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Yesterday was "Hug an Australian Day" and we missed it!

Would you give Hugh a belated hug anyway?
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btw what is "Hug an Australian Day"? does anyone tell me?
Now why didn't anyone remind me ??
I'll give Hugh an Aussie hug, If I can get one in return. ((((Hugh)))))
How about a bro handshake and we skol a Foster's together instead?
Is the trip u made to Ethiopia fascinating ?
but of course
only if he asked nicely though
I would give you a thousand hugs anyway!!! lol
Sure. And then go and have a beer or two. :)
i wish everyday was "Hug an Australian Day" <3
HUGE ONE!! :) Happy belated "Hug an Australian Day"!!
Good Evening Hugh Jackman ! Tomorrow could probably become a hug and Australian Day, because your two fellow australian Countrymen JASON CRUMP and CHRIS HOLDER are both fighting for Points during the 2nd Grand Prix of the 2012 Speedway Worldchampionship in Leszno/Poland !!! Formula One Pilot MARK WEBBER is a good and personal Friend of JASON CRUMP and visited some Speedway GP World Final Rounds yet ! Maybe you could do the same Mr. Jackman !? My advice for you to join Speedway Action: On August 25th 2012 is the Speedway GP of the UK in the Millenium Stadium in CARDIFF ! 45.000 Fans there in 2011 ! And this year they wanna reach more than 50.000 Fans ! Go and enjoy Speedway Mr. Jackman !!! Greetings !!!
You might be the best looking australian Hugh, but i don't think i could hug an aussie. still.... love your work!
Hell yes I'd hug him. What woman wouldn't want to?
Por Dios, como no supe...
Claro que le daría un abrazo (o mejor muuuchooss) y otros tantos besitos!!!
Felíz Día !!
Of course I would! Here is a big HUG for a sweet man!
Hugs to you my Aussie friend! Blessings, Terry :-)
As an Aussie living in the USA, knowledge of such events is important. I hate learning that I missed the opportunity to get hugs!! :(
Love Ya, Hugh awesome actor, seem like your a great Guy love to meet you one day. Bless you.
Hugh could get a hug any day of the week:]
I was wishing he was nearby yesterday, but I had to hug my daughter's Aussie teacher instead. A lady. Oh, well.
Sure, Know where Kylie Minogue is?
I would give you a hug EVERYDAY! <3
heck yes i would! its the nice thing to do and then say "sorry i was late mate. i was drunk and was so hung over this was my only free time."
Ñ daria apenas um abraço nãoooooo! Ô lá em casaaaaa! rsrsrsrsrs
u wouldn't have to ask me twice..and I agree with u Krista...I would grab a handful also.
Definately give him a hug!!
Lots and lots of hugs! Well, that is if his wife doesn't mind! =0)
Damn Hugh,
I'm following your lead!!!
friend ronny
yea a freindly hug ,to let him know he cared for as a freind
OHHHHHH, Yea!!!!!!!!!!
Yes I would andmore. There I go again lusting in my heart.
Darn it! You Aussie's all seem to be so good lookin' that would have been fun! Besides, Hugh, you always look so down like you really need a good hug.
sure he gets loads sure here is another [-]()gs
I hugged 2 Aussies! My mum and dad!
Hello Hugh
This is Nette sending you and your family a big from Vegas!
I'll give you a high five instead ok cool man lol happy Australian day hug
Hugs and Kisses!! (you, your wife and your two kids ;-)) Love ya ALL
i would give you a Hug, and i know my son would too!
I think I'd rather hug Nicole Kidman.
I'm ready for a hug too!
Hey Hugh!! My sister and I are in <3 with chu!!!!!
Absolutely! Doesn't have to be a special day.
really...Hugh..great day...Australia day.
Why am I just hearing about this day now?
Sure...but my wife would probably be more keen to do it :)
Yes… yes…. yes…. I could go on saying yes forevr.
Hugh, you're an amazing actor. I'd like to see more action movies. I think the character that best characterized is tough and strong.
Sorry my English, I'm spanish and i have used google traductor ;)
Você é um exelente ator, desenvolve muito bem seus papéis.
Only if he promises he won't kiss me. lol.
But will he hug me back? There are no guarantees are there.…
Absolutly!! But I would like to receive one back!! :-)
Thats a silly question hell yes I would :)
My favourite movie is 'Australia' it has high tragedy, it has romance, swashbuckling moments. It has action and it has adventure, it has everything...

Oh!! Hugh how was it having to kiss your friend, Nicole Kidman?
obviusly yes- from argentina with all my love for him and his family
i missed it too, and i'm IN Australia. damn. hugs to you Hugh, you hunka-spunk!
Many hugs for Hugh, because he's a very lovely Australian! bear hug
Why does he talk in third-person? Its his profile, why does he refer to himself as "Hugh"?
Lets just shake hands have a beer and call it a day, mate.
absolutely.........happy "hug an Australian Day'' you gorgeous Aussie
Who is doing the posting? His publicist? What is the point? Get off social networking cock gobbler.
mauuu....padahal sih gak mengerti ha...ha...
I would so hug that Australian. And a couple more I know of, too.
Big squishy hugs that make a person get that warm stupid smile that makes the day a little bit better.
Yeay, looking for Aussies in Tx. ;)
Id give you more than a hug Hugh :-) 
Few people know that you are a Broadway Actor. That you Sing and Dance. You are so talented and funny. I am honored to be allowed access to your posting. I know that you support our troops. Do you know anyone who could help me with a body armor that truly protects from head to feet that weighs less than 20 pounds.
Oh no I must know where you are next time Hugh or I might need to hug russel :)
I would give Hugh a hug even if it wasn't hug an australian day
I AM BIG FAN OF YOU................................ LOVE U HUGH
I can't imagine that you'd need another hug with a beautiful wife like yours, but here's one anyway. When is hug an American day?
tell you dont do that?please..................................................................
.....................kidding...........................dont do.................................................kidding.........................................................................dont do.............................................................................kidding................................dont do................................................................................Marriage is like this Something between white and black
hi hugh, i think you are a good actor, i watch most of your shows and i have to tell you my kids and grandkids like watching you, keep up the good works! tammy
Sqqqqqquuuuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzze-ah!! :) Hugs are good! Everyone gets one! ;) 
Hey Mr Jackman I got & gave a hug you deserve 1 to luv ur & ur wife's work equally even though I saw deb hope it's ok I called her deb no disrespect in a movie long time ago based in the NT luv u both hug () 
Yes I would like to give Hugh nice Hug
Since I now know that Hugh doesn't actually attend this profile, I'm leaving.
Missed the Hug But it is "Every Australian Counts Day" on Monday 30th April to promote National Disability Insurance Scheme.
Rally Mid day in all State Capitals. We will meet in all towns & cities to support the cause.
Come here Wolverine,I'll hug you!
Nice Hugh.As I write this I see you in a photo I have on my fridge with you posing with my neice in Toronto.
Go Knox 1986!
give Hugh more than a hug xxx
Vero A.
big hug from CT
Are you kidding? Of COURSE, I would give you, Hugh, a hug!!!! :) Without the claws, mind you. tee hee.
some people are huggers some are not ....a hug is good
I would? But seriously it would be a bit ackward at this point Doncha think? Maybe next time bro. Now when are you doing a dirty harry movie? I'm telling ya you could pick up the baton from Clint you'd be perfect.
He's so overhugged, we better kiss him from now on, ehi? ;)
Hugs to Hugh? Who wants to wait for a special day? lol
Just a world of hugs for Hugh Jackman... everyday...!!!! XOXO...
how many do you want?? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Although I would love to give Hugh a biiiiiiig hugh are his wife and his children the best persons to give him a hugh. That will make him really happy. I wish you a lot of hughes from your family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(((HUGH)))) Happy Belated Hug-an-Aussie Day!
A hug and something else... hehehehee!
Always, Hugs to you Hugh. Have a great weekend <3
In Sweden we hug eachother everyday. Just kidding we Swedes are boring and stiff people : ).
Go to hell!n take hug from de hell keeper...
Sure! As long as you promise not to attack me with your grizzly whiskers...they can be a dangerous weapon! hehe! HUGS to you! :)
how about a pat on the back instead...way to go idol!
M.M. M.
VERRY Nice pic
OMG!.. Of course I would HUG and HUG and then more HUGS! ♥
Big Hug for my favorite Aussie!
HUGE Hug for one of the most talented Men in the business. You are so deeply admired by a host of fans (and I'm one of them!)
I would DEFINATELY hug that Aussie!
Hugs to you Hugh!xoxoxox
Hugs are the best, and yes. Also yes I'm a man not afraid to hug another man nothing weird about it at all.
sometimes i wish Americans weren't so lame..
Of course! I cannot live without hugs! Do we need a special day for that? In Brazil we usually say..."have you hug 6 people today?" Oh boy...I live in Scotland and miss this!!! <3
his that dude, um....... he acted as iron man in the avengers
Big hug Hugh. You rock!!!! Keep up good work.
I would love to give Hugh a hug and a kiss too.
I had no Idea he was Australian until I watched the special features on Real steel
Well, if he really needs one...!
Hugh, you can always count on me; I make very warm hugs that feel much like osmosis! Thanks for entertaining us. Kitty
certainly! lots of hugs, hugh!
Sending you one GIANT HUG Hugh! Best to you and yours!
All Austrailians seem to be happy folks, Hugh takes on all comers it confirms by the versatility he has and the talent of course.
Sure, anytime! Come here for a big hug :-)
I send you a friendly hug from Greece...
only if you give my granddaughter a hug first
hey hugh... how was your experience of trip to " INDIA "?
It's my pleasure. Hug Huge!
WHAT?! I MISSED IT TOO! crap! heres a hug
everyday should be Give Hugh A Great Big Hugh Day
hmmm...nop...ur arms crossed in front of chest, which is reserved... plus you are married man ^___<
I would love to hug Hugh! Hes a great and talented actor. It would be a honor to meet him and get a hug
I sure would! In what they call a "new york minute"! Hugs to you.
great actor deserve hug and support without hug australian day or without reason :D
ay!!!!! es hermoso este lo comooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In a heartbeat yes, one can but dream
last comment yay love you hugh jackman
uh, i'm not big on hugs. would an autograph work?
hey man ur awesome u know how u punched dalf ziggler right in the face that was awsome
HUGS from an Irish girl but naturalised Australian too! =)
Hug an Aussie day is April 26th =) Don't miss it this year Hugh! =_
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