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"I remember the guy who delivered the baby when Oscar was born. We were there in the delivery room and he came in two minutes later. 'Congratulations,' he said. 'Just don't drop the baby!' Then he walked out. To this day, I remember that and whenever I get asked advice about fatherhood, that's what I say: 'Just don't drop the baby!'"
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Always good advice, especially if mum/wife is looking ;)
When my son was born the doctor asked me if I wanted to cut the umbilical cord. I took the scissors, he held the cord and then he looked at me and said "If you cut me I'll sue you". Funny how we remember these things so vividly.
Funny, I tell my friends the same thing. A pal had a first child last year, my advice was simply, "feed it, clean it, don't drop it".
I am sure you are a good father. You do it for sure like your work - perfekt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's a very good advice :)
Mr jackman your picture is arousing girls haha
David H
Good advice. It might explain some of my problems. ;)
I'll try to remember that one.
Aww. Good advice. :) U truly r a good father Hugh Jackman. Hope u n the family continue to do well
Very attractive's in the eyes.
Eso Tiene sentido, yo creo que es lo mas importante de ser padres "no dejes caer al bebe", él va a crecer y se caera muchas veces, y los padres tendrán que estar ahí para ayudarlos a pararse

That makes sense, I think is most important to be parents "do not drop the baby", he will grow and will fall many times, and parents will be there to help them stand ever...
That is very good advice. Please don't drop the baby!
I wonder if that's what happened to me a very long time ago . . . . .
Yep good advice for anyone
read the other day you purchased lottery cards for all the crew in england, did anyone win??
thnx hugh 4 sch a gr8 advice... :) :)
pretty sound advice!

men have it so damn simple!! while men are focusing on just not dropping the baby, here us lovely women are working on nursing, latching, sleeping, walking (again), fitting back into our jeans (again) ((which doesn't always happen again...)), bathing, etc, etc, etc...


really...i spose, 'just don't drop the baby' IS really important advice though...
On my oldest son my doctor stumbled to catch him and he almost dropped him.I about died as I watched
'Just don't drop the baby' - I will never forget this, it's hilarious.
How else will you know if it's a bouncing baby or not? 0.o
I am a great fan of your's love your unique style.........
Good advice. Both mine were 'C' sections and as amazing it was to be there when they were born since then has ever been as emotional and rewarding to see.
nice camera......................and pic :D
Vero A.
lol dats funny
а где вторая половина?
Oddly enough, that was my dad's greatest fear when I got home from the hospital, that he'd drop me. Nope he didn't then nor any time since, he was always there for me.
When my daughter was born i said to the doctor "wow there was three of us here a minute ago now theres four ,can you check her id" needless to say we all giggled haha queria um pai pro meus filhos assim!!!! my number!!! rsrsrsrsrs
Hugh, that's great advice. Hope you and your family had a nice Easter. Blessings, Terry :-)
You mean, the guy who caught the baby? 'Cause I'm pretty sure your wife is the one who delivered him... :-)
Nunca me cansarei de olhar pra esse homem...o mais lindo de todos!!!!
Feeding them is also a good idea... there's probably a bunch of other things i'm forgetting....
So, just because you remember this, does this mean you never dropped the baby? lol
if i had a man like this i'd lock the door
Deborah Lee- Furness is one very very lucky lady
^^ agreed- he broke all moulds when he was created. everyman should aspire to be like hugh. *sigh
Excellent advice for new parents. That and stock up on diapers and burp clothes.
Funny you should post that because my wife and I are expecting our first baby any day now. So thanks fit the advice!
probably one of my favorite actors up there ^^^^^^^
You are so cool Hugh.I love seeing you on the Korean cooking show on pbs with JG and his wife(I'm drawing a blank on her name...sorry).
hahahaha funny but good advise
Когда смотрю на него ,сразу вспоминаю рекламу Lipton!!))
Лучше бы кофе рекламировал или пиво....Этот чай-дрянь
ur looking awesome my aussie star!!!!
vc é lindo, vem para o brasil.
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Well, that actually IS a good piece of advice.
you are an amazing acter almost the best in real steel and xmen!
Sir I just saw your movie Real Steel... It Rocks :)
Woah! eh hm. uhhh, I got like, instant chills. (virtual whistle!)
good looking man... hm LIKE
Yea, haha...but, truth is a good parent never drop the baby...even in its 50...
It must have been exciting and scary holding a newborn for the first time. They are so fragile. But there is nothing like being a parent, the love for that child is never ending.
BTW you keep posting pictures like this, and a lot of women will be wanting babies. 
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Back in the days as they say-Babys were born at home-horse and buggy doctors recorded every word spoken-in his delivery report-if he was on time-Most common statement in America in those days was-I will always be there for you my child.Threw think and thin I will do my best as best as a pa can be.
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