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"I loved playing sports when I was younger, particularly rugby, cricket, high jump, and swimming."
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Why are you grabbing your thumb? Was it trying to escape?
The same hobbit with me!!
Rugby and cricket are national sports here in South Africa, you should come by and play a game or two. I'm sure tons of your fans will gladly pitch up for any game you are at.
nice hair and you also too nice
"I loved playing video games when I was younger, particularly Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, N64, and watching TV."
and i still love the nintendo 64
my friend owns one
i thought his movie real steel was really good
Good gawd, Hugh is gorgeous!! *swoons*
Te ves raro con ese peinado xD
Getting a little tired of the "Hey look at me!" posts showing up in What's Hot. This not.
wow you look really different with long hair...
Cooool. . .I love cricket plus you Hugh(in a strictly non gay manner) :P
Ta lindo com esse cabelo, mais prefiro ele curto! beijos
you know after taking a few looks at this.... you kind of look like Jason Bateman
Nice to read, but just quotes all the time.... ain't to be nice
Hugh has without a doubt one of the freatest man bod's ever....EVER! You go Hugh!1
Could you be my dad? hahahaha, cheers!
me too, me too, hugh!  LOL!!!!!   ;)
Oh man, there goes my tongue, BOING!!! :-P
en esa foto no sale tan cuerpon pero igual i like it :)
too long of hair
this to me looks like its been Photoshop.
He looks like a beefed up Keith Urban here.
Yes, very nice. Beautiful athletic physique.
Have never seen you with longer hair, I like it.
my mom had me in classes every day of the week and competitions on the weekends.. 
A physique that would inspire an artist'
Awesome picture Hugh... but then again is it possible for you to take a bad one :p
Oh... sports are great too...hehehe
YO, sabia lo que me esperaba, un vaso de metal azul profundo...
I love X-MEN!!!! And Australia!!!! :O :D
I'm training to be a life guard!!! :D
Ro Roe
You sexy thing , thanks for making my day!! :) :)
Oh yes, a really nice sex with him and just fuck him all the way throu is very good! :D
Could we actually expect any less of you?  Cheers to your life in beauty, Hugh!  
hi.  i would like to say, thanks for wearing that shirt.  you are a handsome fella.  can't wait to see you on more movies.  can you play a romantic that fell in love with a princess?  i think that would be great.  how about playing the prince on cinderella movie?  how about other movies such as gangster wannabe like al capone or spencer tracy?  how about playing kate beckinsale's love interest in a romantic thriller?  hehe.  the possibilities are endless, but best of all, be careful and try not to wear yourself out.  get some rest, please!  i see you on batman, the dark knight and you seem stoned faced, inability to smile on cue.  i hope you are having a lovely and wonderful day.  i just want you to know, i love everything that you do and your fans will be here for you, always!
omg, who cares if he can act as long as he keeps making movies so we can dream and drool
oh my god he is so sexy!!
Well it definitely paid off. Cus u look great. 
Please get a haircut. No offense.
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"lovED playing sports?" What happened to that love?
Its ironic because I guess a sizeable number of people reading this are not into sports. Its the price we (as humankind) paid for technological advancement/progress.
do you want a girl friend????? are u...nice to meet u
Either way you were born to be an amazing actor. whether you accept it or not. Both my dad and Brother look up to you (:
Well, not to be mean but you don't really look so good with that style of hair. It would be better if it were short and not straightened but that is just my opinion. Good picture though but not the best.
he's friendly for real
It looks strange, probably a retouched picture for kidding... I like kidding!
Cool! I didn't know that! Oh, and go wolverine!
Yeah they are all good sports and they're a lot of fun too not to mention keeping you in great shape too.
i always liked basketball then a neighbor called the police on me while i was playing and my NBA dreams where shattered , just kidding sports are great
physical fitness keeps you healthy and happy. :)
In my opinion, you look better with short hair...
I do not know if you can talk about it, but I would like to know what movie you are currently working. Thanks!!
when my age reached 50, I'm going to play rugby, cricket, high jump, and swimming."
i like your character as the wolverine
i always get hurt when playing sports for some reason. im so glad that you're going to be in Les Miserables! its my favorite book/opera/movie! i cant wait to see it again!
Can't wait to see you in the wolverine movie <3
High jump for the win...
he think he got it but you dont hunnybooboo.. like no
Love you with the long hair.Super sexy!
+Mica Johnson- May be Hugh Jackman is having a day off........
or could be flying back to Australia, can't expect him to answer all posts etc.................
I miss competitive swimming.  I was a field event person myself in high school...shot put, long jump, discus, but I couldn't do high jump because I was afraid I'd land my back on the bar every time I ran up to it. 
i left my computer on last night and when i woke up the piccture where ever i went it was starring at me im so creeped out by that pic.
do let me know if coming to Beijing and want to play Cricket in China :)
Your kidding with that dribble. a man of substance please not fluff.
wolverine or the dude frm real steel
This cheesy photo is 'what's hot'?!
I am a state swimmer!
And BTW Clove, Don't dis "the flick"
Hii im just nw but im not up with HUGH JACKMAN fill me in please!
I feel odd. One of my 16yo coworkers has the same haircut. 
Nice one, you look great...
On your trip to INDIA did you visit the Taj?
Swap Rugby for Aussie Rules and that's more like it.
lindo sem, pré gostei de Tudo
I used to be in volleyball, track, basketball and soccer. 
It's funny, I was so uncoordinated as a kid I didn't play much at all - but now as an adult I'm much more physically active.  Golf is my newest passion - can't get enough of it!
Спорт- это то, что отвлекает нас от суеты и наполняет рекой жизни.
sabes? muy bueno el te que recomiendas ha y soy de mexico pero mi opinion cuenta no es que me sienta menos pero siendo estrella supongo que tienes mas cosas que hacer bay my friend....
hi hugh, i want to know i am great admirer 4 u, and i thank you a lot that i have accepted the friend request, I O U
Are you sure that's you? It looks like you took this yesterday!
I'm a Physical Education Teacher, I was an athlete athletics ( Heptatlon), and I love sports a lot.
wow so nice your passted nice pic Hugh Jackman i love you 
long hair does not flatter you
I'm trying to get into rugby, but with it not being as big in michigan it's kind of difficult.
tennis, netball, badminton and swimming 4 me!!!!!
does anyone here do tennis?....
we now return to 80's Jackman
nothing to do with this topic, but do you like lotr? (lord of the rings) 
Grier V
I thought that was David Beckham...
I am not a fan of guys with long hair, BUT there is always exceptions.
cabelo curto te deixa mais charmoso...mas assim tbm tá bonito!
changed the face if I have long hair
Sport is now one of the most important side of my life and I hope it will be for a longtime to come
Eu também adoro esportes principalmente natação, basquete, futebol, exercícios aeróbicos e fitness.
No cabe duds el que Siempre ha sido bello, es bello.usted entre mas viejo .
Entre mas video mejor.guaauuuu Ricura y no soy lobo auuuuuuuuu.jajjajajja me encanta.
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