... Mr. Jackman knows his stuff...
Greetings from PARAGUAY!! Hugh Jackman :)
Hugh - my song would be "In My LIfe" - Beatles (Beautiful Boy - John Lennon #2)
hi hugh! i love your x-men movies! my friend does too! he loves x-men stuff
Yeah, that makes sense. If you try, and try, and try there is definitely a gravitation towards what you need. It rarely is what you want, often it can be better and sometimes you really just might find that you get what you need. That's the words, and the tune....For me It elevates and makes the trying, inspiring. I think the choir intro transcends the genera, it is a universal harmony. I probably could listen to Achillies Last Stand, by Led Zeppelin in that way. "Oh the fun to have. To live the dreams we always had."
That photo looks like just before you took the plunge, in Sydney if I remember correctly and had equipment issues.
Just saw "Scoop".

That. Was. Hilarious. I loved it. 
Yes, I can see ur point. After all we most assuredly get wat we need just so we try. Lotta truth in that tune. Also find pink floyds "On the turning away" has truth that needs to be listened to
AC/DC 'Back in Black' has always been my loop track.
so very manly!
like you!
oh it make me really want to know the meaning of this song too much !!!
Ann Lee
But u stil gotta try
That is a life, we can't always get what we want. Cause real life is half happy and half sad. Enjoy its
I would to listen a thousand of songs , but if i were forced to choose one , well it would be : " " Twist on my sobriety " by Tanita Tikaram or " Only the moment " by Marc Almond.
Mine would be "When you love a woman...Steve Perry is the voice mmm"
Its fun that one of my favorite actor also likes my song genre. =)
after looking at that picture, I am sure a lot of other people are saying, You cant always get what you want, also :P
I'm sure you'd be forced to listen to some other song, because: "You can't always get what you want."
LoL. I would choose another stones song. Mayby paint it black.
what else do you want but haven't got? you've already got things billion people dream about! :-)
I sing that song A LOT! I suppose because it has a lot of truth to it, and it is consoling to believe that we do indeed get what we need.
Right now, I'm listening to Classic Vinyl on Sirius XM-- Led Zepplin, How Many More Times
Regarding the Stones song-- I have a favorite passage from the scriptures which says, "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want." 'Sort of the same concept.
Yo X-MAN!,Looking gooood!!!!!!
This and Ruby Tuesday by the Stones for me....
i keep listening to that song now. me thinks it is not meant for the queen ;)
"Psychopomp" by The Tea Party. Best. Song. Ever.
SE eu tivesse DINHEIRO robaria voce para me
Thats because its soooo true!
Lindooo.. nem entende o que eu escrevo \o/ Brasil
my favorite song is Sme one like you by Adele. i love this song.
Nice pic. Where is that at? You are very photogenic.
you r my favorite ..... i like your character wolverine
i mean i would kinda get annoyed by that song but yeah i think its an amazing song
For me, the song Me & Bobby McGee by Janis would have to be the one.
It depends. Yes you always cant get what you want only cuz the division in mind. want is something we think is necessary and need is something that we leave for god or some holy power to decide so atlast we think what we got was not cuz of want but need.
we need wolverine 2.....
Yes of course but, but as you are spiritual you must have to believe that, If you have tried enough & yet you didn't get it then, God has chosen something better than that........
Hugh? are doing new wolf-man or robot boxer thing............??
someone who looks sooo good I've never seen
I was singing that to my son last night when he asked to play his Wii instead of going to bed...How funny!!
I agree great song.Have a great day.
I'm finding out yoy can get what you want!!!! Of course I'm 63 till it happened.
Nisi ti burazeru cuo za Sabana Saulica ;D
Night Swimming - REM or Turning Japanese
I grew up listening to the rolling stone
Can I meet you? I just think we would have an interesting conversation.
You are just about as close to perfect as someone can get!:) Love you, HUGH JACKMAN!!!!!
First time I've seen a hoarding displaying a brand himself...great!
That is certainly the truth in this realm!
haha .. i would listen from Shania Twain a song From This Moment On .. because you CAN always get what you want if you know how to let it IN! but everything starts from HERE and NOW:)
I like Viva La Vida - reminds you that you can be on top or on the bottom at any time.
You have a better self image than the Stones, dear. Raise the bar won't you?
Why? U have everthing...don't ya? Money talks..B.S. walks...maybe I am wrong?
Mic Nir
and you'll want , knowing that you'll get , more songs...
Woody Guthrie, Your Land is my Land, imagine what he thought about his time on earth.......
Il Volo...Panis Angelicus. The Stones would drive me over the edge... sorry, dude..
Free by Steevy Wonder is for me a great song too. Things are not the most important. All you need is love...
I honestly think I'd go mad with only one song but a good one to keep me occupied for a while would probably be... linkin park's bleed it out.
mine would be hum hai jasi paal raha from the movie Kisna and the melody the Evenstar from the soundtract to the Lord of the Rings the Two Towers i can live till i die with this songs
jon jst
the whole song is words to live by, another one is "i wont back down" by tom petty and the heartbreakers. both are two of my faves...
The one song I would pick is Back to Black - Amy Winehouse.
sighing... So sexy and masculine all the time...
As long as once a year there was a 3-minute break to play 'In the Living Years' - Mike and the Mechanics.
If I had to listen to one song for the rest of my life, I'd sing.
mine would be the devils den by skrillex
Why would this be? You have everything one could want. My song would be..Tears in Heaven...goes out to my pets. :-)
que guapo¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡muasssssssssss'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
You're so sexy <3 I love you
That is a great song, and I don't think it is played enough especially for our youth.
Well that sucks. I feel bad for you, only one song? You should listen to 94.5, 107.7, 102.5, play Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Dance Dance Revolution and ALL of those crazy music games.
When you love a woman...Journey or should i say Steve Perry. What a voice . Oh la la que oui! ;O0
that's a great song Hugh won of my favourites!
Sweet Picture ... J'aime le noir et blanc!
Mucho Caliente
i have a giant deacro aswell ;)
why that song?? it is a good song!!!!
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