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"One assumes that when the General of Electric built it he might have tried using it!" - Leopold

Buy Kate & Leopold on Blu-Ray today!
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That was a good movie, in my opinion.
I loved the ending it was so worth staying up all night  to watch it.
If it has it, watch the deleted scene where we found out they were related. Ew!

Fun flick, tho.
I couldn't catch in my mind that was you on that role,I watched it long time ago! Looking forward to watch it agaiin!  that was such a great movie! I guess Meg Ryan is very nice! Did you get a part in that musical?
I enjoyed "When Leopold Met Kate" long before Jackman became famous thanks to the movie Australia...ok kidding...I meant Wolverine. 
One of my favorite movies!
Oh hugh.. when I see post on this about you, I think how fake, at least have the person sound like it's you... disappointing... Think about deleting you..Seems we've all figured it out!!
Hugh...I TOTALLY loved this movie.
Watching it made me feel like that young teenager with a huge movie-star crush, in love with the idea of being in love...with the perfect gentleman...
Bello como siempre...!!
Ro Roe
Omg, hottie..oh yeah!! :):)
Would love to see you personally on broadway someday Hugh :D 
Да, действительно Наталья
Never got a chance to finish but enjoyed it so far.
i would love cross or even jump a bridge  to get Leo..
Produces no toast at all!! Only warm bread!!
Kate & Leopold is a lovely movie, Hugh. Really appreciated it, And it's a movie to keep, for sure!
In that photo, you could ALMOST pass as if you were a modern-day version of Mark Hamill from the movie "Star Wars: A New Hope".
sir! im a big fan of you..and i wana have a personality like you :)
Hugh, I love that line!! Have a great weekend!! Love and blessings, Terry :-)
Hugh, I  heard you and your lovely wife have six children.
Are any of them actors or singers for fun or at school?
what should i say that you dont know about yourself...handsome?sexy?good looking?....and more
Great movie!! I have to be more like Leopold....
AAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! i just watched this movie fir the umpteenth time!! my fave!!!!
one of my all time fave movie :) and the Sting song (Until) is beautiful too!
that line sounds so convincing
Awesome awesome movie, loved it and i can watch it over and over.
Just watched it again the other day.  Never loses its charm.
so so young........ still looking good.
Absolutely a great film and a great character !
I like this movie so much....
Awesome movie, I can watch it over and over
wow u posted this on my birthday and my family looovves xmen!
I love this movie, and the role just fit for Hugh Jackman my favorite actor.
desde que vi su rostro en el cine y en su actuación de kate & leopold me Enamore de HUGH!
OMG! my FAV movie of HUGH! <3'd you as Leopold SO rock that era...just FITS you :)
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