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"I’m an actor who believes we all have triggers to any stage of emotion. It’s not always easy to find but it’s still there."
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Is it me or all your posts only about images of you? Interesting approach in social I suppose ;)
time to paint that wall=dont you think
Are you saying actors can act all emotions via triggers OR that people feel all emotions with the right triggers.
Amazing the number of "likes up" comments on +Hugh Jackman 's photos. Worth a blog post :)
homem lindo,maravilhoso.....
terno de primeira se eu te pego....
hey i thought trigger was a horse.
That is why I can't listen to most country music lol I cry :(
You're... an actor? []O_O]

...I'm kidding of course, as I enjoy 'most' of your work and finally recently 'Real Steel', which was much enjoyed (some tears as like you too) in our home (via out little THX Ultra 2 cinema) []^_^]

We've got our eyes and ears open for 'Movie 43' (lovely female cast that most certainly triggers some emotions... LoL) which looks rather interesting ()^_^)
jt chen
like your perform in real steel
I think inner 'awareness' is highly under rated
The question being, what does one actually do when those triggers are pulled?
What's on your mind all the time? On stage, off stage ......?
Yes Hugh is wonderful eye candy. But his versatility as an actor/singer etc. will keep me watching him for years to come
Really like the photo... you look very cool.
take a look at my really cool and unique artwork at I think you are a great actor. I wanted to be an actor myself and did appear in a couple of Beach Blanket movies of the 60's as an extra. I still love that industry
have try to to make a comment on your wolverine pic. but can't get on there, so I will make a comment on here.... I will ask the same question ''will there be a wolverine 2''
hey, thank for the complement
Girl you sound desperate...
Sir, I m a gr8 Indian Fan of urs:). I <3 ur Wolverine , Charlie Characters Ever!
I don't think actors have any special talent. However, the people that wrote and directed "The Prestige" were amazing. Such a well done movie and good acting on everyones part. So I'll give credit where it is due. Fantastic movie, your best.
yo are really great a what you do keep it up our greatness is from or shyness or what we can't do but our party poopers are from envy we all have a greatness we just have to find it and i think you have
I've seen next to nothing of Jackman's work and so couldn't comment on him. But I really believe that if they wrote a character for Meryl Streep who's a sword-swallower, she'd suddenly be able to do it.
Hugh, you should post a completely random comment with the worst photo of yourself you can find, just to see if it makes any difference at all.
That would be interesting remember the classical musician and who played at the train station and no one wanted to know him
thats really inspiring for me as a young actress, wanting to make it big one day! :}
No, we don't. This is why is called talent. I can't act no matter what.
I thought Google+ wasn't going to allow this crap.
It's about being able to relive that memory or to forge it in order to live that emotion on demand.
The triggers might fail to work if overused...
He's amazing personality and fluffy soul as he would be respectful ask me.. It's very friendly, no porn to way!
u look gud in this pic....nd what a gr8 thought!!!
I'm the common man that loves the kid in me, and supposidly frosted mini wheats.
Nicely said. But once you have found the trigger, you now have to harness it and mold it into what your trying to convey. And what happens when you trigger an emotion that you can't control. Lots of respect for what you do.
you look almost like justin timberlake nice photo
We all have triggers... we miss you on the East Coast we could all learn from each other. k
We can find the emotion if we try; it is there. You must let yourself go into the emotion. Sit in it. Feel it. Act it.
Sir,not looking quite exceptional...
Dae Lor
The suit + you = DROOOLS!
so true hugh! so true! by the way my friend? keep doing good! i truly appreciate the creativity u hav brought to cinema! walmart dvds are averaging 10yrs+! lol! God bless and keep ya bro! Proud of ya man! but next time, tell them to give you ur own suit n not Gary Coleman's!lol! just kiddn bro!lmao!
Love Love Love you & every character that you play<3! Wolverine is my favorite :-)
Class actor not afrade to share the stage.To creat a good show.Entertainment is worth more than awards.Without the viewer the show is nothing.
Let me know when you get a tighter suit.
Emma PT
nice picture...ugly tie ;-)
The most interesting man in the world has nothing on you. Stay hungry my friend
Weaksause PR crap. Take command of your own public persona, not what your PR agency puts out. #fail
Haters wanna hate, lovers wanna love, I don't even want none of the above...I want to pee on you.
Love this photo besides the hottie what an interesting background.
Very deep quote too. How do you find your triggers to your emotions especially if they are not easy to find?
Oh My God That Man More Charming And Beautiful Is So Much Beauty To A Delirium !!!
Blessins and success always!
You are a great actor....
Hoping #RealSteel gets a #Grammy Sunday! Awesome movie.. a must see!
All that is the disease of emotional insanity
lame u r very.......... um charmin not lol
L Rad
hi this picture is very nice
goddamnit, hot on google. I don't care about hugh jackman news unless it's about him peeing on stage again
He probably doesn't know he has a Google plus... it would be nice if he responded to you guys but he wont so I say who cares!
G Vixen
still as hot as on set, in
hi some one day we take a plece for thinking work artist well done you too as acctres.
Kao. N.
Nice to meet you.My name is Kaon.I am your fan.(^^)
You are fantastic eye candy. Please stop thinking it ruins the image.
That's weird because l'm a cess pit engineer who believes we all have triggers to any stage of emotion too. It’s not always easy to find but it’s still there.

What a coincidence!
amazing actor .....hope u stay in the industry for long so we can keep watching ur movies.good luck .
but its really difficult to trigger
Hugh please sign my baby photos. I'll send them in the mail. Thanks!
Loved it! And I am a human being who believes that we are born to shine. So, let's use these triggers of emotion ? Hugs!
Love life as of it is the last day,live as if there is no tomorrow.Just enjoy your being.
He wanted that we all have emotions to different situations, not only are easy to find them. O povo" APELA" nos comentários.
i am a big fan of urs Boss
nice words Hugh, keep on .
I think you're a great actor, don't know u up close and personal but a bet you're a good person also.
great actor, no doubt
I still remember a "Stanislavski moment" that occurred for me--surprised us all, and frightened my counterpart in the scene--during a college musical comedy, eons ago. Desperation was probably the trigger in that moment.
The ingenue who was due to come on stage didn't--and still didn't--and then, again, did not--and, for a moment, I crossed over and freaked out my counterpart with an appropriate--but scary--response that was escalating into new territory--until she finally came on--after a costume-change glitch had nearly rewritten the ending of that musical. It was an exhilarating experience--and too seldom achieved in my brief performing life.
So, sometimes the moments find us.
Mo Go
Not bad
Hugh, you're alway's a sublime actor, wonderful man and a beautiful father to your children and magnificent husband to your wife....I admire you greatly...................esabela
some terrible Photoshop work ...
+Adarsh Singh wow this is called an indian to insult other foreigners . You are a disgrace to india dude
Yes, it's always there. You are a very good actor and thank you for being Wolverine.
Thanking you for all of your work. I appreciate you as an Actor. If one sits quietly & goes even deeper inside. Yes! it is always there.
Yea... I tend to find them most often when I dont look.
Great Photo....and that in itself is a trigger for many emotions.. :)
What a nice picture! I think you must play the next James Bond, don't you think?
Cool hairstyle, and picture is amazing, love it, 
Bravissimo attore e cantante ,grande uomo..
OMG.....your the greatest...and my favorite...anything you say
I wish you were doing the Oscars this year. You are amazing!!
Man..... you look awesome!
Yep, and when we find those triggers we experience fuller and expanded parts of ourselves
Hugh, that is so true, not just in acting but in life in general. Stay blessed! Terry :-)
seems to me you're not only talented but a nice bloke and family man as well
Hugh, I agree completely with your comment. It is hard for us to find our own triggers, but my wife sure does find them. It's not often that I find myself there though and I'm glad. Take care and God bless. :)
except for catatonic type schizophrenics...
... any stages of emotion

Unless you're Steven Seagal.
your... i cant even explain nice pic..
you are really a proffessional........
I have seen ever movie that you have made. You are Great.
Absolutely, it is those emotional triggers that provides the motivations for what successes a person has. You have excelled in your successes Hugh you must be super aware of your abilities.
Those triggers can come from ANY source and lead to downfall (addiction, weight gain, poor study habits), as well as, success (Academy Award, millionaire status, happy marriage) and anything in between.
Hugh, you look very handsome in that suit. Very GQ! Stay blessed! Terry :-)
cant belive that one person can be so talented! he can sing, act as my fav "super hero" and he looks great in this pic! his wife is one lucky woman!!!
... do we really need to find them ?! The triggers.
beautiful painting. whoever did this is really talented
Bev L.
Totally agree.
You have it all Hugh, you make it all look easy, and that is your greatest strength.** Prove me wrong.;]
Great pic of you in the suit Hugh. I didn't know you could sing as well. It just gets better.
We all act, as I read this quote. Control and timing make actors.
Mr. Jackman, such a wonderful actor you are. Both stage and screen you've delighted us. I really appreciate how generous you are to share your marvelous accomplishments, and how proud you are of them. Thank you! You're such a treasure!
The interesting thing is "the actor" is inside all of us who CAN trigger it when and if the need arises! It's only a matter of accepting it!
Precioso, te felicito......eres uno de mis favoritos....XMen for ever....!!!
Hugh Jackman is such an amazing actor! X-men all the way!
Dude, if u wanna career, make another x-men movie
Well said. We all act: play, lie, tease, and pretend-the control, timing, and execution define & constitute actors.
Your P{assion insiDe is Your Talent anD of Course Your Looks are AmaziNg !
lead with your mind and follow with your heart...that way you will always stay true to your emotions and forever be humble....
Look as awesome as ever Mr.wolverine! Thumbs up!!!
Interesting. Never thought of having triggers for emotions. I always thought that one can cry for really no reason... or if there was a reason, it was very well hidden.
I really appreciate your statement beacause you state real human emotion.
so hot! ♥.♥
I really appreciate your emotional statement because you are human.
I agree with Sweety Pie, there is a fine line between being a complete mess and gathering strength from emotions
u luk fresh but dont get 2 sharp cuze you might cut urself rofl lol
Wish i could meet you some day love all the movies!!!!!!!!! Logan lol.
sue cee
love the pic, very sexy
i love your movie reel steel that is your best movie
You gotta have balls to play "the Boy from OZ"...I mean thats when I told myself "Hugh is Da man.."...
pro's i like him haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
True here mate true here I think we all have some emotions that can trigger within overselves if your an actor or a ordinary person like me
What would our world be like without emotions...better or worse?
true what would the world be like if we were emotionless like satues with no life but stillness
Oh, it's there alright... Just need to look in the right place.
Yes, it can be overwhelmed. There is possible for impossible.
OMG!!! Thank you so.. Much for the advice I could really use it for my future!
i'm wonder if its real him in the other the pic..very masculine!
hey charlie......I really liked ur movie "The Real Steel"
Man! Almost didn't recognize you in this one.  That is a different look than I've ever seen! Versatile and cool! 
Guapísimo!  I have seen you in movies
But some triggers are easier to find than others. Especially for those who wear their heart on their sleeve.
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