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Wolverine is back on the big screen July 23, 2013!

Are you excited to see Wolverine break out his claws and bust into action?
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As long as he doesn't bust into action on my head.
wooooooooooooooooo excelent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please, implore them to improve the CGI quality of the claws - the last flick's special effects in that area ruined it. You'll continue to do good stuff, without a doubt.
Wolverine is my favorite character from child.
so great!! i love it its so sexy and so handsome i cat´n wait
Wow. That will be nice! I am looking forward to it.
what is the tile going to be called
ill be watching that movie love his movies. got alotof them .
+Hugh Jackman I'll definitely go watch the movie. how come you're not following any one here though? quite a few interesting ppl on g+
I'm looking forward to it! I don't think another actor could have given life to such an iconic and complex comic book character like Wolverine as masterfully as you have!
wooooo!!Looking forward to!!
Waiting for!!!but it seems so long time before july 2013...
se ve k va a estar mui buena la peli huyyy ase faltan un chingo de tiempo
Probably won't be allowed to see it, but as Wolverine is my 2nd favorite mutant, I'll ask.
Cool! It's hard for me to believe it's been more than a decade since the first X-Men movie came out. You do a fantastic job of portraying him, despite your height. ;)
That's a pretty good pic of you :). Wish I was photogenic. Never have been. Probably never will be.
Please Sir...may I have some more?
but damn a year and couple months from now thats a long time from now till then.
i am a fan of wolverin. thats pretty good
I don't know the last two flicks were pretty Meh
sup wolverine wat u been up 2 sir
abby u dont no who that is thats wolverine dam gurl u trippin
sos un capo!!!!!!!! nunca dejes nunca dejes de actuar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just as long as it is rated R. Wolverine is the best at what he does and what he does isn't nice.
a fight between Wolverine vs Hulk would be EPIC!
but if that's impossible atm, a proper showdown with Sabertooth needs to be in order (^_____^)
I'm there. I could always relate to the crazy brute.
Yes I am! Wolverine is my alter ego Bub. Snikt!!
It will be my 33rd birthday, with one of my favorite actors and comic book characters. Of course I will be there :)
im more then ready to see Wolverine back on the big screen!
Any song 'n' dance numbers in it?
Always in a tank-top. You don't need a coat.
listen if this isnt just another fan made page and is actually hugh jackman then tell me who wolverines arch enemy is and who is his father in x-men
CY Beh
You're just in our living room last night!! The Wolverine Origins was playing :)
who heard this song called doin ur mom its so funny
Jin Luo
wish to see claws come out of feet
wtf its about time for wat
u luk like trey songz ahmed
I'd be more excited if Marvel could get the rights away from Fox so they could do something awesome like have you join the Avengers like in the comics.
ikr jack that will be sweet kinda not 2 much though
Yes! That is so awsome. Who would't like to see Wolverine again on the big screen. ^.^
they are making another X-Men??? Awesome!!!
probably the new Wolverine film, just guessing.
wolverine is the bomb u guys nothin 2 talk about he;s not a actor hes a real person sike jk
is that ur daughter cassi
Back to the gym to bench press 300 lbs? Can you share your wolverine workout with me please :)
no that is my Aunt i am the younger one lol
Can't wait...this is gonna be one heck of a day!!
'wolverine is the best,i love his moveis
Wolverine finally took a break from singing and dancing on broadway!!!
Ji Li
the ture man!
Sou fã do wolverine mas gostaria de ver uma continuação de Van Reusel também !
Looking forward to it. Last one was awesome.
Excited doesn't even begin to cover it Hugh! Saw the image above and everything in me simply screamed YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!
I used to collect the old wolverine series when I was a kid. Very stoked!
more photos, look me up (jr.lavergne) facebook
i hope its not rated parents wouldnt let me see it!
I'm eager to see something R-rated. Yes. ;)
Awesome stuff. Very much looking forward to this.
I love how in First Class, he only said one line; "Go fuck yourselves." :DDDDDD
Can't wait I love Wolverine he is my favorite X-Men character.
I will be cautiously excited.
lo amo desde la primera pelicula x-men!!!
SO COLLLLL,,,,i will wait
Outstanding !!!!!! Thanks for making another Mr. Jackman.
id rather see another x-men movie. or a crossover type movie. looking forward to the avengers.
No I am not excited to see anything like that - wolverine or batman or catwoman - or any damn character - mindless violence and poor manicure
Call me when they do Deadpool right and give him his own movie.
I do not care. You are too tall to play Logan.
Awesome news thanks for coming back we miss ya ;-) buying the ticket already if its available.
If Hugh Jackman wrote that then put me in a dress and call me Sue. That has PR stink all over it!
Loved the "flying towards the helicopter scene" where Wolverine sliced into the helicopter! I can't wait....need it at IMAX
Man I really hope it's better than the first.
Its the day after my b-day. ;-)
Yes, I'm expecting great things from the new director and story
Indeed. I am very excited to see the new Wolverine flick.
Uffff...eso no me lo pierdo...que emoción!!!!! :)
What a coincident watching the original now
no. the last one sucked. disney screwed the hell out of deadpool.
My favorite X-Men character growing up! Looking forward to the upcoming film. :)
are you for real!!!! he's coming back that's awesome!!!!
I think all further Wolverine in the movies should be confided to cameos like in X-men First Class.If they want to do more X-men movies, they have many many more to chose from. I'm so tired of Wolverine
One more reason to survive the end of the world!!!
no,never watch them.don't watch movies like that. no meaning to it. i don't go to the movies, to expensive to go to the movies i rather spend my money on something i love to do.
Yes I;m excited and can't wait for the release thanks Hugh for sharing
Yes it would be nice to see back in action
This going to be a awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes! Wolverine is one of my favorite characters...and Hugh playing the character doesn't hurt either! ;-)
pffft, Wolverine is okay, but truthfully Gambit is my favorite.
Hugh You are the best man. i can't wait for the new movie to come out.
Running Away Jazz "Roy Ayers" The club was called Ronnie Scots' In London, England... lol ronny
really thats awesome is it just a wolverine movie or is it an x-men or a xmen wolverine origins sequel
As a french Canadian. I approve your tenure of the role.
No way he is going to get through the security scanners at the airport, but then again whos going to stop him.
Sure, just please stick to the Singer continuity... make the movies as connected as the Avengers line. X-Men should be no different. =)
At first glance I thought it said "break his claws" ... but that's impossible!
Do you actually know that you choose to play the coolest X-men ever?!!!!
That's funny cause I was just watching Xmen first class... love Xmen all together
Awh man, we still gotta' wait that long? I want it now!
who wouldn't be is the real question.
kill in a kilt dude!!! bring some scots to your dangling rocks!!!
Oh yep. Who dont want some out of this world experience
An exact date over a year away?? Doesn't sound right.
Yes!!! Silver Samurai!!
Im the first in line to check this out.
Gia G
What a Hottie!
hm.. the soldier behind him.. is he praying or something?
can't say is like wolverine more buff, temperamental, and aggressive like the one in the x-man cartoon.
I can still remember from X-men First Class:
"Hello I am professor Charles Xavier and this is-"
"Go fuck yourself"
Anticipating Wolverine Action...
No, this story has been beaten to death. Let it die Hollywood, let it die.
I'm so lucky if I still alive when the movie open in 2013
Dear Mr. Jackman,

Although you are a superb actor and your films are fun to watch, I must ask you to stop making them. You are making woman's expectations soar through the roof.....that is all. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your next film.....because i'll probably be a date.

ps: please pass this message on to Tom Hardy
Oh wow, for a minute, Wolverine almost looked like Chuck Norris.
No, I am not excited. This derivative, unimaginative formulaic crap is damning testimony that Hollywood is utterly creatively bankrupt. If Mr. Jackman had any dignity at all, he'd refuse to star in something so insipid and pointless. Is he in trouble with the tax man and taking any paycheck someone will offer him ala Willie Nelson? Does he just not care? Or is he actively trying his best to undermine western civilization and topple it into a big flaming cesspit of endless sequels and remake and so forth? He should be ashamed of himself.
i love x man i like the wolverine guy he is so cool he should be in more movies
Can't wait to see one of my favorite heroes!!! : D
You kick ass dude. Hugh Jackman is Wolverine
Jackman should stay on Broadway. Singing so much nicer than slashing...
ojala supere a las anteriores
Yes waiting for his action!!!! really missed him in X-men first class movie
I hope it will be better that the first film. It shouln't bee to difficult to get over it. A good editing (to change), better script (Yes, even in a Marvel comic-to-film adaptation it's still necessary) and some seriousness and blood (Wolverine is/has been an assassin, not a teenager pop start, for god's sake). All this would had been welcome in the first film. I hope to see it in the second one.
Anyway I'll not go blindly to the cinema this time. Not two times with the same stone, mister. ;)
i loved the other ones!!!!
Can't wait to see the new movie!!! Long time coming!!!!!
hmph....runt since I dont have an Infinity Gaunlet, I guess Ill wait til next year
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