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"Enjoying an awesome burger at Jamie Oliver's restaurant in Portsmouth. After no carbs for ages...heaven!"
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Get some weight on ya before you blow away in a strong wind!
Enjoy it.. you deserve it...looks tasty ....!
no carbs? have you been living in West Hollywood?
Lily L
meh! now i want a cheeseburger!
Gao Ron
You are sooooooooooooooooo hor
Oh, I absolutely love Jamie Oliver! Sounds like a good day to me :)
my name is hugo and you are the best of the world
Oli F.
Jep, Jamie and his Guys are awesome. Is Jamie there at the moment? If yes, greet him :)
There's nothing like a good burger when you're really craving one!
Enjoy! Enjoy! Let it be known that your hard work has paid off. I'd find it difficult to do what you do.
There are times when a good burger is the answer to some of life's questions.
B Smith
Yeahhh ... sometimes you just gotta indulge and enjoy!!! It's a reward for all the other stuff.
Did you feel the meat flavour :D Enjoy ;)
Saw your footprints in the the forecourt of Grauman's waiting for Vertigo to begin this week at #tcmff. Hope your week was #awesome!
That's why u looks so strong? lol
don't eat the whole restaurant dude :)
o.O Why you have to shave your head to enjoy the burger?
no carbs - cant do it! italian and jewish- everything has carbs
I love a good burger! Chomp down on that sucker! :-)
Que haaaambre... y yo a dieta!
i dont know....if only i noticed it.....but wats up with your hair???
My guess is that you are not talking about Portsmouth, VA. So jealous.
Was it one with the lot? Beetroot optional, though pineapple, egg, bacon and bbq sauce mandatory! Jamie's food is great, though sometimes greasy nicks on the corner is sometimes awesome (or a Kebab near lane cove (old ABC tower) on pacific hwy at 3am g)
i live in portsmouth are u still there???
Bit of an extreme haircut mate.
muscles are required to fill
Enjoy! You have been dedicated for so long, You deserve it!!
YUMMMMM Im really jealous that resteraunt is AMAZING
looks tasty enjoy it for me to
i love burgers! its good to know you train hard for the movies you work in!
Do it like Weird Al: Just eat it... Looks delicious btw but kinda dark :'(
you got to taste brazilians burgers.
delicious ..
may participate ..?
Like a icy beer after spring water's plastic bottle for months.
Yeah bet you had fun with the results of that haha
Like tearing off your tie after the correctness of a corporate office all day.
You may need to dance that one off Hugh lol.........
Oh man...I know the feeling. When your on a strict workout diet...the cravings just build up!
Lat Lat
sounds good, yum, yum!!!!
hhuuuummmmm,i'm hungry too!!!!!!!!!
Tay Tay
Hi Hugh!!!!!
Just anted to say that I can't WAIT for Les Miserables
hahaha..we can all see ur enjoying it!! nothing like a nice burger! mmjum!
A little indulgence is awesome :D
And enjoying every bite too. Go for it. I'd hate to see what you do to a pizza.
eek =:-o that ham in the background? someone of you guys pls tell me he needn't have to hunt it down, too :D
@ Isaq: it's called "Bad ass" :)
@ Mr. Harms: in Italy some people just fold it together and munch seen it with me own sore eyes...or wait, was it just me? ... but could it be worse? ;)
I don't understand why this is interesting but it is interesting.
LOL! The burger info is fun but what I want to know is why the buzz cut!?
wow! heavenly indeed!:P
No carbs! Heaven forbid! ;) I could never do it! Thumbs up to you!
no carbs for ages? are you on Dukan Diet, too? lost 5lbs in just 2 weeks with that diet. I'm still on the second phase...still no carbs...
A superstar actor in a superstar chef's restaurant.. now that is beyond awesome!!
Wolverine needs to eat big lol
i admire your work regarding the help and the promise you are going to deliver or poo Ethiopian farmers who have been underprivileged
Looks like you are enjoying it, but I have to ask..what on earth happened to your hair?
Yeah, I've been there. After no carbs for ages...FEELS GOOD ALL OVER! Glad you got to enjoy it!
hey I'm a big fan of yours here in Ecuador the biggest fan here greetings! (sorry for my english)
Ooow, you make me feel hungry..
[go to refrigerator]
I observed that there is no good burger that's bigger than my hand.
You were just up the road from me Mr Jackman...shame we missed you!
man now I want a burger!!! So mean just before jazz class!!!! rahg!!
hey this is chais jones little sis i love urmovie but i have not seen the new one
wendy's triple baconator is the most...the burger give wings like an angel....and no vegetable
Hey What happen to ur hair? Is it because too many burguers?
man , seems like u have a huge craving 4 food.............nice pic
That Jamie sure is Charismatic
I'm hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
apserlutly u r hungry....................eeeeeee
How could you eat that much but still have good body?
u must've been famished!!! Hope you were able to enjoy everyyyyy bite!!! ;)
For some reason i saw this and thought of the guy on the Brawny papeer towels nd thought of Hugh doing a commerical saying how tough it is
Wow! That's an amazing burger! Looks legendary!
No the feeling, on a very low carb diet with the wife.
A huge bite by ...........HUGH !
You should of said. Im only round the corner ;P
кажется надо попробоват этот гамбургер
I have used some of Jamie's recipe's and NOT ONE of them was anything short of fantastic! I have to get on of those burgers!
looks delicious....why didn't you share?
Se ve en tu cara que esa hamburguesa está disfrutada
sure you felt mushy with that burger
being no-carb myself.. i can relate.. savor every bite
Wish I knew you were going to be here, would of joined you for that burger. I'm assuming Portsmouth UK? Lol.
bonuses of being an athlete - its usually okay to sneak in an extra 1-2000 calories a day than you're supposed to
And a nice cold Beer to top it off .... Mate!!!
Looks good, but one question. What happened to your hair? lol. New movie look? What movie?
It still amazes me to see how big hamburgers are in other parts of the world :o
Hugh, one of the most delicious hamburgers I've ever tasted I had at a rugby club in Hornsby near Sydney, Australia. I ordered the one called "the Lot." Yum!! Blessings, Terry :-)
hmmmm i could go for a burger right now
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