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"If you’re going to fail, you might as well fail spectacularly."
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So when your ship is sinking, make it sink faster?
I agree with the sentiment, but I'm not sure of the inspiration. Did you have a spectacular failure recently?
Sofia D
loving the hair hugh!
Pati V
Australia? Don't worry, you are the sexiest man alive ;)
uuuuuhhh beatiful smile I love you
I agree. Got to keep on trying to do your best. Hey, why not??
Sofia D
loving the hair hugh ;D
this is a good pic, and a big man
Hugh, I'm Google+ years old but I ain't Stupid....... Note: I know how to suck my gut in and smile... Good pix guy and I hope you look half as good as I do when you turn 60+ no BS ... You are a down to earth dude.... rc
I love this man, so hot ans sexy and certainly who can play violon!!
I had a great comment but I failed...oh well...
i have been saying that so u must have been reading my mind lol
What a beautiful man. I have no idea who you are, but nice work toots!
yeah I misread this-thought it said Fall at first-and thought he was going to say Falling up a thing of stairs lol
im in love, but my lover is yet to be reavealed
I just watched real steel this morning really good job!
howls like a wolf wowee! that well im speechless, nice picture :)
So true. It's kind of like going out with a bang...
Love that picture. It's awesome.
hey bro... congratulation for real steal good film!!!!
Makes perfect sense to me, because when I screw up I certainly do a bang-up job. Hahahahaha!!
Lucy Wolf hahahahahaha i am sure i am right !!
Lindo, falhar faz parte o importante é seguir lutando
its true! thats so deep! love u!!!!!:)
Saw your movie about robots. Sort of cool! - R
falling gracefully, hoping theres's a mattress!
and spectacularly you would fail, but who would notice?
Good night to all existing and new friends .... Wed peace and the light is always close to us all ... and happy early weeks ....
boa noite a todos amigos novos e já existentes ....qua a paz e a luz esteja sempre perto de todos nós...e feliz inicio de semana....
It sure shows commitment, and says a lot about self belief. 
drop dead georgios plus sexy and good looking like daniel radciffle mmmmmmmmmmm yes lol
yah correct i love the man with lots of hair...yummy!
u know what they say respect your elders......and wolverine
Stew B
That's ONE of my MANTRA'S!!! Do it BIG OR DON'T DO IT
You said it brother...keep smiling you are a true artist, give thanks.
Nice Hugh...
Just natural and fun loving ...
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u look so so so so awesome.............
Your right if your going to fail then do it your way and with style
spectacularly indid.loving the thought and the picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
real steel the real hero . what do you think Mr jackman?
i think the point of what he said was "just because something is going badly, it doesn't mean you should stop working on it"
hugh we need anew photo you have a beard now was great too see you with russel crowe at the grammys
Of course! At least it shows you made an effort.
Beautiful picture, thank you.
hugh u r wonderful things that God made after the angel ^^
Hugh was entertaining on the baftas last night
failing spectacularly happens when while falling, there is still a consistent will to win.. and perhaps, the attemplt to win while falling makes the failure real spectacular...
seriously, without even striving for success, the falling would be just a fall, a perfect failure, nothing spectacular, but 'the end'
good point and by the way, I loved your movie "The Prestige"
+Karan Kumar The Prestige was so brilliant hey. It was riveting. I was glued to the screen during the film. One of my favourites.
"spectacularly" can be interpreted differently for everyone, so I suppose everyone agrees somehow in some way...
On Saturday I was watching Steel Reel with my daughters...great movie...crying fest in the room. LOL
I don't agree with that b'coz it kinda sounds like you want to fail on purpose. Nice pic though. PEACE!
Good Morning Mr. Jackman:
That is so true... Go out like a Blomin flame... One of my mentors that I have looked up to for years is Tom Hopkins The Sales trainer of all time He made a comment in his sales seminar which is included with tapes in times past and I believe now on Disc. Technology... " I do not not look at failure as failure but an opportunity for success" -Tom Hopkins with all of my failures I have had many opportunities for success which has been many awesome experiences!!!" If you are in an auto and the gear of life is stuck in first gear slam the gearshift in reverse and drive like your next journey in life" Ken Illguth I also love the poem by Robert Frost "A Road Less Traveled" sometimes we have to take that road less traveled to make in the road of life I know I have traveled on many roads less traveled.
I fail extremely well on a daily basis :)
The better way to fail spectacularly is to jump on something else.
HUGH, ya no pongas estas fotos que aceleran mi corazón....demasiado guapo...
boy -o-boy ....its a new haircut but its nice to see i like it !!!!!!
who else, besides HJ, has the audacity to post man-candy pictures of themselves below such inane tripe as this ridiculous post?
i love this one!!!..i really love to see you in person.
how i wish to meet you someday... i'm a fan of you esp. the movie Real Steel..i love it!!!
really ! me , my fave actor..esp. the latest Real Steel...very nice movie esp. for kids..
Its not failure its just experiencing delayed success.
Not an option!!!!
Usted acaba de sonreír ... Eres tan lindo! ...
Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.
A reporter asked Edison why bother trying to invent the lightbulb since you have failed 5000 times? No, I have found 5000 ways how to NOT make a lightbulb...It took him another 5000 successful ways how not to do it before he made the real deal.
Love this comment. Made me laugh. Been there, done that :)
u act like best in australia i like soooooo much
i totlly agree with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
delicia, delicia, assim vc me mata...ah se eu te pego!!!! rsrsrs
thats very philosophical.......... :)
Wow just wow Mr. Jackman your genuine smile is amazing I am so happy to know that even after all the fame you can still be humble I want you to know that in a while I 'll be acting and I ll be good enough to be with you you are an AMAZING role modle! 
Azzu :P
in which time is this pic belong
OMG ppl shut up gets on my nerves when ppl are like omg i love it just cuz ur famous and well it is a good pic it has no NEED FOR CAPS ;) remember these Awesome words !
Wow so true seems to be the story of my life.
looking good hugh jackman
Nobody feels successful unless they've failed. You'd never know it tasted sweet before you tried the sour. But if I looked like you, who cares if I failed?!:)
hi brother how are you. bytheway please help me..I need x-man to solve my problem....he3 joking, I hope you'll be more success and The most important is your health, because health is very very expensive...... I realy like your movie action brother
Yes Hugh, I can most certainly relate to that!! LOL
oooh ya add me too
hm Is that what I've been doing? know you're simply adorable. Love this shot!
U are sooo Cute!
Thats so true though. =) great pose
That's a great philosophy!, if you are going to do something, so it the best posible!
Which is all about a final showdown.
You just remind me sooooooooooooo much of my brother Dennis when he was young. I think of him every time I see you. He was a good man so you are in great company. Thank you for all that you are to so many. :)♥
Intrigued. Makes we wonder what thoughts were going through your mind when you took this picture.....
Is that like, go big or go home? lol
ikr sweety pie i dont no i wouldn't want 2 fail really
Thats a very nice photo of you! U look very Aussie!
when i fail its epiclly bad so its kinda hard for me
Quite a positive expression, Hugh. We have to Dream Big, and go for it, regardless...
Don Giovanni, PR
True here always try you best at everything Hugh life is not to be perfect but to live as you would live like freestyle
My god, you are one ridiculously handsome man.
hay dios !! mejor nunca te cruses en mi camno te como todooo!!
that is kinda like if u got shot in the leg u failed but if u want it to be spectacular then u die..... i dont make any sense im sorry
that is completely true you might as well fail big
The fault is only momentary ... learn failing ...
Awesome quote. It sorta sounds like something Spider-Man would say. :-)
This pic makes me feel like I am part of an enchanted moment, I just want to smile!
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