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"I'm never away from my wife and kids for more than two weeks at a time, and even that is hard!"
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So y a pic of u and not your wife and kids? 
Just got in off a 5 day road trip and I almost forgot what they smell like. The youngest one reminded me instantly upon my return. I sent her to a shower!
I don't think that I would post a pic of my kids on here if I was a celeb.
+Nimbus Kloud Privacy? Security? I'll never publicly post a picture of my wife or kids and I'm not a celebrity.
Thats is he trying to explain, that they are not..
this proves that you are a loving husband,caring father and a great family man
That is one lucky woman. He is not only one of the sexiest men who ever walked the Earth, he is that loving and devoted.
Além de ótimo ator você é bonito ,charmoso e interessante.
That's great. :) My family is the most imortant thing for me too.
So the whole family no private want to do?^^Just curious
Bonito e uma palabra muito simples pra um homem tão bellisimo
Jag har diskuterat det här inlägget med 1 person i en hangout.
there no other way u can,t live a life with out our family
<----- 1 year, and several short tours lasting months at a time.
Very Blessed to have family and spouse who love you, and miss you!
i agree u are like the best actor in real steel and xmen
Вы думали о своей жизни
That's because you are awesome in every way
no doubt, i find it very difficult to NOT even talk to my kids or grand kids for more than a day.
Перевод неправильно
i wish my bf was like that even tho we dnt have kids cuz im 18 and dnt want any rite now but i still wish my bf was like that BUT he's not.
The closer to the wife the better Hugh lol!!!
Love to hear marriage and family sentiments from stars!
Perhaps people think star daily life of different capitalists
you are the hero........................x man
like your attitude.......................PATRO
yeah bro it's realy hard.
god boys are stupid i still love my ex justin and now hes having his froends ask questions as we speak
La verdad que es muy importante mantener una relacion estrecha con la familia a que son el soporte de todo lo que somos.
I had see your film AUSTRALIA, is fantastic this movie, THANK YOU. I am a trucker in EUROPE and when y stay two tree weeks maximal, only my family, is hard. ALWAYS from RIBATEJO PORTUGAL.
thats the coolest thing ever.
Why can't more guys be like this? Bravo, Hugh! Just makes the fans love you more!
Lol, the PR-lady doing these posts could do a better job at pretending they were from Hugh himself. I have never been away from my wife for more than 3½ days, but write a post about it with a photo of my fabulous self?
Or it was a quote from an interview, Tommy
That's sad Jack, I thought you are an Xman... :)
Family is one the most important thing in our lives... I´m sure your a great father and husband... Congrats...!!!!
Oh totally understand. Since the down size and office closed, I am glad to work from home.
That's not hard...that's a break....hard is for your wife... :)
So then, what happens when you have to shoot a film across the continent? Do you take them with you? or do you fly back and forth?
Glad you have your priorities right. Too many people don't spend time with family. 
Congratulations, Hugh.You're a dedicated family man!
Yeah that would be hard to do, I've never been married but I can imagine how kids and a wife could really be hard to leave behind for any length of time.
Family first
be strong man- we love you and you are a great actor
Se puder traduzir, por favor faça.Por que você não entra no gmail?Você ainda vai ser muito elogiado e aplaudido como ator e como pessoa.
A Good Man!! Where can I find one like you?
thats sign of good people................
Ted Guy
too too good-a good man
You are so cute.A family man, nice and soooooooooooo sexy. Are you from heaven???????????????????????What a pitti that their can't be more man like you on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it's really hard to be away from your love ones.. ayt? =)
I hope more mans be good father and good husband like you
Maf TP
I wish you the best with your family ;)
i m a great fan of yours,i have seen all the movies n all awsme,its nice to hear that u play a good roll in real life too,,,best of luck........
you are my best ! good luck and hope to see u on the screen again.
Hugh, you are an amazing person and I want to thank you for sharing your sweet spirit. you make me want to be a better person.
to be apart from your beloved, even for short way!!!
Family is important, as Hugh Jackman knows. Family always takes precedence over everything else. He's a good family man, actor, singer and probably has many more talents. We love you Hugh.
Hello one of the X-men, How are you? I like ur Wolverine for any time.
I know how you feel! I hate having to go to work and being away from my family 8 to 10 hours a day.
Can I get a carbon-copy of you? I wish I could be with my baby girl 24/7. Single parenting not easy. Managing well with few friends and family. But having a father figure in her life would be nice.
I wish my father can be like that, we meet only once in a month :(
Really a good father! You set a good example for Busy Father.
This comment is to the guy that asked Hugh a stupid question that said "then why just a pic of you and not your wife and kids"...well sir he is one person, I'm sure he loves his wife and kids but they do not make up his whole being, he is an individual.
sexy man and a dream every woman ..... wow !!!
More likely Melissa he values his wife and childrens privacy. That's what makes him an awesome family man! He doesn't parade his children around like show ponies.
ai assim você me mata,lindoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
family man. You're family must really appreciate you :)
Nice that you're such a dedicated family man - there aren't many of you around.
Good movie star & good father... Woow!
i like if u my dad since ur smart
Wife, kids, where?
I would like to see a photo of you with your family.
Would be nice.
theese 2 weeks you can come to me,nice guy....i´m waiting for you...
If the posts we read aren't from a pr person, and are real, honest and truly you... Then it's refreshing to know of a good man. :)
Hugh, the older I get, the more I understand what's really important in life and family is so precious. It is the moments we share with them that must be treasured. Thank you for sharing and may God continue to bless you and yours. Terry :-)
It's a real fact.....................
Let god bless each one of us!!!
Jai Shree Krishna
a great gentleman does exactly that! Bravo!
this is the real meaning of bein a real man.
Good idea. It's better all the way around in everyway to try to keep things together.
Just the fact that you think about them every day and love them with all your heart is enough to make the world see that you truly a great father and a great man.
awwww that is good that you keep your family first..
You sound like a wonderful husband and dad...n yes family is the ultimate joy regardless of any circumstances you come across....and yes it is surely hard to be away for more than your two weeks, but it just makes the heart grow founder and you can always find ways to brings the sparkles in your marriage.....
that's one of the things I adore of u. U always mention ur family.
Ladies And Gentlemen A Man Who Honnors His Choices !!!
...Good For You !!!
curti mais ainda vc, é maximo essa atitude!!! familia é raiz, semente e futuro....
true words :-) I have the greatest respect for men who put family first
your heart is so huge .............jackman sir
aww that is so sweet :D i'm glad
ta certo vc, tem que preservar sempre a familia, parabens
I know mate, I went to India for 6 weeks and I cried while I was there not very strong at that time, but hey it;s all worth it gives us hope of seeing them again. The only way to beat it is think positive :-)xx
your a gent mr jackman i have a 5 year old daughter its the best and hardest job in this life you think?
ur right sir,family and family and family
te felicito! bendiciones para ti y tu familia.
good man!
Dearest, Hugh!  What a fortunate Lad you are to be partnered with Ms. Debora Lee-Furness!  I first experienced her acting talents in the magnificent Australian motion picture "Shame" in the late 1980s when I was a teenager in Toronto, Canada & New York City, U.S.A.  I ADORE the fact that you two are together as life-partners, have adopted children and parent together!!!  I am hopeful that you will both work together again in motion picture, television and/or international theatre.  I was so very pleased to experience her brilliance again (and glad for her that she was cast and chose to work) in the phenomenal story of Mr. Raymond Carver ("So Much Water So Close To Home"), via the ever-awesome and inspirational Mr. Paul Kelly's ("Everything's Turning To White") scored, and Mr. Ray Lawrence's directed film "Jindabyne"!  Infinite best wishes to your children, extended family, beautiful partner, truest friends and you, personally!   : )   ~  I hope to run into you, Debora, BazMark, Renee Geyer, The Bull sisters, Dr. LaPaglia, and again meet Paul Kelly, Guy Pearce, Peter Garrett and David Bridie in my beloved Melbourne sometime soon!    [ oxo ]
Do you know something about you my friend, you are extremly "cute" and "down-to-earth type person".
Iam saying this because I have read some of the comments for you and I was shocked, belive me I have never seen a "STAR" being so friendly to common people. This is the biggest reason for your "SUCESS".
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