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"Wolverine is comedic in his gruff way."
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hi hugh jackman your looking very superb nice!!!
my fav comic character since uncanny xmen was released, i never knew someone like you will fit the role....fantastic!!!
Hugh , So Glad You Got The Part,
Come on, Oscar Win Me Thinks!!!!!
is he normal man,he looks to be what he looks.
Watching x-men right now <3 you are awesome!
sai sai
Wow, wow
He is the Art teacher after all.
Gruff and scruffy guys esp. when funny are the best! Sam Elliot is the perfect example.
you are a great Wolverine! Never stop doing it!!!!
too bad he is not in the Avenger movie :(
The haircut sure does not as much as the side burns though! btw i think Hugh Jackman was perfectly casted for Wolverine its how i pictured him if hed been real growing up =)
u look gr8.... i m a huge fan of urs :) :)
Hell ya they need wolveeine in the avengers!!!
I thought Wolverine would be in AVENGERS
looking one man army i m ur big fan:):)
muy guapo¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ bonito¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
ok that sounds so gross and his movies are awesome!!!!!!!!
you're my favorite character in X Men!! :)
Can't wait to get more Wolverine. Out of anyone (alongside patrick stewart) you nail your character. I would love to see more story arc around the Codename: Wolverine book. It touched on it a bit, but i need more!
Wolverine is one of my favorite X-Men characters, you do well when you bring him to life Hugh!
I need his claws in my life...I have a few people I'd like to show'em to.
Hugh Jackman is if they could just get a good movie script to fit how he embodies the character, it would be a huge success in the box office and great for "us" comic lovers!
Woh Hugh you cut this out with this wolf thing ah ha ha ha ha!!!
lmao gambit is still better in my opinion
Wolverine has always been the man.
he screams to much in the movies ,sorry but that's annoying
#OdinApproves of Hugh Jackman's action scenes!
maravilha de homem meu bebe preferido bjs
I never laughed so hard in my life as when as when Eric and Charles approached Wolverine in the bar in XMen 1st Class to try and recruit him........
hes so strange looking
<Awesome pic
You're a hottie Hugh! No matter what character you play!
I don't know if I like his normal lines better or when he's making fun of Scott.
I like Wolverine because he is a normal guy trapped in abnormal circumstances but still moving forward one step at a time - no matter what.
In Bart Simpson's words: bad a## like wolverine leaves when everyone asks him to stay!!
you so didn't need to say that
Hola Hugh,enviale saludos a mi hijo Santiago,el tiene tus peliculas de X-men y Guepardo.Espero nos contestes,pasa bien...
Really good shot of you Hugh!
For sure he's got his own off beat humor and it's one of the things that makes him so popular.
cyclops you took the last cookie you bastered
"He's the best at what he does....and what he does isn't pretty."But you already know that!
Saludos Hugh, esperando la continuacion de Lobezno...y tus nuevos proyectos..
Wolverine (and all of your characters throughout your very successful career) shows that there are many different types of comedy out there, and that comedy is one of the most enduring forms of entertainment in the history of the world.
logan is quite a character... ;)
Hugh Jackman , you rock i would so get your autograph if i could but i can't ... sorry fan moment , and i love how Wolverine had the huge claws , but did anyone watch Wolverine:Orgins (however you spell it)? cause there was a female Wolverine o.o
Love the wolverine character. You played him well I'm impressed. Thanx
i have one thing to say...Wolverine is frickin awesome
Thats Y Twilight wasn't much successful as Wolverine......
Wolverine happens to be my favourite Action figure from the time i was a kid. The guy is rude, has THE ATTITUDE but there is something alluring about him that adds charisma to the name - WOLVERINE. He has a soul, a mean and violent one to some but there is a side to this beast that is overlooked - his heart and the things he does in the dark and disappears like a shadow. For the seldom outcasts in our world he may/may not be a solace which leads one to think no matter how the world percieves you - you are who you are!!! Just make the best out of it - if you can.

Salute' to Logan.

Quotes I cant get enough of:
I am the best at what i do, but what i do isnt very nice.

You might remember that 'annoyed' is my natural state.'

Go ahead. Reload. Take all the time you want. I'm still gonna kill every last one of you
The character is fantasticaly etched, albeit with some loopholes. Anyway women (heterosexual) loves u. And we men loves your blades..
yeah he is fabullous.............
You are still stuck with mutants..... I thought you are coming back with something new....
Omg, can he come over my house Friday night??
ya next movie coming this year wolverine is back
niccccccccccccccccccccccc picccccccccccccccccccccc
i watch you in xmen so many times i can say the lines word for word you inspired my acting carrer
Wolverine will cut us all in pieces... yeah that's really comedic in some ways..... lol
wrong color Tank Top..should have wore BLACK
you is uan very, very good proficion,I 'm em your (fã).....
caraca so fauta fica sem ropa
Is this from the new Wolverine movie?
hi men you have good performance and ability for to do special thing i admire and respect you.
I love wolverine is my favorite
lucky guy of the world, in present life taking main part of the future life,
X-man, great guy
Hi jackman..I want work with you..
hey i am intrested in acting! any sugestions
little hairy but hes still cool
looks very fierce yet calm. The movie Van Helsing was epic when you played it!
Hey Hugh,
One of my dearest friends, Ariana Savalas, will be singing at the Hard Rock Cafe in LA tonight! Hope you can make it! Love and blessings, Terry :-)
wow look like a angry young man.........
Realy u r very good
Plz tel me when u want to come INDIA
Its pleasure to me to serve you our best
Hello! I am looking forward to the X-Men.
i love Wolverine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugh is the number one best person to play Wolverine!!!! no one else could pull it of as well as he dose!!!!!
Man I was checking out the last few minutes of Origins on FX today and I said to myself "Hugh Jackman is amazing". You are spectacular and I hope to be walking in your shoes one day!
It would be a view to watch him among Avengers !!!
Nice Look...........
sexy this men
just watched all of the xmen movies for the millionth time this week
esperemos q Tenga traductor en su pagina, xq no se ingles Pero,me encantan Las peliculas de X-Men, Y El Personaje q mas me gusta es el que haces vos.
I love The X-Men movies, and the character I like best is that do you, I'm Chilean I love talking in English
what a great t-shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jajajajajaja...and it´s better who wears that t-shirt!!!!!!!!! jajajaja
kapan ada filmnya lagi wolverine ?? yang lebih hebat dari yang pertama ya ???? thanks...
he also has a friend/enemy named DEADPOOL.
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