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What's your favorite Hugh movie?
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i liked that time you were on the big gig
Van Helsing, all the X-men for just voice Flushed Away
and can't wait for Les Misérables
Definitely liked the Prestige. But the simple "cameo" in X-Men: First Class is a great one-liner.
X2: X-Men United is my favorite
The Prestige, and it's not even close. 
Kate and Leopold, Les Misérables, The Fountain and Swordfish... all my favorites so I cant choose just one.
all about hugh it's so amazing!
Do we have to choose? He was good in all of em ;)
The prestige was an amazing movie
X men Origins but all in all Hugh is pretty much a bad ass
The Fountain - It's a bit weird, but well worth a watch!
you looks very pretty
I have spent the whole day many times. watching all the x-men movies.
Am I the only person who liked SwordFish?!
omg im am in luv with the x men movies!!!!!!!
The one with Wolverine!!!!!!!! :D
If I said "Swordfish " I would probably get a lot of hate, yet there are so many great roles of his, that one favorite is hard to point: Xmen, kate and Leopold, Australia, The Prestige, Scoop, Someone like you, the fountain, Real Steel... can't say there is one favorite.
1st - Wolverine 2nd - Australia 3rd - Prestige 4th - Real Steel
'The Fountain' is probably the most beautiful film I have ever seen, and is my favorite Hugh Jackman picture. Ironically, 'Real Steel' would probably be my next favorite.
Clara M
Oklahoma! because I happen have a soft spot for curly-haired singers. ;D
Arsène Lupin and X-Men, Love iiiiiit <3
The one where I figure out how to get you off my G+
why would you post your password
Why is Hugh talking about himself in the third person?
Kri Pat
SHERLOCK HOLMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xmen, xmen origins and kate and leopold
X MEN ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!
XMEN!!!!!!!!!!! GO WOLVERINE!!!!!
I haven't seen enough Hugh movies, but I love Kate & Leopold
Van Helsing and X-Men. they're both my favorite
I liked him in Sherlock Holmes. He Cracks me up with some of
his lines with the Doctor.
the prestige. hands down.
Ana J.R
I love all movies
I enjoy most of your movies so to choose a favorite is tough. I would say it would be a tossup between "Operation Swordfish" & "Real Steel". I also enjoyed Prestige however the character in there is a tough one to love.
Not gonna lie, Someone Like You.
The Fountain was mighty. Thanks for your talent, Mr. Jackman.
Haley B
X-Men I'm a total nerd girl B-l:)
Hugh; instead of talking about yourself all this time, Why don't you weigh in on some of the important issues in the world? Tell us what you think about global warming or the struggle for peace and freedom in Syria or any of the many other things going on in the world. Movies just are not very important!
alan em
x men origins
Scoop. Mr. Peter Lyman. (scarlette i love u.)
The X-Men for one and the one with Halley Barry and John Travolta Shark was it?
The one where Hugh posts something worthwhile in G+, rather than years-old production stills and one-liners from scripts he didn't write.

Oh wait, that one is never gonna be made. :-P
Ray Lin
great man !!!!
None. You're a great actor but you just get bad movies.
x men isnt that like too obvious!!!
I can't remember the name, but Meg Ryan co-starred and it was about a guy that time travels from the past to the future and Meg and Jack fall in love
pg semua,,,,,,,????
Woverine hands down is my favorite Hugh movie.
Notting Hill! Hugh Grant is amazing! :) Just kidding: Swordfish. You rock!
Yan Li
the Prestige
actually i have to go with flushed away, only because of the clothes scene where you grab the wolverine costume then the elvis and go back and forth....god did i laugh!!!
first class,and real steal.maybe this other movie will be ok or alright.
Can anyone tell me about this Sherlock Holmes movie that Hugh was supposedly in? There is no mention of it on imdb.
X men : The last stand ...
Easy You were born to be Wolverine. Just as Robert Downey Jr. was born to be Iron Man. No other will do for either role.EVER.
PT Barnum. I think his character is gay in the one man musical :P
Introduced to Hugh through X-Men but my favorite is Real Steel! Flushed Away a close third.
Kate and it, own it, watched it dozens of times.
X-man!! That's pretty much why I love x-men because Hugh Jackman is in it!(:
Obviously X-Men Origins Wolverine.
x-men and surprisingly real steel.
Sem comentários !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TODOS .Sua atuação e maravilhosa ... Que vem muito bem acompanhada do seu charme e beleza que nos encanta !
It's hard to choose..but I really love The Prestige
The Prestige, by far. And just a comment. It seems to work because Jackman isn't carrying the movie alone.
X-Men, Real Steel, and Sherlock Homes
H Raval
The Prestige.
The Prestige and Real Steel, such greatness
Can't decide between "Kate & Leopold" or "The Prestige"...
I liked Iron man and the avengers look awesome!!!!!!!!
hey. Jackman didn't do Sherlock Holmes :| it's Jude Law (my another fav actor) <3 . but i prefer the Prestige..
Out of the ones I've seen, tied between Van Helsing and The Prestige. :D
i like The Prestige best,but not for hugh,just for Norlan
Can you say smoking hot! It's obvious, but x-men is the best movie. Not to say he wasn't sexy in all the others.
Are you kidding? X-Men! Wolverine Rocks
that movie with meg ryan in the title role as the leading lady...i forgot the movie title.
X-MEN 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gaea G
X-men Wolverine and Van Helsing
~ Kate and Leopold ♥
Hard to say. Haven't had the chance yet to see these
Van Helsing, The Fountain, The Prestige, Real Steel, X-Men
Any thing which has YOU in it..:)
That's a very hard question. There are so many to choose from. The Fountain and The Prestige are two of my favorite thought provoking movies.
Two Weddings and a Funeral. Oh wait, Hugh who?
Swordfish and X-men
Love the wolverine, but swordfish's plot was great
Anything with his shirt off or in shreds.
Xander W
Origins - wolverine !!
Candy Cox
Any movie with Wolverine in it
X-MEN and real steel amazing :)
The Prestige!!! :D Such a great movie
man vd
Fountain was a wondeful movie.
Are you really Hugh Jackman ? Aussies don't spell that badly !
Iv'e Gotta say swordfish
im ur great fan i hav beard like u na.i dnt  expet u in hear  iam  very hapy ;-)
Its hard to pick just one they are all great!!!
real steel!!!!!!!!! i love fight scenes
The best pictures are the first and the last :)
No commet i watch the x-men and vaghel sing
The one i don't known 
They are all so amazing!!! I can't choose one!
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