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"The most used appliance in our house is the blender. I love making shakes and smoothies."
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Oleg G
That pic makes me moist ☺
I use my blender to blend stuff in pieces!!! Will it Blend??? Jokin ofcourse..
My blender is the one appliance -- of all the ones I've bought -- that gets some use.
The most used appliance in our house is the water filter. :)
I'm more like a #microwave kinda guy :)
I too for my great drink in the yellow melon... ♪♫☼♫♪
+Daniel Krause - remove your comment(s) .. that seems to be the only way. Otherwise, after a while, it stops sending notifications, depending on how active this post is.
Shakes like the ones Bruce Willis makes in "The Fifth element"? :-)
I think that you are a good chief " master chief of Australia " :)
What kind of smoothies do you make? Ever tasted Durian smoothie ?
101% agreed!
I'm a smoothie junkie myself. I always keep 5 pound bags of each fruit in the freezer ready for a new concoction.
Make me a smoothie. (wink wink, nudge, nudge)
2nd most used item in Hugh's home...ELECTRIC SHAVER! I mean, wow...his hair is short. ;)

BTW, Hugh, I thought you and Christian Bale were great in the movie "The Prestige". Very under-rated movie, in my book.
this man here is the sexiest thing that walks i must say
Ben Hoc
nice sweater ...! lol
Hey, what's wrong with you? U looking as so washing docker. Docker of Yea...) Gggg...
Hi Jacky.......i really need help with something that i think you might be interested in.....( to me and see what this project is might probably scratch your hair later if you don't..
I must thank the crew behind this profile, this is a pot of gold of pictures and dumbass material for an actor review site I'm working on. This is the second time in a week you're posting a picture of this bipolar douche with an orgasm face, although he seems to be building up to it in this picture, unlike the one two posts below, where he's in the middle of it. It fit very nicely with the quote about his splendor and success and Ethiopia.
my Foreman Grill but it is the one with the multiple plates for omlet-waffles-burgers and the plates are able to be put in the dishwash....
Lol this profile is a joke. Just like Hugh Jackman, after he was lobotomized by his success.
I agree D Watkins. Whoever is posting this garbage for Mr. Jackman should be fired. I'm embarrassed for him. Why have a site unless you're willing to take a few minutes and communicate with your fan base yourself?
+Hugh Jackman You are very photogencic! The blender was invented in 1919 and it is still a major appliance in households. In 1960 the smoothie was created and I desisre one now!
Hugh believe or not I'm still with no blender this is the next item on the list oh yes lol!!
Irrelevant picture .. post provided to you by Mr Jackson's publicist..
I love Choc. and Peanut Butter and veggie ones the best
He always looks amazing people, long hair short hair doesn't matter
You are a smoothie a lot of woman would like to taste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My mother's the same way. ;p A fruit/veg smoothie every morning!
li bail
and use your brain?
Hugh, could you stop looking so good. You're causing too much trouble with the wife.
OMG Hugh Jackman is awesome. I don't even see the point of what he said, but I will live my life by it.
He` preety awesome shakes sound yummy for memorial day lol peeps
i love the movies you played in x-men real steel every movie even on wwe when you punched ziggler pow smacked the taste right out of his mouth now that was cool :D
this is your look from Reel Steel! smoothies are sooooo goodddd!
Hugh Jackman - I love strawberry and rasberry flavoured milkshakes with double helpings of the everything.........
You look great.............Have a nice day...............
there's my favorite wolverine. i like your haircut since x-men origins. i do miss the long hair like that. lol.
hugh i am in love with you man , but if you are making shakes make it 2 , i am in ;)
Ab Dole
Hi Mr Solid Snake? How are you today? ^^
X men evolution we are waiting for your new X men movie Logan
He is my favorite Aussie actor. :D I love Hugh Jackman!!
Pikelet maker at our house
Hugh, I heard that. BTW, do you own a magic bullet? It's a small blender that's also great for smoothies, etc... Have a great weekend! Blessings, Terry :-)
Really and just what do you do with them? Shake, shake shake you got your groove on? And when your smoothing what exactly are you smoothing? Something lumpy that needs smoothing is it? lol
Vitamix is a better choice. It will blend almost anything. Good liver cleanse in the morning is one organic lemon quartered, I cup pure water (alkaline is good choice), 1 tblsp olive or organic coconut oil, i pkg stevia if lemon is too sour for you, emulsify. Fabulous drink and a great morning cleanse.
+Lana Nolan ...and Vitamix is a type of BLENDER.... so basically get a blender... JK :) but thanks for the recipe anyway
yeah healthy food healthy body
That's really cute and sexy. Perfecto combo lol
Use the Ninja...better than most blenders by far. Keeps so clean too.
Hugh try just a milk Milo with a Monte biscuit or a Gaiety ! mmmm :-)
Where is our Dick Smith :-)
The most used appliances in our house are fans! : - ) We'd be better off with blenders though...
Hugh, you should try a nutribullet, it liquefies everything, makes fantastic smoothies!
smoothies great choice..... Vanilla bean is my flavor
Could not live without my blender and my Vi shakes..
Me too! I had to buy another tougher blender because my first one couldn't handle my awesome strawberry banana and mango banana milkshakes :D
Hi, Hugh I am a great fan of ur X-Men series movie..
Does this mean it's time to sack the beer opener
My wife and I would love to have a few recipes (the healthy ones). You should make a webpage/info page on some of your favorites.
Me too, my favorite is to get a few cranberries frozen some formula 1 and protein powder and taste the amazing contrast. water?
theres no lie about that lol x :)
I love shakes and smoothies too, I make smoothies
The most used appliance in our house is the Dualit Coffee Machine - its the only thing that keeps me up at 5 in the morning so I can swim... I swim a mile a day (mid life crisis I guess)! (lol)!
I WOULD GIVE MY LEFT TESTICLE JUST TO GET A HANDSHAKE FROM YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
no homo
the most used appliance in my house is the microwave to make pizza rolls
agreeing wd anne :P
The most used appliance in my studio apartment is
the roach hotel.
u luk more handsome than in movies.
really, i like uh the juice shop in friendly center, NC
Vc pode me convencer melhor!!! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Could i come over? Personally i love smoothies
Hugh check out my post ive taken a few pics tell me what u think not the naked ones its cqlled "you see what"
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