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"I feel it's weird for my kids to watch X-Men and see their dad slicing people's heads off."
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It's totally healthy. Lol. Imagine the men that played Hitler in movies. I'd take Wolverine any day. 
But it is not 'their' dad - it was Wolverine - stay in character man - hehe - but yes I can see your point.
But let your kids know that u r slicing evil people......
If I ever acted in a movie, I wouldn't want anyone I knew to see it. I hate my acting.
but it does help encourage them to clean up their rooms :P
u still are good man in the movie.....what about the negative roles??
When has Wolverine sliced a head off? Talking about Deadpool in the latest one?
I can imagine them bragging in school... I wish my Dad was wolverine when I was in Elementary...I'd have been d coolest kid in school.
I don't remember any heads being sliced off, just slashing across their chests, or stabbing them.
+David Mullins The X-Men: Evolution (with Wolverine and Sabertooth growing up together) at the end he kills Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) on the top of the exhaust vent of a nuclear reactor...
nope that one monk guy with the lasers
Then just let them watch Van Helsing. It's obvious, even to a kid, that the vampires have it coming.
have they asked where the claws are yet?
What is the saying?
"A Father is a Son's First Hero and a Daughter's First Love."
It is VERY true...
I am certain that your kids know Daddy's got a very cool job and that he's the greatest at it...
No worries my worries.
Yes but Hugh look at this way you are probably their biggest hero. So the only advice I can offer you is don't feel weird, take it and appreciate it now, because their likes and dislikes will forever change.
You should tell Hugh to try Google+. I think he'd love it!
Haha! I bet they think you are the coolest dad to walk this earth, Mr. Jackman :)
To have portrayed a hero to so many young and old, I would think it would be the honor of a lifetime to be in such a position. Odd sometimes maybe, but great none-the-less. (Wolverine was one of my top 10 hero list growing up.) Thank you for doing a great job!
i would lurv to see ma dad do wut u do every day!
Just tell your kids that's what happens when you rip someone off on there paycheck.
Do you flash your Fingerblades at em when their Bad....hehehe
i would be amazed if my dad was in that movie fucken awesome
It's only natural, besides I'm sure they won't go around doing least I would hope not... heh heh >_< That wouldn't be the best thing in the world. :D Although I can think of WAAAYYY worse, couldn't you? :?
lmao that would be hilarious Jade. lol
Bunch of lil mini me Hugh's running around! lol
It would be just think little mini wolverines wearing gauntlets that they haven't quite grown in yet and attempting to make their high-pitched voices gravelly and low...brings a smile to my XP
.......... with the long side burns and the same hair style and evil look when they see their enemy and out come the lil mini blades. ha-haaaaa
that would be so funny hahah side burns.... XD
I think your awesome and so do my children. I can see why you feel wierd cause its your kids and there watching there dad but im sure if you keep telling them its not real eventually they will get used to the idea and know that there dad kicks ass for a living not intentional just acting lol.
all that is negated by their ability to go out and say "oh yea, well my daddy is Wolverine" instant win.
that would win anything....that tops "Rock, Paper, Chuck Norris!" anytime!!! lol
+Hugh Jackman I'm sure your kids don't hesitate when you tell them to clean their rooms.
hope u had a smile on when doing that
At least you weren't a cannibal! ;)
not a lot of kids can say, thats my dad in the movie
+Hugh Jackman Since were on the subject, what's your favorite Xmen movie making moment?
Kids will be enjoying to see these type of movies, but you should to understand that these movies are just movies and take as the hero choose the right track & get them out from...!
Well... If you were my dad... I would love X-Men more than I love now! And now I like X-Men a lot. ^^
Can you imagine being the parent who starred in the movies SAW? lol
that would be the best thing about watching ..................... if u were my dad!!!
Or even in the movies Psycho? lmao

Try explaining THAT to your kid(s)!! lol
lol that is funny but i understand your point
only bad mutants get their heads off... :)
u r d best x-men character till date...!!!! luv ur moves evn in all games of x-men n avengers
i didn't realize how good cheddar jalapeno hot cheetos were until i just bought some now i can't stop. Do your kids like hot cheetos, Mr. Jackman?
Hahahahahaha :) :) :) ye, but they listen when you tell them to do something :) :) :)
I could see that being awkward. It all really depends on their age honestly. Do appreciate your work by the way, havent missed a movie of yours yet. I have great respect for you and your acting skills :)
do they like the way your hair looks??
You can balance it out by having them see you singing in Mandarian from Snow Flower and the Secret Fan....
Except Wolverine doesn't have to worry about lung cancer!
Then don't smoke.

Wolverine, however, has always enjoyed a good stogie.
But you are one of the good guys...a hero...someone your kids can look up to!!
Kids are pretty sharp, they are getting a lot of clues from you that let them know how you feel about them. That is more important than your show persona. AS Alan Alda wrote in his book " Never have your dog stuffed" he was more comfortable around show people.
Just don't ever do the staring eye you did in Wolverine when you get angry instead do the opposite. (I can't do that if I'm in your situation but I bet you can.) :)
i love you acting very well.very very well
i kiss your face man.
wolverine is great, we origins wolverine 2.
you are awesome! <3 wolverine
What do you dress up as for Halloween?
not sure how old they are, but I think as long as you explain it's make believe and show them you can't do ant of the things Wolverine can, they'll understand and you won't feel so weird. Or you can always ask them how they feel or what they think about it. You are an incredible actor so I would understand how you feel plus I have 9 year old twin boys who think you're great.
Hey Hugh!! Just would like you to know that i'm a big fan of yours. I really like your movies and especially X-men!! Looking forward to seeing as Wolverine in more movies!! You seem like a down to earth person.
Hi Hugh, They are your kids & they will be like you... as a good dad. You don't have to worry, just let them know about the fiction if movies or novels or whatever... that they can watch or read (condition: without paying attention)...
the kids always have an open mind, just talk to them, I'm sure that they will understand because thy love you...don't forget that.
I think they'll ask you like this..."Dad, is that real??? your nails, I mean"
I hear ya. In this day and age where kids grow up so fast, it's very important to monitor their information intake...but in the case of Wolverine slicin 'n dicin, it's all for a good cause. LOL
I'd be a bit more concerned about the swearing and the scenes with Jean. But yeah, I get it.

Still though, they're good movies.
kids aint stupid tho they know its not real
+Hugh Jackman Say it isn't so! You don't let your children watch you doing this, do you? On the other hand, it could be a parenting skill: Better not do that. See what your father is capable of?
Well I guess it shows what you could do if they do somthing bad? Ha ha.
Hugh Jackman .. you are great.! Big fan.... - js -
You could slice the heads more kids compatible in funny Mickey Mouse maybe....;-)
It's pretty sweet that they actually get to see you in a movie at all.

You are an incredible actor Hugh.
Gee!! Could be a little strong!! could be also like you are acting a story in a book you are reading for are awesome!!
Ray Zzy
Lol atleast they know their dad is a pretty cool guy.
is that the right way to light a cigar? :) :)
If you really do feel that way, +Hugh Jackman , then I suggest you don't let them watch your films. Simple.
One of the joys of being an actor, I'm sure you got probably some of the nicest kids I guy could ever ask for. You see there are advantages to cutting people's heads off. lol.
Have you asked your kids if they think it's weird, or are you just weirded out by watching them watch you?
if i was your kid i would find it cool for a dad to be a superhero nd cut peoples heads off
I can see how that could be weird don't know how old they are but you could explain it to them i think they would somehow understand
now they will never screw up lol so they dont piss you off ;)
lol, not to mention that you're also a b.a.!
I could see where that could be a bit weird. Yet, how old are your childen? And do they have a full understanding yet,of yor job? Because, it could be just as harmful hiding it from them,yet friends at school wind up telling them about it. And then they wonder why,daddy kept it from them?

I could see where that could be a bit weird. Yet, how old are your childen? And do they have a full understanding yet,of yor job? Because, it could be just as harmful hiding it from them,yet friends at school wind up telling them about it. And then they wonder why,daddy kept it from them?

hey hugh nice role in real steel awesome movie
That is cool.I love x men and you are the best at being wolverine. Are you going to be in the 2 avengers if their is going to be a 2 avengers.
I wish my dad was like that... awesome and the fastest at healing over big injuries
just wait a will before you show them the movie. you'r amazing in X-Men by the why
it must be a wrestle, as you say hugh... do it right, and your kids will surely grow to be responsible, mature and tolerant adults, just like you
don wry hugh...they will ask b'coz...the are Junior Hugh Jackman.....:-)
yeah the x men the greats moves ever
Awesome... Dad slicing people's Head and Son saying "Well Done Dad" really wierd.. Not that much , but I love that movie..
ya that's right. I am also a big fan of X-men series.
A very good way of thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When they are old enough they will understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YEP it is right what you fell but you must tell them that you are slicing bad peoples but they will understand soon
c'è quasi un'analogia con quello che i terremoti fanno in Italia. Mi vengono i brividi a guadarlo
fair enough although if my dad was wolverine I'd think it was kool that he was slicing peoples heads off.
Least you know they won't get bullied. What kid picks on another kid whose dad is THE WOLVERINE!!!
Don't worry. They know you are an actor and that it's all pretend for movies and TV. Especially with you there to guide them and explain everything.
What would be weird is if you didn't explain fantasy vs. reality, and imagination vs. fact. The plain and simple truth is, our kids are always going to be smarter than we are.
i feel its weird to have anybody watch me slice peoples heads off
Maby set some limits on what they can watch.
no u shouldnt i think you should just lets you kids have a normal life and run around outside you freackin jackwaggon
i am a big big big fan of wolvorine.................
But, Hollywood effects are easy to explain to the kids, and there's nothing weird about the money, after the makeup is off.
ALEXANDER, seems to be impressed by the muscular
rhetoric, and survived drawing a contemporary art work.
Then why you choose this roll? even I can't watch the movie.( The answer is very complicated I know. Cause I also working in Bengali film industry. But, somehow, you have to choose what you want to do.) All the best
just tell them they are not mutant ASAP or they will hurt them-self finding it the HARD way.
True but you have to admit it was fun making the movie!!!
You should be PROUD of it, just make sure they're 13+ first
No. Really? It would be weird.
My brothers and I love you and your movies. And I can totally understand where your kids are coming from. I would freak if I saw my dad running around and chopping heads off, even if it was a movie.
you are an amazing actor, I love how well do you fit in every role you play. I would be proud of you being your daughter and I would understand the science fiction behind X-Men movies, reality must be separated from fiction :)
Lol, yea that's pretty funny when you put in that perspective, that would be a tough one for children of a certain age, especially if there at the why stage, that's still pretty cool conversation for a dad. :)
hey it would be so scary that if ur kids thought u were wolverine, so then while u were sleeping they stabbed u to see if u would heal, hahha, even though thats kinda scary
you look so great...........!
...bad people. if that's any consolation. Can we expect to see you tangle with the Hulk? Now that would make a blockbuster!
its ok to show them... show them the positive points.. like your dad is trying to save the whole universe .. ur dad is a super hero... and he does good to people by destroying evil..
Hugh you just gotta try this new fish restaurant at Pyrmont its absolutely fantastic, btw, brilliant to hear of the new Wolfman movie too, cant wait to see it. Phil ex UTS cafeterika the plain rice and curry man, you could afford fried in those days!!
X-men is my favourite film ever x
you r the worlds biggest bad ass in those moves
i hope dey really luv watchin it...
u r d bst sr
Dude, id be like hell yeah kids, arent I awesome
Weird? Man, you're the best mutant ever. Just let them know you're only acting... NOTHING REAL! :)
I don't remember any heads being sliced off....but I would have liked the movies much more if they were a little more gory
syam ps
you did rock it.........
All actors and actresses have this problem at one time or another, but the kids know the real person behind the on screen person. You have nothing to worry about, you sound like a great dad.
i think its awesome to have a "wolverine" dad !!!!
:P :P :P
i would have a hard time with that. you know when they understand reality and real they are ready. if its a bad dream movie, defiantly not. now flushed away... love it a fam fav!!! and Real Steele!!!
if all the dads in the world thought that;Hugh,you would seriously have to think about retirement....LOL
Mr. Jackman, I am from the same city in Croatia as Mr. Visnjić is. I wrote a SF novel (150 000 words). You would be interested to be a hero based on that story if Mr. Visnjić tell you what's about. Name is NOVO SJEME (new seed) and you can find it on internet. Should be a blockbuster! Would you try and see? What can you loose? Wish you well.
i have all of the except first class got to buy that one and i saw the first and second one gonna watch the third one last stand
you've got a slight point.......
But HJ is the reason I liked Wolverine so much! xD
thats kinda true but at least u'll get 2 recall gr8 moments :)
let's dad show how it should be done ...
maybe it will make them actor one day
Raised eyebrows at least..., Dad? What are  you doing Dad?!
I couldn't imagine! I know that I would want my kids to be involved in the things that I did that they could stand behind, watch and support! 
wolverine nao morre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wolverine never dead!!!!!!!
wolvarine is awesome man they love u more after watching ur movies
That would be odd...but later they will either think you are too cool or the biggest dork that ever lived. Let's hope for option A!
haha!!!  well them  is  a super heroe movie :D
Odd yes, but slice away. I can't wait until the next X-MEN movie!
if my dad did that.....that would be insanely awesome
And the awkward moment when your kid admiring on you, Mr. Jackman.. :D
they'll...admit it... 
they'll consider him as wolverine.. not there dad..!!
It cold be weird for them to imagine Wolverine as a grandfather ^_^
I think that would be the coolest thing ever
mr.jackman, is your characters enemy named DEADPOOL?
that would be so weird! i mean, imagine what is going through those kids' heads while they watch their dad cut of peoples heads with strange metal claws!
they probably make a mental note: stay away from dad
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha loooollllllll
Yes. ... Usted habrá que dar algunas explicaciones, (muchos de ellos, jejeje)...
YAY now its weird but later in life they will watch the movie and think how amazing you are!!!!
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