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"When I get off the plane in Australia the first place I always go is Bondi Beach."
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¿Qué hay en Bondi Beach? 
What are there in Bondi Beach?
QUE AUSTRALIANO TAN GUAPO !!!! beautiful smille (^_^)
awesome, Hugh!!!! Love you and wishing you all the best NOW & ALWAYS!!!!!!!!
Sounds great, a favorite place is it? Why is it a favorite place?
teeheehee i love u hugh jackman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i<3 wolverine!!!!!

That pretty picture hugh amazing lights! You look really smart! I love being on the beach! I know Australia should be beautiful, in Mexico we also have incredible beaches I send you a kiss and a hug! 
of course, that's what I would do if I was in a tropical area
Hugh, I love Bondi Beach! Enjoy your trip! Hoo roo! Blessings, Terry :-)
big thumbs up! btw loved when u hosted WWE Raw... that was funny when u knocked out Dolph "I'm So Hot" Ziggler
Sin comentarios que mas se puede DEcirs......
kool! hope ur on bondi rescue!!!
Ly Ve
Hi Hugh, how do I contact you about a business venture?  I am writing a book and wish to produce a film starring yourself.  Would you be inteterested? Cheers Tonia
Just to add, I met you at the 2020 Summit in the Australian Parliament House.  You were amazing - we sang the song,"from little things big things grow"
is that in Melbourne, Sydney?
I love the beach!!! Time for R & R!!! ENJOY!!
I love that beach me and am family go there all the time 
My niece got married at Orange Beach and it was awesome!! The white sand was just BEAUUUTFUL!!
I can see you're a beach's a place like heaven, where contact with nature is so good, at least from my point of vue.. So, if you've ever been in Portugal, I wonder if you had the time to enjoy ours (Portugal) in Algarve, or in Alentejo or Troia, for instance...
Enjoy I always love being at the beach the only way to get away from this crazy world!!
Of course....things I never miss when I'm at the beach is a good long walk, a good long bath (swimm) as water temperature in Algarve is great, and play rackets (the name must be incorrect, but it's a game with a small ball ;))))...And when it's almost dark (right after sunset) is so peaceful.....romantic also.....ah ah ah
when you come to Venezuela? to meet beautifull beaches :D
Hey Hugh you are definately welcome in Mudgee we have gorgeous vineyards and so many beautiful places that I am sure you would love
Let me know when you are going there :-).
Have you ever come viet nam before? Welcome to you !!!!
Im Australian :) I love bondi
Raghda Ibrahim well i am not that famous and don't have that much money too but still how about marry me?
That place is on my bucket list. It must be amazeing!
you konw Australia is my dream country.i wish to be there one day.
Lindo  e talentoso, Deus te abençoe sempre. Love You.
he is a true legend 
and his name will always be written like that I love him so much like everyone else 
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