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“I am so happy to be home, to be shooting a movie of this magnitude here at home is one of the great privileges I have had in my career.” - Hugh on filming "The Wolverine" in Sydney, Australia
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all d best for ur upcomin movie.. :) 
Oh lala i wanna see ut
...any movie with hugh jackman is great like real steel
just hope that my xam dates dont clash wid d movie release dates... :'(
oh! I just saw xmen yesterday again!!! HOT! love you!
This wolverine movie is gonna be great! After all, he's the best there is at what he does.
+Hugh Jackman Will be waiting for this movie :) Please don't let any moron to leak your movie like last time X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
and you are wondering that people say that you are sexiest man alive? g
Can't wait to see it Hugh love your work keep it going sir.
Epic Wolverine is Epic!
Welcome back sir with the most popular and entertaining series of yours. Though we know its gonna be a block buster, still Good luck.
Ok hug you gratitude by good this guy....amazin...........hhhhaaaahahaha...good look bro.......
Is it just me, or does the claws on his/your left hand, look a little bit crooked? :P
PS. Can hardly wait for the movie to come out! :D
Youre The Great Men!!!
Cool As Ever!
how do u get ur hair like that it is spikey on the side and flat in the middle
Ji shah
can't wait to see the movie >.< where can i buy patience?
Do such movies or create such solidness in your present movies  which has affection likes movies directed by your native actor MelGibson--means Brave Heart.That is agressiveness.
i luv the x-men movies!!!
he is the perfect guy for the role of wolverine!!
we all enjoy home except me at the moment
Because Logan is characterized as a Canadian in the comic book universe, we Canucks who are comic fans tend to love the character.

I don't think much was ever captured about what it is like to grow up Canadian in the Comics other than the occasional reference to being 'outdoorsy".

That said, I will look forward to seeing this story told.
In response to Joaquin Quintana-often celebrities don't post their own comments, but instead have social media management do it for them. Without knowing which is the case for Mr. Jackman, you cannot possibly know if it is actually him speaking about himself in the 3rd person. What's more, it doesn't really matter; and, it's quite a leap to say if he does do so, he has a God complex.
Al Luna
It's about Time !!
Ok, well there was no context or indication that you were joking. It's nice to know! And you're welcome :)
Great picture. Good luck with the filming of Wolverine.
Glad to have you back here hope that everything goes well in the filming,and I can't wait for its opening and keep up what you are doing,thanks
O shit. When is it gonna come out.
It's great see Wolverine is Back!! Marvel seemed to have lost track of the X-Men franchise concentrating on the Avengers. Looking forward to it as Wolverine is a great, complex character.
Will be looking forward to its release.
Matt N
hay um have thot uv ever being like the samurai part of wolverine.
I love Hugh...ur acting is gr8... Can't wait 4 ur movie 2 b released
U are one of the best actor in my book jackman
I can't wait this is THE BEST marvel hero I like the cpt.America but THIS GUY TOPS ALL he is SO human but NOT he always makes me want more!!!! from comic to TV cartoon then the big screen with real people instead of cartoons what a great time. ALL OF MY childhood favorite things to do NOW in the IMAX 3d
this one better not suck Hugh. I'm still trying to drink the pain away from the last one.
Hey Hugh, can you say anything about the plot besides what is on IMDB? :)
hey hugh, make a next flim like Australia
Awesome can't wait for it to come out!!
Ok I'll admit it, your Looking cool Jackman
lolol^^^^^ he is a very Handsome man. ;))
The beast is back,looking sharp buddy
<3<3<3<3.... love the movie and the acteur!!
I love your work +Hugh Jackman "..You Are Amazing in x-Men Orgings:Wolverine..your so Hot! Your so talented in everything you do .I will be there on opening night.Looks Amazing I can't wait..Nice pic":) your the perfect guy for this role of wolverine!! Your the Best":)
im only new but i absoulutly love hugh jackman
I wonder what was Hugh Jackman's first movie?
You say mate. Your country is the most amazing country in all the World in many ways.
No doubt it's always great when things like that happen.
very cool movie an your an awesome actor an sexy too
Ro Roe
AH!! such a handsome man, please claw
think you big don't ya brudda try surviving with two kids on centrelink mate
Wow! I can`t wait to watch it! :))
That pic is how I'm feeling right now. 
I was gonna tank this google+ but now i know your on here I'm staying
There's no place like home. When you travel for work in any capacity, the closer you can be to the place you love the better. And thank you for being my inspiration for going to the gym in the morning.
Imagina quando Jesus voltar como num vai ser entao rsrsrsrsr
Yipeee!!! And all those terrible rumours of him quitting the role :(
YAY!!!! I'm so excited right now, it's not even funny.
i have seen movie of iron man its too cool!
Nice Hugh, say hi to my buddy Tony welding on the set.. Can't wait to see the movie. 
Hope to see Hugh in The Avengers 2
Looks like you've been scratching your stomach with your claws out bro. Should chill out on that. Might get an itchy neck. 
AWESOME!!!! When is it in theaters??
omg where are you filming exactly in sydney
and when
Ohh , that might be great for you. You get to be prophet in your own town. Congratulations. It feels great to. Know that eventhough your fame, you're well grounded. Cariños!
real steel was an awesome movie and i can't wait for the wolverine to come out:)
can't wait to see if this is as good, if not better than the first one.  I was disappointed by how far the first movie strayed from the comic, but there is hope for this one.
I´m happy that you are filming The Wolverine at last, Hugh! I´ll be waiting to watch this movie next year.
You are an inspiration to others.  I love that your family is your driving force.  You remind me of someone I lost years ago, my own husband.  Your characters are always so interesting and so diverse and I always look forward to what you are going to be in next.  
One of my favorite "Bad Boys" = Wolverine. ♥
will u be joining avengers anytime soon..?
Visit us in the's more fun here...
Hi, since you're an actor?,but I did not know
Pardon the wife, but Hugh Jackman is always so sexy!
I love him too his wife is very lucky! I love them claws!
Wolverine was an awesome movie!!!!
My favorite show!! love this man!!
Woooow when it will be released?
he look""s good very good...dont be ENVIDIOSO.jose
I havent told u that I love in a long yeah :) I sooo do!
Na minha opinião o mais forte dos x-men. 
You were born for movie making look @ dat pic nice
Wolverine is my fav.... I want him to back in Movie like X-MEN
Definitely one of my favorite Wolverine pictures.
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