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"Playing Wolverine is great therapy, really. You get to exercise a lot of your demons, and then go home feeling very, very relaxed and happy."
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Badass. Yeah I'm sure it helps being able to let out any aggression built up haha
Love Wolverine! You made us care about him, and not bad to look at!
volverine is great movie!
Wolverine: Proving not all Canadians are nice all the time :-)
Loved Wolverine ! And hopefully another movie in the pipeline ?? yes ?
They really could not have found a better actor to play Wolverine than you and I think I speak for hunderds of people when I say "can't wait for another wolverine movie.Not to mention the awesome roleplay you portrayed in Van Helsing opposite Kate Beckinsale
Mustv'e been nice to see Transylvania in the Flesh
+Hugh Jackman I do have to agree, your portrayal of Logan/Wolverine is the best. I very much enjoyed your brief cameo in the latest X-Men movie.

Aside from your work as Wolverine, I've also enjoyed your work in Van Helsing, Swordfish and The Prestige.

One other thing I won't ever forget is that you bought breakfast for all of us camping out at the world premiere of Wolverine here in Tempe - a clear example of how classy of a guy you are.
I'm just guessing, but standing at a urinal must be a b#tch! ;)
How do you feel when you get home from a Broadway show +Hugh Jackman , how does the stage make you feel?
I'm a big fan of the X-Men and Wolverine. U were awesome in both!!!! :D
I'm Waiting for Wolverine vs Honeybadger. lol no really dig life all you can Brother
I understand completely. The two best ways to control a temper are pictures of puppies and beating the living daylights out of things that may or may not exist, that or organized, safe, combat with another person. Operative word being safe.

u seriously looks and acts ossam..................
(Proof that this account is run by a PR person and not the real +Hugh Jackman, who is too perfect to make that type of error) ;)
U don't look relaxed
I can imagine how it felt. When I was younger and in the Ranger,2/75th INF, I loved it when the training was dangerous and there was a chance I could be killed. I felt really alive afterward
Awesome, so it's like being paid for therapy. That's great, sounds like a good way to relieve stress. Me I go to the gym. Looking at you, it appears you also stay in great shape. Keep up the good work.:-)
EXORCISE your demons... unless you really mean that you get your demons to work out and get stronger...
is this the real Hugh Jackman??
and good for you! seriously!
whoa Man u get to be in marvel games cartoon and one of my favorite character in X-men
really loved how you played it..Mr. Hugh Jackman...wish to see more in the you much...keep it up! Good Luck...
Don't scratch me Wolverine boy! I will buy your new chocolates , what is the brand name of your chocolates , did you name them as "X-CHOCS" :)
Who can play wolverine's role better than Hugh? No one. :D It's perfectly made for him. :D
That's funny if you really meant to exercise your demons rather than exorcise them.
So many Hugh Jackman,but which is the real one?
I am Wolverine! You should be more uncaring with your talk, and more caring with your action! Your face is not rugged enough and your hair looks like a fashion model!
Just a you post anything other than photos of yourself?
wow, awesome man.. at this moment you're always be remembered as "Wolverine" :)
i like this pic and movie.. hohohooho...
and somewhat tired i'm sure :)
ISNT HE FROM X-MAN?? o, sry 4 da caps!! =|
My nine year old thinks Wolverine is the bomb, he wished he could do all the things he can, I am always learning new stuff about him every day, I think he studies every thing wolverine...But at least after watching all the X Men and the Wolverine Origins he now believes any thing is possible again.
Indeed it would be. Good to see you are loving the job, and showing the world how cool us Aussies really are.
Wolverine is Strong & valuable character of the series, love the way he characterizes himself in this film.. Keep it up..!
wolverine,really cool!
I guess few people can play their dreams out.... Nice
YOUR SO HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shiva v
Dis charctr is vry difrnt nd hugh jackman did a wndrful job he realy involvd in dis charctr he is d real xman
Sir, what is your last call as Wolvorine? I love your character enacted in the epic movie series of X men.
wolverine rocks-claw time-hahahha-raw! :)
You are our greatest Aussie export !! Thanx 4 sharing yr talents!
WWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )
i know were all of you live!
i love the X men this is an awesome picture
First class was awful why were you in it for only a second?
Hey Mum
..... epicest pic ever
Get it Wolverine wit yo fine ass!
Dan K
Please, please, please do not screw this movie up like the last one. Read a comic for once. Get some background!
He makes a n excellent Wolverine
I don't think any other actor could of pulled that part off as well.
You are an inspiration Hugh. I use the gym and riding the open road to work my Demond's out. 
the demons are exorcised, who's writing this
i agree. jackman was a perfect wolverine/logan.
i go riding around in the car with the radio on or go fishing to relax
The game was very good. The movie was... not your fault.
Great movie!!! love wolverine...agree!!! no other actor could have pull that part off....
You do an excellent job of bringing one of my all-time favorite characters to life. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!
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the wolverine character is awesome, and you do it total justice, you rock
I like your work and your persona, but don't quote yourself...
Thats Hilarious!!! I wish it was the same for me!
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is an amazing picture!!!
I am a HUGE fan of Wolverine/Hugh Jackman, any movie will do!!!!
Your "Xmen Origins: Wolverine" was the best of the Xmen movie series thus far. Looking forward to "The Wolverine".
one word for this:PERFECT
Movie was great also ur commetcials are funny dude keep up the good work 
Same goes here ,liked the shows.
thank you for attending my brothers funeral last year it meant so much to my family i just wanted to say thank you he was the best,an i know it would of ment more than i can express thank you
rosemary barker southhedland WA an the family in canarvon

i hope you are well an your family an good luck with your life an your acting , if you ever pass thru the desert please let my family know we would show u a family welcome
Ur the man Hugh, keep knockin out great movies!
ya i love watching your wolverine movies keep it up!!!!
If ever i thought of watching XMEN then it was only coz of u Wolverine... wish i could have been one of the mutants in real life...
N that too.. Wolverine..
SIDE BURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
楽しみになってきました♪ I'm looking forward to seeing Hugh Jackman's new film.
not to ofend you sir,but capitain america could beat wolverine. :|
i dnt knw if u knw this or nt..but in INDIA ur movies and u are most popular..and most liked actor..
OMG I loved when u came on raw to help zack ryder u r the boom from ur biggest fan
<(O.O)> ...:P add me ppl
can't wait to see your movie!! :) love u lots..from 1 of your biggest fan in Brunei :)
I not only love the wolvarine movies and x-men but I thought you did AMAZING in Reel Steel. You are a great actor
I think so to I saw all the mvies you were in like X-man , wolvarine you did great
I knew when I saw you in the first Xmen film that you would become a US major star - such screen presence. I say US as I have to assume you were already an Aussie star!
speechless role u play . awsome wolvarine plz come back in our heart with new movie of x-men part
What a way to vent........fantastic photo!!!!!!!
You are performing a great hardcore
Hugh, why are you in my stream? I don't remember adding you to my circle.
espectacular simplemente espectacular
movie did some magic to my cousin trust me he acts weird but u act pretty justified. nyc work . :)
That how I feel after I play withmacack!
Best darn character..wolverine is the only one out of comic book series I love..great job MR. Hugh Jackman! I applaude thee...
Yeah Wolverine looks very relaxed too Jk
Remembering the comic book , you were a perfect fit!
I think you are the best actor who could have played my all time fav X-men. and you are right about the exercising of the demons.
Sir,you are one of the best actors in Hollywood and you got quite a lot of following from India.
I have to admit, I wasn't a big comic book movie fan, however, my 3 year old son LOVES X-Men and now I do as well. You are his favorite character and he runs around acting like Wolverine. It's're not too bad yourself ;-)

I feel the same when I am fencing or playing wii sports resort — or both!
i like ur perform at real steel. it's make me cry each time i watch it. So touching :-)
Wolverine to Broadway, amazing.....You are just the man, you know how to transform, and you just know how to channel it right. BRAVO***
a good way to let your anger out!!!!!!
My favourite character. Brave, powerfull, reliable and hot... Sorry Mr, Jackman, but I had to say it ñ_ñ
Sam KR
Awesome Juck
Love this movie and Mr Jackman !
Your such an ugly piece of shit can't believe your mother let you live
Kinda understand that. I'm currently working on a short story involving a character who kinda reminds me of Wolverine. The way I'm writing it is like playing a video game, looking at each tactical situation and working out how the character responds, how he thinks. Although I'm currently stumped, with only 3 weeks till the submission deadline, and that's causing some stress, I do find in general that it's pretty therapeutic, getting everything out. Through the mind of someone whose sole purpose, for the moment, is survival--personal survival, and survival of his species against an aggressive alien invasion force. Someone who is intellectual yet has the ability to be a killing machine. A special forces combat veteran with the scars and opiate addiction to prove it.
I just can't imagine anyone else in this role. You bring so much to the part of Wolverine. look damn cute doing it! I'm hoping that once Wolverine wraps and is a great success that the studios will look at doing a new Xmen movie with Gambit and Beast.
You have to play role of James Bond, mister Jackman. Definetly.
exorcise your demons? or was that clever wordplay alluding to you doing your own stunts.
I didn't even think about that Hugh! Thanks for pointing that out. :)
great attitude, comes to a positive thinkers,
i love his movies and I'm a big fan!!!
Not to mention getting a decent paycheck!
You did an awesome job and looked great doing it. Really enjoyed your role in Real Steel.

i started admiring you as i watched Wolverine.... just loved it.
This is an amazing photo!
The photo makes me think of a mugger with a knife.
wow you look so sexy and conterversial like me....
I think Hugh means exorcise
u r an amazing actor go wolverine!!!!
Ace -k
Wolverine.... i have a workout routine called the wolverine explosive cable pulldowns :) definitely releases stress.
As you are a friend of Tony Blair and Rupert Murdoch then yes, you sure have a lot of demons to 'exercise'!
i really liked the wolverine movie you were in!!! it was SICK!!!
Playing the video game has a similar effect for me. 
ya it must be i'd love to be wolverine, one character i always loved in X men
Ace E
+Hugh Jackman you are and most probably will be "the best" live action comic hero of all time
As well as beating the opposit while playing badminton..
What look!!!???))) They can roast or incinerate....!!!)))
Your my best actor seen all the xmanand athers with you obit yeaya
Your a great actor and you play Wolverine very good. Don't really see anyone replacing you. Don't be stupid like the siperman guy! When Ur a great actor U can play anyone!
i saw the film. u were awesome in it!!!
U WERE JUST AWESOME.............................
TOTALLY SPEECHLESS...................WISHED IF I WERE U...........
and best of all.................... they pay you a lot for that, cool!!!!!!!!!!
Great Fan of you Sir... You have done excellent job when ever i have seen you any picture.
you get to beat the crap out of people ... thats the life .
Great!! it would be a good idea...
I like ur style & actions Mr. wolverine :)
damn...this guy is realy good me more pictures
Can't wait to see some more XMen WOLVERINE is the man.
Please make it a better story than the last one. You're great at the part and the character has potential.
Happy to hear you don't go home in Wolverine mode
I play Wolverine all the time and I don't even get paid for it...did I say that out loud?
so there demons to b use b4 becoming a wolveverine. Good to know.
Get to exercise a lot of your demons??? I wish I can do that in my office T_T
If that was how i worked out my demons like you, I would need better demons cause they already kinda bore me.
mk s
My cat feels the same after a good session on a scratching post. Ps; do your get to take the claws home with you?
C'mon gief that claws to me just for 1 day.
if only u were my big brother!
They couldn't have picked a better wolverine , besides they didnt stick with his original costume :(
Yes, it looks a lot of fun also.
I can believe that. Anyway, you are a great actor and I love to see your movies. There is nobody can compare with you.
I am waiting for the another installment of Wolverine!!
nobod can compare with him. Hugh good moive dud!!!
wolverine would win hands down...great work btw...glad yopu went into acting....enjoy all your movies...thank you for that
bouh ! même pas peur ! (pfff tu as une salle tête là....) lol
what the heck SHERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,now you are really like demon
i just love wolverin god i dont know why his so hot and classi
i forgot your name on real steal
wolverine awesome, role play great. what u to be wolverine forever.
When can I come and rehearse and heal my inner wounds? This would be the ultimate exorcist of all!!!! :))))
Einen besseren Wolverine wird es nicht geben ;) ein Charakter, der vielschichtig und fesselnd ist. top :))
WoooHooo! I got this 500th comment? Wolverine's best shot in action, thanks to your photographer--
Its an Amazing part to play!!! you are amazing as wolverine
l liked ur act in les miserables. l was sorry worried abt wolverine bringing out his claws and killing everyone in d movie. U WERE SO STRONG IN D MOVIE.
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