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"+1" if you would love to see Hugh and Colin Firth in a movie together!
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If we can get Robert Downey, Jr. in the mix, I'd say that would be the best movie ever made.
Will it be a movie about suits? Perhaps a taylor'esk one?
Dude, I'm not sure if it would be an action, a drama or most likely.... A romantic comedy.......
ill instamute instead you pretentious fuck
 Oh Colin, I love you soooo much! 
you are such a fucking idiot .. HUGH JACKMAN is a CHARACTER COLIN FIRTH is a CHARACTER .. they dont ACTUALLY exist !
How many +1 do we need to get a movie with Hugh and Colin ? :)
What are you waiting for guys????? DO IT!!! ;)
Wolverine and Mr. Darcy in the same photo - i die! Now just add Bronson (Tom Hardy) in this picture and I can die a happy woman.
I'll pass to be honest.. lol
wowww two great actors!!  :-)
Anything with Hugh Jackman in it is something I'd wanna see! What a hottie.
YES! would me love to see Hugh and Colin Firth in a movie together!
With Robert Downey Jr. Would be a perfect trio indeed...let me wright the script for you ;-)
Actually...could even incorporate you in the story I'm already writing ... Even better!
And that's gotta be cooool!
I Want to be added to your friends Mr.Jackman!!!
Can you do it?
A movie about Jacket salesmen that have acquired a magic mirror.
Pues sería, sin duda, una película digna de verse. Ojalá encuentren un buen guión.
It'll be like my dream movie! The 2 most elegant actors together in a movie!
Get Colin into the gym and let him play CABLE in an xmen movie.  Don't forget about Bishop.
Oh, yes, of course.  Both are excellent actors, and Hugh is sexy!!
I would love to see Hugh & Colin in a movie together!!!Yes,please!
What powers will Colin have?
Interesante, serian dos gigantes en la pantalla .Calidad.
I think I just broke my plus one... 
that could be interesting
it would be a movie destined to be made! a smashing hit!
That would be great, i'd rush to the cinima to watch it.
WTF are these guys? I want to see Otto and Horst Schlämmer in a movie together! Who do not...?! 
They could make a porno together starring hugh jackoff and colin girth
and +1 if you want to see they in a musical movie!!
Это было бы интересно! Какие роли каждый из вас сыграет в одном фильме? Кто злодей, а кто герой? :))
Two great actors alive in the world! Why not cooperate with each other and make the movie or even world better!!
new movie coming up?
Gao Ron
I would love to see any movie with you
Quantas letras ligadas , expressando coisas que eu não entendo. Mas estas letras ligadas feitas as minhas, estão se expressando num mesmo sentido: Estamos dizendo que Hugh Jackman e Colin Firth são fantásticos, verdadeiros , responsáveis pelas lagrimas de amor derramadas, suspiros arrancados do peito,  sufocamentos de prazer... Lindos

Awsome combination. Two of my fav actor!!! xoxxoxo
I think you could pull off the brother thing. Maybe both in love with me? Ha ha. Seriously, really cool if you could do a film together.
Beauty and the beast maybe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! guy
Would love to see you again! Went to your New York show about, "You" and I saw, Boy from Oz" ! I loved both so much! You and and Colin together would be fantastic!
I'd rather have you both at my frontdoor!
my wife's two favorite actors so I'd say a movie with both of them...yes
Some action movie!
Interesting but looking at the location they are in I hope a better one will be in the movie.
Looks really good with short hairs. Wolverine should also have short hairs :-)
Me encantan estos dos actores, no sólo son atractivos sino muy buenos haciendo su trabajo.
Хью, как обычно, хорошо выглядит и в прекрасном настроении! Так держать!
Finally seen Hugh and Nicole Kidman Australia good! Really enjoyed it ..excellent work Hugh.
yeah why not.. looking forward matee..
Two of my favourite actors together!! YES!!!
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Don't know who they guy on the right is.....
YES what is the movie going to be about?
my favorie actors in the same movie!!!!!waite to watch it
I'm writing a subject of a film that i think is good for you. Sorry for bad english... :)
Can't wait to see you two work together! Blessings, Terry :-)
This are my 2 favorite actors. I would want ti see them play together in some British drama or musial.
I would so love them together!!!!
hopefully the movie wouldn't be boring like my little sunshine.
hey a western would do him fine he has that look . Clint Eastwood look they both are great actors.
in what movie.i hope it  want be boring
Meine beste Schuspieler,,Jackman und Firth.George Spanakis.
You bet I do ? Two hunks together you have to be mad not have these in a couple and daughters will be locking up mothers and the rest of the female population .
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