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"Real Steel is ultimately about believing in yourself."

Buy Real Steel on DVD today:
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wow¡¡¡ hermoso como siempre, todo un caballero¡¡¡¡¡
that sound great , great film :)
I suspected as much! The moment I saw the giant boxing robots I thought to myself 'hey I've got a sneaking suspicion that this movie is about believing in yourself'!
bought it...just need to watch it now! :-)
i thought it was about having giant robots and fight the other giant robots
kt cool
I love the kid.
I saw it in the cinema. It wasn't the best movie ever, but it was indeed entertaining and I really want to get such a robot :) The soundtrack helps me while riding with my bike to work and back home. It's full of great beats. Thanks!
i like his x-men movie .. but i dont like real steal cause it was not good movie
own my nephew LOVES this movie!
I saw this movie.and hug jackman is my best actor.i like your all movies 'logan'.... In this film i lyk the robot named 'atom'.who is that kid? Wat his name?in real steel? Replied me logan.
@ Tu Hoang ,Some of us have NOT actually seen it yet... I will buy it on DVD because I did see the previews and I do enjoy/appreciate ALL that goes into the production of a movie~ It does sound like a "motivational" movie and that is just what I need :) God Bless you also~<3
Adriana.which part and character u lykd the most? Nd wat mesege acording 2 u?
Hey cheryl! U didnt saw this movie yet?
it is definitely to show good stocks mostly as courage, tenacity, honour, but has t him there other subjects which you would like to show, because since the beginning of your filmography they always put you in the same mould. why no no role of villain or killer psychopath, or even a musical of the style of ' Red mill '???
no, Real Steel is ultimately Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots.
kt cool
Film is great, but needed a better ending.
any new film from you................X man..........
kt cool
he is an Aussie
deberian darte el Oscar por lo guapo q eres y un buen actor
simplemente guapisimo¡¡¡¡¡
lo siento no puedo opinar lo que dicen solo español plissss...
Awesome pic. How can I look like you?
acaso nadie publica algo en español?
Lamentablemente, no se ve mucho. :( Puedes usar Google Translate en muchos casos.
Have not seen it yet I guess I hve to put it on my to do list
+Konstantin Klein Not sure. It does appear to be things he would say, in reference to family and kids and his career etc. But you never really know.... what is real?!
you are awesome man and the movie is cool
hay its your life. its like saying: "You wish what you want you chose what you want you get what you want eather it good or bad your chose." life is life. its your life do what you want. :~) you have a life time !!!
i seen the movie a few weeks ago again n it still grabs my attention with each punch. awesome movie!!!
i watched it couple of weeks ago was awesome , im agree with you this movie focused on self-confidence ..
Great movie, my kids especially loved it!
i loved that entire movie and my bro did too. also my dad.
my mom hated it.
and my sisters hated it.
I honestly loved the movie, regardless of the kiddie aspects. I know it didn't do well enough for a sequel but maybe a more in-depth video game would be the next step rather then another movie.:) Think like Mortal Kombat but less blood and more tech.
Regardless Nice Job Hugh!. :)
I love the movie. It was awesome. But of course, a film with Hugh Jackman in it is always great. I've watched it several times. Don't get tired of it!
your life is your life. do what you want.
I <3 this movie because it represents one of my family members!
My daughter who's 9 LOVES "Real Steal" she keeps begging me to buy the movie lol.'re a real prince for meeeee..!!!!!! hahahaha..i love you..
the only thing I hav to say it tht yu hav a wounder body. hehe. Lol^.^
They need to remake the prestige and actually base it on the book this time.
Talk about an AWESOME movie, y'all!
i kinda cried when the guy decided to train the robot and that time when he started bonding with the kid. beautiful. <sniff> God. Let me get a moment here....
great movie... the children and I loved it. Thank you so much!
which picture is most like the real Hugh? I loved that movie.. thinks it is believing beyond your capabilities... and isn't it interesting that two do better than one.
I absolutely loved the father/son aspect of the film. I think that is an underrated theme in media today - the importance of a good father.
This was a very good movie... my son calls it the robot movie... but this is a great father/son movie.... loved it.... we bought it as soon as it came out on blue ray dvd :D
I didn't care for this movie.
Already have it for my lil boy! 
it's the ultimate believe with all the strength that you have , believe you can (projected) and have the choice to work with a robot onder you're comments and power (poses and more) , the ultimate believe in YOURSELF- film you can be whatever you wanna be! greetz love all
Hahaha. I singing the song that Anne Hathaway sung about you in the Oscars!
One of my faves; Mr. Jackman, any chance you will be back on Broadway anytime soon?
coool i real love that movie awsome swaggie man :P
I never seem movie for years, so if not guess right , Hugh did play Xman righ.. sorry,, i don't watch movie for long times
Oh silly me. There I was, deciding not to watch the movie cos I thought that it was just about the destructive powers of huge freakin' human-controlled robots. Oh well.
I saw this movie and absolutely loved it
The movie was a bit crap but DAMN, never get sick of watching Hugh Jackman. I would be happy just to watch the guy change a tire. Hugh deserves better movies (Roland in the Dark Tower anyone?? Someone needs to start a petition) but no matter how bad the vehicle, Hugh's always worth the price of admission.
Izzi S
I LUVED THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looking forward to actually sitting down to watch this eventually! Whenever our little one gives us a break : )
Real steel is about plugging a bad films release to DVD...
i love van helsing with Alreea= Elana Anaya
Already added to our collection of DVDs and its an AMAZING movie!
Will you ever star in another X-Men Movie? You have to know that you are the Wolverine. I couldnt see anyone playing him but you. Will you cameo in other Marvel movies in the future?
When are they going to start filming Real Steel 2?
have it watch it all the time, love your haircut
I remember seeing this movie and having no clue about it. I was a little skeptical, but I went and seen it. I was mighty impressed but hey its "Hugh Jackman" he never disappoints well minus "wolverine" and "X-men 3".
Wwwwwwwooooooooollllllllllllvvvvvveeeeeerrrrrrriiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeee!!!! And on another note, I bought Real Steel there months ago, and I still watch it every other weekend :P though, I must say, I liked Hugh Jackman waaaayyyy better with the Wolverine haircut :P
Thought that it will be another crapy movie with nice FX but I end up with tears in my eyes. Good cast, awesome plot well done.
It cause you can't help looking at Huge, no matter what character he is playing. :)
ELLOS... iniciaron su expansion, atravesando los ALPES...
estableciendose en un viejo arte se desarollo con
los motivos de la palma de su mano...trabajando con...el fuego...
y el metal...
Oh my isnt he just one hot man! Yummy!!
Great movie! watched it many times
Got it on blue ray. And just downloaded the game for my phone today.
Carly B
Best movie ever. got father and son troubles, violence, and BOXING ROBOTS!
+Carly B if by "Ever" you mean "October 2011" I totally agree...
Carly B
+Ali Jafri OK apparently I'm the only one who like this movie than.....
omg i loved real steel! it was fantastic!!!
Thanks for the link, but I have to go to BlockBuster en Morelia, Mexico in order to get it ! thanks ! :)
Great! What else can I buy to remind me to believe in myself.
Nina R.
this pic leaves me breathless
This is one of my fav movies!!! If u haven't seen it then u should!!:)
If you are the real Hugh Jackmam,haven't seen real steal yet either but the movies shorts look good
loved the movie!
you looks so hot in the picture by the way
I agree but the tough part is learning who and what you are and filtering out the irrational from the rational in your thinking and emotions.
es uma boa pas, . gosto des ce comment.muito boa para to do?
LOOOOveD Real Steel Hugh u the Best & da Kid ws great.
I absolutely LUV real steel, one of the best movies I've ever seen!
My son loves real steel. Too bad we didn't catch it in the theatre.
My son loves real steel. Too bad we didn't catch it in the theater.
As with all you do Mr Jackman, well done !!!!
All his movies are great. My favorite is Kate and Leopold.
I'm a big fan.  Real Steel about believing in yourself?  I think I need a big dose of that.
ONE OF MY FAVOURITE MOVIES!! i actually downloaded the soundtrack too :)
It reminded me of a film with Sly Stallone many moons ago!
I love Hugh Jackman, it actually kind of surprised me when I watched xmen and then saw he was a broadway star, he is amazing both ways though. 
It was a horrible movie.
You deserve a better script and role than that.
Probably the worst Spielberg produced movie.
Already own the Blu-ray. It was a fun movie.
"Real Steel" inspired me 2 do something impossible. It's a awesome movie.
It's such an interesting movie I ever seen.
you rock,hugh.......
good point, real steal comes from within one's being.
nice pullover, Hugh :) and the movie is needed to see
Nice pull over...let me know where did u buy it from!! :)
really .................
I like it......~!~!~!!
I have been watch it twice!!! lovable
still want to see this,, good pic :) Cuuute
that is really who likes go cops song
It's easy to believe in yourself when you are successfully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Helma, wouldn't you agree you have to believe in yourself to become successful?
"In this reality, Alexander, beliefs are everything."  Hughbella
Alex in Wonderland - R. Harlan Smith - Amazon ebooks
+helma urban ...its true but to become successful or achieve something first u must have faith in yourself...!!
u r sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot:)
I guess it's true that even the weakest person can make a differents
now u look like a chocolate hero....(Romantic)
fico imaginando esse homem olhando assim pra mim....
you do really good in that movie and x-men and all of the movies your in your the best person they could get in real steel good job (whisper to a friend) hes really cute don't you think (friend says back) yeah hes hot (i whisper back) i think hes the hotest adult that i know (friend says back) cool hes hot
yah he is hot but no don't touch him he is   happily married.
dear Hugh
How often do you exercise in a week?
Are you on a diet lifelong?
u look better wiv short hair cuz wiv long hair u look like a chav
now thats a better hair do.
is is very beautiful <3<3
CONGRATS for you heartwarming movie! Love:)
i would really enjoy seeing you in real steel 2
you cannot do anything without believing in yourself....its like you were force to do it without you're own will
Great film! Loved sharing it with my son too :D
Saw it today for the first time amasing!!
now i'm intrigued.
If that is what the film is ultimately about ,
"I'll have what she's having"
That's right, I too believe that if one cannot be themselves, then who can they be, right?  :)
Thanks for making part of real steal in my hometown of mason michigan, isnt the courthouse cool...your one of my favorite actors hugh
The movie's appeal lies in its sense of humor and charm..."I want you to fight for me; that's all I'll ever be wanted" A movie's phrase left an important message to a father to give attention to his son, who was longing for a longtime.
A beautiful movie, I cried ... you are fantastic, the Dakota also has a bright future.
cute but hotter in other photos
dont u think everyone
It is the real film!!! Well done! On the present WELL DONE
best movie eves!! eminem just made it better!!
That was a good movie never letting a boy give up is dream TWO THUMBS UP!!
You are one of my favorites, Hugh and I applaud your movies.  All of them just great. Ann
I bought and watched that movie .
I think i'm gonna watch it for the fifth time!!
I watched this with my son. He and I both enjoyed on the same level. He is 5 by the way, and I'm 35. Afterwards, he said " When I grow up, I'm gonna build fighting Robots" I told him that was great and he would do well to go into robotics. Fun Movie! 
very true message...& great pic
my goodness... he is another that gets better looking each year. :)
Hugh de Hola:
me gusto la pelicula, La Pude apreciar En Un Viaje a la Ciudad de Chicha en Peru, cuarto UNOS Días de Vacaciones, esta película deja muchos mensajes a los padres que no viven con sus hijos.
Felicitaciones por el argumento de la película.
Adrian Donayre.
Que buena foto, felicitaciones Hugh y que tengas un Venturos Año Nuevo 2016, un fuerte abrazo.
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