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Snape vs. Wolverine -- who do you think would win in a fight?
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Wolverine, Snape would be to busy crying over the Harry's mom
White Wolf
Snape. He can kill remotely. 
I hear Alan Rickman is great to work with.
tado koj
definitely Snape....cos snape has long distance attack option like stripping wolverines cloth from 10 mtr distance....etc
i think the wolverine would win the fight
Can we just film that and find out? that would be a rockin fight scene!
Why snape is better:
He's a wizard (Duh)
He protected Harry when he could have died
Hes not evil

+Matt LaMar There would be no Harry without Snape FYI
Wolverine, he is badass! Even though I like Snape, he is still no match.
I was typing that when you posted it Desana! lol...DAMN!!
Depending on the initial situation, in a close combat it would win Wolverine, of course. But if Snape were far enough to cast any spell, the result would be totally different.
Wolverine, without question!
Wolverine. i think people forget his healing factor. snape can blast wolverines skin away and hed just keep coming. :/
My vote is for Snape but love them both.
Snape could kill wolverine with a wave of his wand...
Wolverine of course...

Most non-cosmic beings couldn't take Wolverine with maybe the exception of the Hulk. I think Magneto killed him in one of the alternate universe comics.

I don' t even think Cable could take Wolverine.

However, the Hulk and Mageneto are among the most powerful of the non-cosmic being in the marvel universe.
That's a tough one - They're both so innately powerful! And so dang hot! I'd call it a draw -- from a distance!
snape would win. without a doubt and this isnt even fair.. snape has magically powers and wolverine just has strength and regeneration...
wolverine for the win like a boss
Well, I think Snape - in a fair fight. But if it was prison rules, I'd put my money on Wolverine.
Really? Snape is an professor in Hogwarts school and learned dark magic of course he'll win

Wolverine would win, with two hands tied behind his back, blindfolded and gagged, on a bad hair day
S-super N-Noone is kooler then him A-an epic man P-Potters saviour E-Everone should love him
Avada Kedabra!
Wolverine became a pile of Adamantium bones
Wolverine. He regenerates everything. Also, they said FIGHT, not DUEL.
The Marvel fan in me says wolverine.
Tough call....Wolverine is badass, but do not underestimate Snape!
Assuming Snape used the kill, and Wolverine wasn't within arms reach, I'd say Snape. Otherwise, Wolvie.
Snape snape severus snape LIKE A BOSS!!!!
Sorry Hugh, I say Snape - or as he was previously also well known Hans Gruber.
Ah Dai
snape said:Dafuq why im getting old in real life
wolverine:like a boss
well it depends where u were...i think maybe snapeLOL if he had his wand and all that. but u still kick but wolverine :P
It'd come down to the Terrain. If it was in an empty plain with lots of space snape might be able to kite him around...but wolverine has a healing factor, speed, an indestructible skeleton, supernatural killer instincts, and insane agility.

In any kind of obstructed environment, like a forest, or a city, or mountain terrain, Snape wouldn't stand a chance in a million...because he'd never see wolverine coming.

You act like wolverine hasn't taken on people more bad ass than Snape...lawlz.
You're really gonna make me decide over two of my favorite characters? Dang, I don't know
Snape idk could probably do a spell to take away his healing powers then finish him off Snape maybe...
Of course wolverine all the way cant wait for it.
Umm... Alan Rickman. Snape + the Voice of God always wins.
if it's SEVERUS snape, then snape. he has sectumsempra. :)
You can't possibly lose. Snape is much less stronger than Logan!!
If Wolverine can get to him before he whips out his wand and Avra Kedavras him then my money is on Wolverine for speed and youth against Professor Severus!
Depends on the scenario, hand to hand then you (wolverine), but long distance magic then it would be snape.
snape can zap him with a spell but wolvarine could block the shot. I AM NEUTRAL!!!!
Well Snape can use the Avada Kadavra Curse and blast him to pieces
Snape would snuff out his soul from a distance and Wolverine can't regenerate that.
Wolverine, unless Snape is particularly good with decapitation spells. Not sure how Wolverine fares against magic.... Fantastic photo! :)
ohh yea i know its snaverine who wud win the fight! Yea definately!
Can't you all see that Snape is an dark Magic user
<3 you Mr. Jackman! Cannot wait to see the next XMen movie! My dream would be to see my husband and son in a movie with you! (they are both actors)
snape snape severus snape
Go potter puppet pals 8D
My brain exploded trying to answer that.
I love wolvey to but snape lol
Snape knows the forbidden spell that kills people.
snape, he could put a death spell/potion on wolverine, or if wolverine was about to kill snape, snape could just find or make a sourcer's stone quick. or snape could get unicorn blood ahead of time!
snape. only because he could kill wolverine in a second with his wand. but then i would cry because you're so beautiful as curly
GO snape snape severus snape!!!!!
Questions like this are what I ponder while I suffer through Insomniac Events.
i disagree with princess pea.Wolverine kicks ass from here to timbuck two when needed. and in a fight like that wolverine would kill
Snape would cast an Expelliarmus, but then Wolverine would claw him to death.
I think this is what the philosophers of old truly spoke of when referring to an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object
If Phoenix can't kill Wolverine then no way Snape could.
i think it would be a tie because wolverine has claws and is powerful and snape has magical powers
Patrick Stewart, errr... yes, final answer!
Oh crap.... I think Snape... he has a wand, and he has powers, he was the Defense against the dark arts teacher... of course he could win.
snape of course, he has a wand...
Snape. He could just say, "Avada Kadarva." Then he'd go to Azkaban, but he'd still win the battle.
Snape would win! Don't get me wrong I love wolverine all the way, but snape lied to voldemort! He can take little wolverine after the dark lord
Kidding? Magic stick vs man of steel...come on.

OH and that's not snape, that's the sheriff of nottingham
I guess that would depend on if Snape could use magic
Last I checked, Wolverines blades can't help cast a magic spell. So, Snape.... Magic.... Duh!
WOLVERINE!!!! Wolverine cant die! you can shoot him in the head and hes still alive! Sorry but wolverine is a killing machine! lol
I say wolverine have u seen what he's gone through
wolverine cause he can't die REGENERATION
Maybe Logan can win against Snape... but watch out for Hans Gruber
The Honeybadger would because he's a bad a**
SNAPE allways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Snape all the way!! Avada Kadavra and then he can just slice wolverine's head right off.
Depends if the Wolverine that shows up for the fight is accessorizing his outfit with a scarf...... :)
Snape... Sorry Hugh, but Snapes voice is sexy! I would seriously melt if I heard his voice in person!
Hmmm... hard choice. Snape has a wand and can cast any spell. And Wolverine has steel claws on each hand and can't die. So I think Wolverine would win. :)
Well...Snape is dead, sooooo....probably Wolverine!
i would sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy snape cux he looks chubbier
Expelliarmus has no effect on claws.
I think snape would win because he has a wand so he can do almost anything,and if wolverine tried to hurt snape with his claws snape could just throw him back or just block him.
Man snape looks so weird with grey hair! 
Personally I'd rather be wrestling with Wolverine ;D
Wolverine could throw some things to counter the longer range of Snape. He can also dodge very well and would have much more stamina. But still... thanks... now I can't shake the image of Harry Potter beating Wolverine :(
Snape, Snape, Severus Snape. Wait, does Dumbledore count?
(This is going off of the movies, never read the comics, or the Harry Potter books, but my sister can quote the books almost word for word, so...)Definitely Wolverine... I mean come on, does anyone remember how he killed The Phoenix, the only Class Five mutant known... She was trying to make him disintegrate, but his regeneration capabilities are astoundingly limitless, so that his skin grew back almost instantaneously. Also, he was shot in his Frontal Lobe by an Ademanteum bullet, which controls emotions, memories, vital body functions, instincts, senses, and much much more ... and yet he still lived, his mutation causes his body to heal itself no matter what. So no matter how many spells Professor Snape throws at him, and no matter how many times he uses the Death Curse, Wolverine's mutation will kick in, and his body will regenerate, causing the spell to be ineffective, and, on the unlikely chance that the Death Curse could actually kill him, his regeneration powers would bring him back to life. All in all, Wolverine is a ***** bad ass, and nothing/nobody can beat him!!!

Depends on which era of Wolverine....
Couple of cool guys for sure. Good on ya, mate
Wolverine has a lot of weaknesses to be exploited non of which hold wood in their hands. Wolverine FTW!
Snape for sure. Fucking ridiculous question.
Snape will win, as he is the Half Blood Prince and could make Wolverines claws shrink :-)
yep it would be snape. no hard feelings wolverine
amazingly stupid traffic creating question... qed... ok whatever, I love both actors for their roles, great job(s).
wolverine, hes WAY cooler, and hes got the claws, and heeling ability, hes practically invincible.... ish
Snape casts death spell on Wolverine. However Wolverine is technically immortal. So Snape, basically would spend the next three hours thinking of a way to try to best Wolverine, with one of his many less than effective death spells. He gets tired, and Wolverine then rips his shit like wrapping paper. Irony being, Snape is a Wizard he could have totally just put a "whateverthefuck" spell on Wolverine and made him leave, but he didn't cause he's an egotistical 40 year old man child who honestly referred to himself once as "The Half Blood Prince."
wolverine...cause snape is well dead...already.. :P
Does Snape have the long dark hair or short grey hair in the battle?
DONT FOGET wolveirne canpull out blades then KILL SNAPE (LIKE A BOSS!!!!!!!!!)! rock Wolverine, but Snape is better. Way.
of course it would be snape! he-has-MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!
neither! great picture...
Wolverine hands down :)
Time would win, and that would be the only winner.
Wolverine all the way. as marvel themselves said, his role in xmen? simply being "the best there is"

great theme for a new movie......................

Potter meets X Men, They would be able to revive Snape.
damn you +Hugh Jackman i've been thinking on this for the past hour and still don't have an answer.......
(yes i have too much time on my hands)

even fight...

but wolverine will live longer... ;-)

greeting from Venezuela Hugh...
I don't know who would win in a fight between those two characters. What I do know is who's the best actor of you two...
Alan Rickman has brought some gravitas to some old characters his whole career. Brilliantly talented Actor, check out his credits with the RSC. I dont act but he is an absolute hero to me ........
Tricky, Wolverine would have trouble getting close enough to do damage, he could only win if Snape could not do any magic, maybe if the fight was in Muggle world and Snape played by the rules.
やっぱりHugh Jackmanのヴルヴァリン!勝って♥ Wolverine!!! Win!!!
avada kadavra does not work against wolverine...
Snape. He has the wand and the potions.
is that even question? wolverine would kick snapes butt!
nice.. it would be a battle royal ?;-p
Snape as a fictional character would win. But in real life +Hugh Jackman is the winner
Who the bleady hell is snap? In front of Volvorin
Hey look its the villain from Die Hard and one of the magicians in the Prestige
Oooph. OK, definitely Wolverine over Snape. But definitely Rickman over Jackman ;-)
Well Snape might win , but Wolverine would kick ass on the Sheriff of Nottingham or Alexander Dane
I would have to say the Hugh Jackman in Real Steel, you can shadowbox like a champ. Snape will break a wand in sheer exposure to your swagger.
logan. much more experience in fighting and has fought countless mages.

i do not think snape even knows what a mutant is.

they are both very good at what they do, but logan is the best at what he does ;)
hmmmm. Wolverine. But then Snape would have some evil plan that would at the end kill Wolverine too. Everything plotted from the beginning
Neither .. because Jack Black and Sylvester Stallone will GET TO THE CHOPPPA!!!!!!!
Wolverine would win no question !
i gotta go with snape, because he can do all the cool magic moves...
Sorry, Wolverine, you're Marvel, awesome and all, but Snape is the Half Blood Prince. No contest.
snape, snape, severus snape. dumbledore!
If Wolverine is Avada-Kedavra-proof then definitely Wolverine. As far as I know Wolverine is Sectumsempra-proof. :)
It depends on if Wolverine can get to Snape before he can pull out his wand & say his spell.
Snape. Hands Down. Even Wolverine can't survive Avada Kedavra!
Ahhh come on guys! You look so friendly... Don't fight! hahahaah
Wolverine I know. Who's Snape? (quick google check) Oh, a double, triple, quadruple agent in the Harry Potter universe.

Hm, tough call, But a better question, Mertle and Nightcrawler Vs Snape and Wolverine.
I really don't care, I just want to watch. Ahem.
drew g
hello friend
one well placed sectumsempra and wolverine´s gone!
That's a tough one. Snape could change your shape and you wouldn't be as indestructive. Tough choice. But, then again, maybe you, Wolverine, wouldn't be able to change because you are so indestructive. Only imagination can tell...hahahahahahah
snape snape severus snape dumbledore!!!!!
Jesus. Alan Rickman. He could read the phone book to me and I'd be mesmerized. Why can't he get a role where we can love him instead of hating him?
While we're on the subject. Tiger or Bear?
SNAPE! Who needs claws when you can just avada kedavra their ass off?
Well spoiler! I haven't gotten there yet! But still Wolverine
snape would be all fancy but then wolverine would rip him to shreads
two of my favorite actors... wow... sorry wolverine prof snape wins this one :-)
nothing but love can stop the killing curse. nothing. not even metal kitty paws
damn that's a hard one. hard as adamantium! lol
thats a toughie .. but hmmm. I call it a draw.. your both awesome~!
Wolverine in a physical fight def, but Snape has wit. I love them both :)
Probably Wolverine with his fancy sharp claws and regenerating his health. Who is Snape again? I just know Wolverine. How about Professor Xavier vs. Wolverine.
snape is that even a question
Snape definitely wins, but i loooooove hugh jackman(:
Snape would kill Wolverine before Wolverine touched snape
fa La
No I don't think so
My questions is what cool movie are you two starring in???
wolverine, just snap his little wooden wand
if wovlerine can even get close
Wolverine cuz of his regeneration power
Snape from a distance but in close combat, wolverine would dominate.
simple death spell to snuff his life out, u can't regenerate your soul. even marvel characters have fictional souls
The Doctor would trump them both, but if I have to choose, Snape ftw!
Before Wolverine come near, Snape will curse with his Sectumsempra.
depends...does snape have polyjuice potion?
i dunno how fast his health regeneration would help him against an avada kedavra... this is a tough one
I would say.... being a comic lover... but i read harry potter 2 time.... wolverine
mine is y where they fighting in the first place???????????????????????????????????????????????????
I dunno, but if they dated, they'd be called "Snaperine"
Sorry Hugh the truth must be told Snape has the advantage of magic
Wolverine would make Snape his bitch :D lmao
OH MY GOD! IS he Alan Rickman???!!
I'm your big FANS!!!! Professor Snape!!!!!!!! I come form Taiawn, GOOGLE+ Show this picture on my page , anyway , today is my LUCKY DAY!!^Q^ 石內卜教授我愛你!!!!!!!
Wolverine, without a doubt.
Wolverine hands down. (So says my wife.) Too bad she can't see past the looks.
Except (to those who think Wolverine would win hands down) if Wolverine had his hands down then that means he wouldn't be fighting, so Snape would win the fight because he'd have his wand in his hand blasting curses and spells at Wolverine so he would obviously beat a person whose main weapon is his hands, but who is also not using them at the moment of a crucial fight if his hands were down. Therefor, it isn't possible for Wolverine to win hands down.
I think Wolverine becuze he would heal from any thing Snape throw at him
P.S. Snape has a history of loosing
Snape.Wolverine can't heal death.
Wolverine.... its a fight not a duel Snape can't use his wand. DUH
It'll be Snape!)) I'm sure! And it doesn't matter, that they lived in different time!))
Snape obviously! MAGIC and all!
"you ask for a mirical i give you the F.B.I "HANS GRUBER THE BADDEST AT BEING A COOL BAD GUY YOU AGREE MR .J ?
If Snape used Avada Kedavra right away, I'm not sure though if that spell works on someone made of adamantium. Hehehe. Can we test it?!
God! Two of my favorite actors! Aaaaaaaah! <3
Obey El
wolverine because he can't be killed unless by magnito, or if snape has some kind of moving or controlling metal spell.
It depends if there is a potion that could turn ademantium  back to liquid. ;-)
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