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“Hugh is sexy to me every day because he's always truly himself. If someone asks me what it's like to be married to the Sexiest Man Alive, I'll say, 'Damned interesting and a lot of fun!'” - Deborra-Lee Furness (Hugh’s wife and co-star in Correlli)
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Hugh Jackman embodies many of Joe DiMaggio's traits. Class and grace. 
For some unaccountable reason, human females tend to find me "sexy."

I do not understand this phenomenon. Perhaps I should take up acting.  It worked out very well for Hugh.
Elisa and noon. He is sexy btw. U both are feeling jealous.
Very unbiased view point there. If only the news media was this objective...
Never stop being yourself!
Can anyone translate spanish????????
No yaar.they cant use simple english.
Your wife is absolutely right.  Real is sexy.  Glad to see that you'll be working together. :)
You're a lucky woman, and Hugh's lucky to have you! :) x
your lucky hugh for such a great wife.
+Hugh Jackman  - Deborra lee furness you are a  very  lucky person  to have each other.....better to have  something real be in  Love is wonderfull.........and I think Hugh has a lot of charm, class ,witty and confidence and he looks very sexy............
You                   Are                    So                        Hot.
Did you know that?
Anna Di
Yeah, I agree he is sexy, but not as sexy as my husband.:-)
Hugh Jackman = Celebrity Crush. Well, one of them. :)
+Carissa Benjamin -  I don't know what you mean by 'slick' .......... but he is just the full package, Great body, Looks and the Brains to match and that Spells A Lot of Sex Appeal........... 
Josh Hutcherson is better ❤
he looks sexy he allways look sexy
He is good looking, i think he looks better with longer hair though. But still not bad.
So nice to see a happily married couple.  Can't wait to see Hugh in Les Miserables.  He's perfect for that role.
Sounds like a very happy wife, it's good to hear for a change.
You are a showoff because you just HAD to put that online.
nod i agree completely with what was said cuz i think that way about my fiance' ^=^
you are one of the luckiest woman on earth... ;)
Easter's passed over, no need to keep HAMMING it up.
great actor, like his representation, especially the role played as the wolverine x-men , also comic book. the role fell to him perfect !!
U r so handsome! Kisses from Puerto Rico : -*

Who posts this crap? Whoever Hugh hired, needs a reality check. This makes him look like a giant douche, who is way to into himself. Then again, maybe he is, I have no idea.
hugh is sexy no matter what he wears and movie he stars in lov ya hugh keep up the good job ya doin 
Bryan u have 2 b gay to know when a man is sexy or be a woman. Which r u?
I've only seen Hugh on the Tony's when Neil Patrick Harris was hosting it. He seemed pretty neat though...
if he was a transformer, he'd be optimus fine
lol id say i wouldnt know :) just to tease him
I love her comment, I vote for the Wolverine costume 100%
Satya K
Nice outfit  ^__^
Hugh, I can not send you a private message, how much is your day of shooting? Or you work for a percentage of the Projects?
did you play in the movie: Van Helsing
my hero wher u lost? i wanna see more movies from u
You go girl!! He is rather a dish.
He is my favorite actor of all time :)
he's simply a sexy man!!!!!!
I am also a big fan of Hugh; undoubtedly he have all the traits that any man would wish. But what if (no offense intended) he is not famous would anyone say good words what really he is? 
outstanding and true. It's those words I'd use for my marriage of 21 years. Except for the 'sexiest man alive' in everyone else's eyes; mine are the only ones that count. And he's the sexiest to me! <3
i have a small man crush on him, but mostly when he's wolverine
Great woman met great man. And they have great kids too. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not everybody can manage this. Good luck for the future, because a good relationship is really hard work sometimes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it seems like non-american actors are generally less twisted than American actors
I heard there is going to be a new wolverine x-men movie.
Super High Five to the Mrs.!
I know she certainly feels lucky to be blessed with a great man in her life...
Equally, I know you feel lucky to be blessed to have her in yours.
Meanwhile, in the Never Never Land of screaming lady fandom...the rest of us chicks agree with her wholeheartedly about you being the sexiest man alive...and chomp at the bit with jealousy that we aren't her :D
don't mind me asking buuuuuut.....
were did you get those jeans!!!???
hugh's wife is very lucky :) but hugh is lucky much more :D
dued ur hot man any girl will be luck to have u!!!!
Your a very Lucky woman. I wish all woman can be that happy with a man in their lives. so often woman aren't treated like a Diamond. I am happy for you both and your children.
That lady is blessed! and I'm glad she appreciates what she has :)
your wife is one very smart and very lucky woman
I love hearing about your life from your wife's point of view. :-)
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