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Are you a fan of the long hair?
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Sores A
No you like gay here..
Talka T
very romantic look... chicks dig it))
When you take that picture? At the 20?
oi vc é deo onde
quero falar com vc no bate papo
Je préfère quand il a les cheveux courts, cela lui va mieux !!!
I've never been attracted to another man, but this is pretty close.
I like the wavy shorter hair on you.
I like it. It makes you look younger. But, I REALLY like the short better. Loved Australia!
Makes you look younger....
largo, corto, cualquier cosa le queda bien
I was just going to say; it makes you look younger!
Talka T
the longer hair you have the more shampoo you have to use...
нет, я не поклонник)
LUV LUV LUV long long as it is not longer than mine lol (waist length)
Nope.. it seams photoshoped... and very very very gay..
Talka T
this hair makes you look more like a musician but not an actor, but either way you look pretty.... pretty boy.... doll face.... pumkin...
it's sexy on you, probably sells mens wear and cologne really well! I like the strength in the wolverine short cut tho.
I think I like the short hair better, but still looks good :3
Looks great! A very different look for you but it really works.
Ali Sa
no .. it looks like a little boy ..
Ya, he looks great, wish I looked that good with long hair lmao.
respectfully no. It looks like you are trying to be younger than you are ;)
Kat H
If it's for a role, then it's OK; but generally speaking, I love the clean cut look on you!!!
Not really bro, but if you like, it's your choice
Are you auditioning for Prince of Persia 2? Say it isn't so!
It implies there will be a love scene in the movie. Or that your character is an unwashed geek. Definitely not both. ;)'s better 2 hv short 1. u look cool + adorable.
less a fan of spray-on tan
Meg GJ
sure I am!!
hey logan....u look best in any look
I prefer it short, but it doesn't matter what you do... you still look great.
Only if the person knows how to wear it, style it and that it suits them ;)~
this looks like Drew, from Neighbours, can anyone else remember him?
yes had long hair three times hugh cool in 90s not now
Yes, definitely! If you decided to go bald, I'd be a fan of that too! Hahaha...I do like the long hair though...nice change!
Yes! There are some people that just look good period. Hummm! Yup, that includes you!
Looks good, but short hair is much more better!
old fashion....outdated only suits some personality like you
yes. on the right head
u look good whit this dude , but whit short hair u are a real man ;)
wow, i'm not too much into a long hair but fits very well with yout face!
not tht much and
Hugh u luk great in ur short hairs
nice were they in the X- Men
...just great :-) But: Why so serious? g
like the Wolverine style most ;)
mir gefällt das super ;o)
looks good on you ........ you should try it man dont listen to people do what you like.
yeah u should keep it like that.. suits u best
Looks ok, but Hugh looks far more sophisticated with shorter hair.
you look better with short hair :D
Amigo !! Finally I know where all my lost hair gone !
your looks in Swordfish & X-men origins was the best.....!!!;)
Is this your real hair? How long did it take to grow this length?
Holy hell, does anyone else want to bury their fingers in that? It so works with the eye shape too! Gorgeous as always dude!
it's there a -1 button?? :) sorry, I like long hair but, it doesn't look good on you
no, short hair is always better for men...don't care who you are...famous or not famous...short
You look thinner and about 10 years younger with the long hair, so I would say thumbs up.
OHHHH MYYYY..!! you look soo good in every look.. :*
I love long hair >*sparkles*< But then I'm one of them that protested the Vietnam war
Jim Kay
No unless you are trying to look like full houses uncle jesse
you look good. I like man with short hair, better to see their face. so no for long hair on a man.
Yes, why not...
Good job on Real Steel! Hello from Detroit! :-)
Make you look like you are in your early 30's!
Makes you look like part of a Bollywood flick :)
Oh my GOODNESS U R Just 2 HOT!!! Long hair/short hair it's ALL good and I swear I think you get better looking every year. I LOVE LOVE your facial hair here, it's the perfect frame for your lips. Oh and don't even get me started on your eyes...sigh! I know I sound like some school girl which is completely out of character for me but I'm making no excuses; if I were 16 my room would be wallpapered with pictures of you.;)
Bloody hell ya it's awesome man I actually liked ur long hairs in Van Helsing
Long hair makes you look like one of those Remington Steele cover models LMAO, keep it X-Man short!
no i'm not ... either ways you're handsome but i like it shorter
Anton K
No. Maybe that's why Van Helsing flopped?
Love long hair on some, you look great, but you look really great with your hair the way it is now.
Short or long Hugh is just lovely to look at.
I hope this is shopped. I think you look like Chris Angel
boo Jay
Freaky, I had that exact same hair length and style last year.
Uauuuu..beautiful!!! Yes, i am fan :)
Long hair, short hair, no hair. I'm just a huge fan, period!!
hey hugh im just gonna say I LLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEEE YOUR WORK. wolverine movies are my favourite movies and i cant get away from marvel and you just make it 100x better and dont get me started with your awesomeness in real steel
I'm sorry, what was the question? Oh right, fan of long hair...yes, Yes, YES.
you look like to Viggo Mortensen. I love it
Hugh Jackman I like -- the long hair not so much.
No, not really. :-0 What were you thinking?
HOT..I like it both no matter what
Hello Hugh, it is interesting your question. We are preparing a new film premieres? You look great. Some Italian intrigue? I am absolutely determined, I prefer short hair.
By the way, I could never tell in the movies and stuff, what color are your eyes here? I can't really see, are they black, coal, deep blue...?
You look good in either.
He is so cool either way. Just a great actor.
it does have a kind of herculean look, but thats not a bad thing as kevin sorbo is mighty sexy also! i'm pretty sure i like it, but to be 100% positive, you may have to come to my house so i can see it, touch it, smell it in person...
Honestly, I don't think it frames your face well. Maybe if you styled it differently.
Dr Cox would say _ Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo........... Puff!_
I´m your fan, long hair, short hair don´t matter. Your are amazing anyway
Lucy G.
abso-freakin-lutely :)
Kimy M
i'm fan of you, with or without hair
yoooooooooooooo????????????????? gabrieeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .........
Разрешить написание латиницей

1Corinthians 11:14
Maaaate, it's certainly different. Reminds me of a scruffy-haired Hugh Jackman running around Turramurra in a CEBS uniform... 
Looks lovely, Fabio Jackman :-) (And no, not jealous at all)
Hey, Hugh! John Stamos called...he wants his hair back! This doo works for you if you're going to play uncle Jesse in the upcoming full house movie. Lose it man! For the love of god!
I'm a fan of the actor, but I couldn't find any screen credits for the long hair. And, yes, you could be confused with Stamos in that picture.
No... Short hair suits you better. :)
Eug R
hansome uhlala
Love long hair.. I had long hair too but I had to cut them off as the results of rebounding got clear to me.. My hair began to fall.. oh .. forget it..ah these memories... but I still love long hair!!!!
See this was the look I was aiming for before I realised to my horror that my hair was very very curly, it broke my heart.
Long hair is beast.
Throughout history, long hair has been the symbol of class. ;)
Short hair is for peasants without the funds, effort or ability to keep long hair looking perfect. Whilst long hair shows dedication, distinction, class and the want to express one's individuality. ;D
Not really it makes you look really skinny. Don't get me wrong you have beautiful hair!
great picture for your fans...i don't like to say dirty words!! women are so nasty some times.!! Looking good Hugh, i like all your movies..
yeah love long hair... but by the way.. who are you Mr. Hugh Jackman???
I will put away my man card and say it looks damn good man..I tried to do it like 4 times now and I could not get past the inbetween part..I think it is more you..I bet the last five chicks you past thought it was ok is those extra 5 seconds you look in the mirror and say Y not with a grimace smile.
If your name was Hugh Jackmaino Latin Love Star...or maybe you worked on a Soap Opera, then yes it is okay.
No es que el es bellisimo y muy simpatico y ess beelloo
David O
yo man, you need to get into the games industry. Movie industry is getting..
If it is tied into a bun, yes. But then you would look like a Brahmin.
I'd say at +488, the answer to that is question is "Who the F&$*# Cares? It's Hugh Jackman"
is very interesting see a hanson man with a long hair
I adore the longer hair. And you are the very first person I don't know that I've added to my circles! For eye candy now and then, I'm in!
I am a fan of the long hair, yes. =^_^=

I still think more facial hair looks best, though. Enough to show that it isn't just a few days of laziness. >^..^<
Hugh, nice hair style. Unlike you, however.
oh yes i am go Hugh it looks good on you.
It's a different look for you, but it works great!
sempre foi e sempre sera
bjs em seu coraçao
It's aight if ya know what I mean!(;
Whether long or short you looking good to me!
No Hugh...wait...Van Helsing style, maybe.

But not with that face. you bro.
looks kind of ruffian-like not bad but more for like the missing prince look.
oh now.. you look stunning but generally... no
Depends on who's wearing it and if they wash it ;) lol
how can you not be a fan of long hair when its on hugh. even a grandma like myself find hugh so sexy ....
Handsome and sexy, muy guapo, guapisimo asi greñudo.
That medium Length is not horrible. I wouldn't kick you outta bed or anything... but I am MUCH more of a fan of SHORT HAIR!!!
The long hair is okay, but I think the shorter, medium length, gelled back hair is absolutely unmatched!
NO! But hey its Hugh!!! Sexy with/without hair :)
Looks like he can't afford a hair cut... or a shave ...
or a decent shirt for that matter.
Who the heck is this guy anyway?
kevin sorbo crossed with john stamos
Honestly, the long hair makes you look like John Stamos.
oh hell yes I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow!
Alex Dumitru
I've been, but not any more :)
Strange question... If it is about your hair what matters is what you like. You're wearing it!!!! Why asking this on google + ???
No u look better with short hair
no..u look better with short hair..Ur display pic looks awesome..
I like long hair on men.. :) but not everyone can pull if can however nice....
deveria ser imortalizado em estátua de mármore!
not a fan of long hair!!!but he def look so much younger!! :D
I must agree with Kellie. You're great looking either way! goldengirl845
Of course. Love lots of hair, especially on my Honey :*
Yes, usually love long hair on men - but with you Hugh - you look sexier with the short hair, like you had it in 'Australia' the movie. 
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