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"All of my top 10 moments as an actor would be on stage. The immediacy of it, the high- wire nature of it."
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おおー!!ヒュー・ジャックマンさん( ^ ^ )男性から見ても、カッコよすぎですね!!!
Your performance in "Oklahoma!" made me a lifetime fan!
Hi Mr. Jackman =) Im just a fan, but I think what made me a giant fan of you, was your movies as Wolverine =)
Would have totally like to see you on stage. Hopefully you'll have a show that plays in LA soon.
Oh gawd!! He's still so sexy!! Eeeeeppp!!!!
Yes I would think so Hugh... Isn't that a great feeling?? Mary
I'm sure fighting Mr. Hyde was #11
#hughjackman You are so Talented! I just can't get enough of your movies! Keep 'em coming!
And dude, you have a surprising voice. Did not expect to hear those pipes coming out of you. For real. lol...
Hi! I'm Pam from Thailand and i'm one of ur big fan. Real glad that i can be here and getting updated abt ur activities
ein Super Mann schön an zu sehen.
Grandma was trained in London as well. I prefer stage actors to movie actors as well. In theater there is so much energy. Thanks for sharing!!
totally handsome !!!! hi !
you are amazing.......................i like you & your movie
Liz C
I've been so lucky as to see you on stage! Thank you--
incredible moments are born on the stage..
hugh your top moment was on the high-wire on top of sydney opera house when oprah came to australia was one of your great acts
dude your so cool...........................
You are very talented. If I have to say something about your ten moments, I'd say Hugh, Hugh... Ten times, hahaha
+200 BY ALQUMA-THE d3viL.....CAN u all dig that!
first time i heard a recording of you singing, i had just been talking to my friend about X-Men.
those two images don't really go together as well as one might think...
Hi Hugh I remember see you at the Bisbane Entertainment Center a few years back, I was doing the bar, well because it was the matinee and the bar was so dead I would go in and catch you and the show "The Boy from Oz", mate you were so fantastic and all the caste it sought of changed my views on Musicals. I still am not keen on the movie kind of Musicals but man, the live shows are amazing, thanks mate for introducing me to a whole new look on the art you do and love so well. Now your our Boy from Oz, cheers and if your ever back in Brizvagas love to shout you a beer or two, cheers Dave, Peace Love and Mung Beans.
Hi you are a Great Performer, and Actor, I've watched most of all your movies, haven't had the privilege to watch your Broadway show, I'm sure it's Amazing like all your other performances. Bye! 
hi...sir i m one of the fan of yours...........
why is he so good looking...? Can anyone tell me....
ele é realmente um gato maravilhoso, pessoalmente então deve ser um sonho...
I have no idea who you are, how you got on my page, but You are seriously good looking. :) A Very blessed man you are. :)
Hugh Jackman is everything a man can be!!
Did you not start out doing that? I always think if you have a first love of something you will always go back to it eventually.
I would so love to perform onstage but I get stage fright. Do you feel nervous before going on stage?
you are real steel!!!!!!!1
Someone enjoys INSTANT gratification!
hi hugh im far but can i write to you in msn or skype
Hey Sir !! Your looks are deadly...
may i knw whch is ur next movie????
tiene q ser un calvario,estar siempre en el punto de mira y seguido a todas partes,y no lo digo solo por la prensa,tambien por la gente como nosotros,pero es inevitable.
Do you get Stage-Fright? I have it, and I need some tips on how to make it go away. Got anything for me?
im glad to know that you are a down to earth kind of guy
..and the spontaneity of it!
hmmmm not for me thats pretty boring u don't like being in the movies they luk very fun and luk like they have a lot of action :)
I saw you in Sunset Boulevarde at the Regent, I knew then you would go far. Proud of your success!!!
really I think you would shine on stage as I been to one stage production from a school watching Oliver Twist and It was really enjoyable like the pantimine I never seen you on stage when are you coming to west yorkshire or any other stage show in England love to met you in person
I want to do that! How does it feel? To actually show the emotion on stage and to be able to bring it for folks to all see at once?
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