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"When I train I listen to Godsmack. I’d listen to it really high, as loud as I can. To me, that was as close to Wolverine as I could get."
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Hey man, i thought u were the famous wolverine at first... great work anyway.
Hey jack whats your thought on HGH
BS, Godsmack rocks and is perfect for it. But I do agree with ya on Limp Bizket.
Godsmack?? really? Hugh's PR dept that runs this page couldn't come up with something better?? switch over to the Deftones or something and leave the Godsmack to teh kiddies and nickelback fans..
Well hopefully the next Wolverine movie is angrier than Origins. Sorry Hugh but it could have been a lot better.
I like to throw down some Disturbed when I'm in the gym.
get down with the sickness
wow you resembles like a American armyman
You know... I never expected Godsmack... like at all...
I can see Godsmack getting you into that Wolverine mood! I listen to them when I feel a bit too aggresive.
Wolverine a personage attractive, enigmatic and very charming, without mentioning very sexy
what is ur favorite song of godsmack? mine is i stand alone
Some people think Hugh looks a lot like my brother, Ralph....
when he was younger, Just a bit... but I think Hugh is HOT!
Yeah, Godsmack are amazing! Sully Erna is the man!!!
And if he'd listened to Manowar, we'd end up with Thor.
Umm, I'd argue with Manowar we'd end up with Conan, Tyr is more likely to have given you Thor however ^^
lol...I want to buy you twelve Manhattans that taste like victory and sharks high-fiving each other.
hey I am huge fan to hugh jackman....!.real steel.......!.
Hugh, let your Wolverine feast to Red Hot Chili Peppers from the "One Hot Minute" album, song titled: "Shallow Be Thy Game".

I was not created
In the likeness of a fraud
Your hell is something scary
I prefer a loving god
We are not the center
Of this funny universe
And what is something worse
I do not serve
In fear of such a curse
Shallow be thy game
2000 years look in the mirror
You play the game of shame
And tell your people live in fear

A rival to the way you see
The bible let him be
I'm a threat to your survival
And your control company

*You'll never burn me
You'll never burn me
I'll be your heretic
You can't contain me
I am the power free
Truth belongs to everybody*

To anyone who's listenin'
You're not born into sin
The guilt they try and give you
Puke it in the nearest bin

Missionary maddness
Sweep up culture w/ a broom
Trashing ancient ways
Is par for the course
It's fucking rude

To think that you're above
The laws of nature is a joke
Purple sashes feeding masses
Smoke on which to choke

I might be a monkey
When it comes to being holy
Fundamental hatred
Get down on your knees and


Yeah Dude, that will get your blood pressure up to full power man.
Don't know how many times it needs to be said, but here goes again...


Wolverine listened to country anyway, Hugh.
You have done well over the years. Great talent, thanks for sharing it
yah i also listen godsmack "whatever"
Huge get with the picture, no one gives two shits about your rise to stardom. Post something that is at least relativity interesting and isn't just a proclamation of how must you love yourself. I have held my tongue in the past but this like the 5th or 6th useless post that made it on to "whats hot"
+Hugh Jackman Godsmack is what .... excuse me but I don't keep with the fads of today every day it is something else and not worth the effort..
Naren S
no dear he is Australian actor
Daniel, he's too young man, also he's cute gold man on the stage..
Naren S
yes i am sure :- )
LOVE Godsmack. Fucking A, Hugh. You're alright in my book :)
vry niceeee.....i lke ths...!!
As I lay waste in my trench
drenched in corpse stench

I have to believe
that this hell I breath
was not exhaled
by the demons within me...

-that bit of my poem was inspired by one of their songs,
powerful shit!
hi hugh... wow your role as wolverine fascinates me a lot .. the stunts and all..why weren't you in first class or was it a new set of characters ..wishing you all the best in your role on broadway musical
You are not my most favourite... but u were the only reason I sw the X MEN series!!!
hi rocking wolverine...
Ok, but what did you listen to when training for the movie Real Steel? Loved that movie, btw. And not just because I love to box either. The action and the intensity got to both the husband and me.
I think Godsmack would be proud.... :)
Fail lolllolllollolllolloolollolololllollollolloollolllololooolfai;lFAil;D
is this french or any other launguage
Godsmack and their 3 note Alice in Chains ripoff act...Hugh, do me a favor and please listen to Hatebreed, Alice in Chains, Deftones, Tool - real music by real musicians. Make The Wolverine better, faster, stronger by listening to music that is not watered down.
omg, idc if ur not actually a freaky wolverine dude with AWSOME looking claws... CUZ UR HOT!!!
Everyone should listen whatever the fuck he /she wants. Period. Godsmack is a great band for training, common guys, it's not music appreciation neither a need to break everything, just training. Chill, at least he listens rock, not rap or pop (sad excuses for music).
Ro Roe
OH Yeah!! :)
Just another reason to LOVE Hugh Jackman
you inspire others to learn and embrace new opportunities to grow and learn fresh approaches with a creative veiw.poet terry fernando newton,google is a real plus
I remember seeing Godsmack, and Rob Zombie in concert, Godsmack was so good.
Try System of a Down next time and you'll feel like THE HULK.
love godsmack, try the darkest red that pumps me up to train
I don't have millions of dollars but I would like to ask for training advice
The greatest actors listen to Godsmack... huh never would've guessed
"Love, Hate, Sex Pain". Yep! Sounds like all the qualities a "Wolverine" would need to train.
Great to finally add you to my circle. You are awesome and I love all... all your movies.
Godsmack? Ugh... They are awful. Give Meshuggah, The Faceless, Born of Osiris, and Veil of Maya a listen. THat's some workin out music!
I do not mind what you hear, when I work, just rock, be. The turn off my brain. Anyway, I love this movie :)
OMG. What's up with all the hatorade on Godsmack?! PR or not, music is a personal preference and talking crap is BS... Unless it has an undertone of a "playful tease"
It works because you are looking great!
That is great music to get motivated with.
I listen to music too! What a coincidence!
ditto. i have realized that GODSMACK gets you going in the gym no matter what your mind is telling you. You will grab those gym shoes even if all you want to do is order in pizza and down it with a 6 pack.
best 3 band 2 workout too are disturbed godsmack and slipknot
What do you listen when drive or in an airplane?
of course u re the real wolverine i love u hughman u re very good by playing the role as wolverine.mwaah
Estoy nuevamente enamorada!! Godsmack es una de mis bandas favoritas!!
Awesome. Rock out with your cock out. XD
awesome i like godsmack too :) i listen to korn in the gym but then again i listen to korn all the time :D love ya hugh!
is ghat who you always wanted to be? imaginary hero? grow up...
wow, you might be the most ego-maniacal person with the worst taste in music on G+.
Hugh Jackman kicks hardcore butt! Go Wolverine on em'
Seriously if I was Hugh Jackman I'd fire the person in charge of my G+ account.

This kinda stuff is making him look like a real idiot!
That second sentence needs editing. Or maybe I'm just too high.
Yeah Godsmack is a great band to listen to when doing just about anything
awesome reflexes & great expressions that gives u great attitude i like that
Neva heard of them. Need to remember for futiure reference.
I love wolverine and reel steel
there better be some more hacking and slashing in the next wolverine movie!
I disagree with David Hash. I thought Origins, Wolverine was absolutely perfect. It is one of the few movies I enjoy watching again, and again.
Badass. And cute. Très Sexy. ^_^
ah, so sad tht u cudnt make it all th way m8! HA-LOL! :( / :)
I loved all of the x-men movies with you as wolverine
Hugh jackman is a bad ass without godsmack!
"I'm like a bird! I'll only fly away! I don't know where my soul is... I don't know where my home is... :("
When Chuck Norris works out, Godsmack listens to him.
You playing the role x-men is awesome

Godsmack - awesome. Wolverine character - epic. Your movies - amazing.

P.S. Twice in Russian show "Projector PerisHilton" - hilarious.

Thank you Hugh.
I focused right in on the "I'd listen to it really high". luls, bet you do Hugh ; )
No doubt your a damn good pick for the character.
How do I block you from showing up on the feed.....oh and BTW you are not Wolverine you psycho.....your name is Huge need some help man ....
Yo dave wilkins u r a retard no one cares wat u tino
i agree, godsmack was/is awesome, dave, what's up w/the backlash?
That's part of a creative process, We call it mindfulness
i hear ya i used to race dirt track cars and in the dash for cash races i would have them plug judas preist in and i was good to go for 10 laps
To the people who have nothing better to do than idolize movie stars suck it up. This guy is a self glorifying wako....go back and read his post history. Just what this guy needs is everybody agreeing with him. Maybe you look up to movie actors, to me they are just people....this guy is a schmuck...the reason he can be one is because of all the assholes plus 1ing his comments.....way to help out.
Thanks for introducing me to Godsmack. Love the sound and you too!
+Dave Wilkins well said man......well said.
Wow, had anyone else posted something so plain and simple as this, maybe a couple comments, or 5? "Perhaps" 10?

Fascinating, how one idolizes mere men/women? For what? Acting? (Pretending to be something or someone they are not? And then the award ceremonies... lol not just one or two or three, Oscar, peoples choice, critics choise, I know I am forgetting several.)
No offense to fans or hugh. But, it all seems a bit silly. No?

Don't waste ur time answering this, it's all rhetorical.
Well - I had a listen to Godsmack - and it is probably best played loud. My concern is that after I while I will then develop the desire to drink Liptons Green Tea and do silly dances in public? Kind of late stage Wolverine Disease?
godsmack alive!!! best training song ever!!!!!!!!!!!
Buen punto Hugh, aunque quizás para mucho eres lo mas parecido al personaje que se pueda encontrar, saludos desde Panamá....
what a handsome..that's my IDOL wolverine

Nice to meet you. Hello,Hugh. I'm looking forward to new film.
I am blocking you and your handlers that insist on putting this crap on G+, who cares your an idiot!
you played a good wolverine.
Hey i listen to godsmack high to but not to be wolverine
You are a very handsome man, but I find a sense of you acting like a "regular guy" at least as attractive as your physique, if not more so. Plus -- Godsmack?!! Awesome.
what a look ......................................................................
when I listen my music in mp3, sometimes I wanna sing loud, and I do it (when I don´t disturb anybody), that´s a good feeling.
So, Houdini... sounds cool. ;)
Woke up, and the local mails telling me you're been filming at one of the churches nearby (Ewelme), any hints on the new movie?

That's good,I like the Xmen,all over!
Hugh u r my real hero. U looked very intense in X man 4.
Eres un gran artista, Hugh. Saludos! (You are a great artist, a great one!. Greetings!)
I UNDERSTAND YOU LISTEN TO GOD! BUT GOD DIDN'T SMACK YOU HARD ENOUGH! I like Xmen but I always speak of God in a positive way.I still love your work. especially in Real Steel!
Awesome that I share something other than just this planet with Wolverine :)
Well, I've seen your work and if Godsmack makes you transform into Wolverine, I say carry on because no complaints from this side of the world.
whoo hoo! Wolverine is supreme! Hugh Jackman's cool, too. Lol.
that is so true..I am a huge Godsmack fan it definatly is the music of choice when it comes to being Wolverine
If you could, post your workout regimen. I'm always looking for a more challenging workout.
I seen how u trained for that part..brutal! good choice for i take it u like metal?
I know I'll get slammed for this comment: Who/What is GodSmack ? Just asking???
What ever works best to get you into character. If Godsmack works, awesome. Keep up the good work.
```¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ Que bello!!!!!! es un muy buen actor, me encantan sus peliculas
well, M. Fassbender did just stare at a spoon for a while
Damn it!! You're so hot...especially as 'Wolverine' ;) Love Ya...Mr Sexy !! ;P
I love you while you played wolverine.
when i train i listen to nakku mukka..
I've loved you in everything I've seen you in! You are truly a great actor. Not just another pretty face :-) God bless! <3 Jenn
Overall rating

i loved you so much
you were funny as harry potter on saturday night live
I like pumping rage against the machine to get me in a mood
Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful
Wolverine is my favorite marvel character :) im going to the A vs. X Comin book expo in chicago coming up in April!! Cant wait!! :))
Forget Godsmack. Listen to some Deftones or Mastodon.
lol how interesting haha lol.
r you saying there is another movie in the making to train for
you could have a ten movie contract for wolve! you're perfect for this!!! hugs from Brazil!
its that a rock band or something or ocastra this godsmack because classical music makes me train up
such greetings awatings the realise in mexico
I love Godsmack, I wish I could see them in concert, that would really make my year and put another notch on my list of concerts that I've seen so far. I have already seen Nickleback in concert that was totally awesome, and I would go and see them again, when the come back to Sacramento, California.
i am bein serious when i do say that yes i do like Godsmack as well
....sem comentarios....alias só um very good
jean rowley.....just love everything about you!
If you could change something about yourself, what would it be?
quando eu vir o x man Desenho Pela Primeira Vez eu me apaoxonei e principalmente Pelo wolverine ea fenix e quando eu vir o Filme Que tinha voce logotipo vir Que voce era UMA Pessoa Certa pra Representante o wolverine em Desenho.
Герой детей который зажег в сердцах миллионах людей искру человек ставший примером для мальчишек которые всю жизнь мечтают быть таким как он личность которая научила стоять до конца и не быть сломленным Хью если ты это читаешь знай ты герой а не дешевый банер я верю что время героев ещё не прошло
я пересмешник в красном саване и маске клоуна я пришел из тёмных эпох
he's so woooooo i love everything about u Hugh jackman everything
guapo bonbon¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
a qui tenemos a hugh jackman¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ encantador¡ besiiiiiiiiiiiissss
hugh is freaken awesome as wolverine<3
decirte que eres guapo es quedarse corta tu peliculas son otro nivel ;)
you mean the song by alice in chains?
foto encantadora¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ besissssssssssssss
o may god could you give the act a break your no different then us you may have a different personality but you don't have to lie to you fans especially me ( no a fence but i do like you acting very talented )
this pic is amazing you did very good honestly add me to your circles
Can you put any pics from the movie 'The Prestige' . It was one hell of a movie !!
oooohhhh, that`s my favorite cheering up musik
cada ves mas guapo'''''''''''''''''''''''''''' bonboncito¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ muasssssss
bonbon hugh jackman. eres precioso¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
guapo como el solo muakkkkkk¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Dave M
Totally agree with that, Lamb of God works too!
oh good! the heavy stuff does it for me!
looking cool....................................................
Same here man godsmack is the shit 
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