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Minimalist Wolverine Poster by Calvin Lin

Are you excited for the new Wolverine prequel?

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Ann Ly
really? that would be another blockbuster.. im sure... heheh
yesss I want to see more of Wolverine!! 
Excited, if not the old fool will be more excited
I am +Hugh Jackman but please no need to drop in another X-men character on it.  Like what you guys did with Gambit. 
Cool poster, but I couldn't care less about the new prequel.
There's going to be another movie?  Have the Deadpool fanboys already started ranting and raving about "going the character right" yet?
is it Wolverine, or two aliens kissing?
i see two Batmen (man's?), staring at each other.
I love the real Wolferin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
... and to address the original question, definitely.
Watched the X-Men last night where everyone is introduced and they see Wolverine for a second, and when they come up to him, right away, he says, "Go f*** yourself." :D Lovin the wolverine!
When Hugh really replies. Ill listen bye
be a troll somewhere else.... LOVE the Wolverine!!!!!!!1111111111
+Hugh Jackman , though you are a perfect fit to the wolverine role and have enjoyed wasting my time watching your films, I am far from "excited" about going out and seeing a prequel. Why would i want to give more money to a place that wanted, spend countless millions lobbying for S.O.P.A and P.I.P.A. because Hollywood (among other companies) is missing out on a few pennies. 
You are just like him if you can't drop it just saying don't be a troll too ignore him :)
Woverine precuel? you mean another start over of Wolverine? 
I can't wait to see wolverine on screen again
Bill K.
That is cool!  Thanks for sharing.  Can't wait to see you geared up as Wolverine again!
Can't wait for next Wolverine movie! When will we see trailers?
Oh wow, a prequel! I love Wolverine! Rooowrrrrr! :P
That, is, awesome.
The dvd were i saw Wolverine wasn't good at all because the tricks, the wires, the digital effects were very much visible. Me and my friends wondered why it was revealed, but at any rate it's good movie. I hope it won't happened again...
yup i sure am and i totally cant wait to see it!!! ^-^
Naj A
aliee i love it 
Kim H
Le Lien
yes, super duper excited!
Kassy G
omg there is gonna be a prequel?! :D
As long as its not as crappy as the last one. Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, really?!
Now I am. Didn't know there was going to be one
How can you guys be excited to see one of marvels greatest heroes have his story and history completely changed and turned into Hollywood crap!! I watched the 1st one and soooo much of wolverine's story and past were butchered, reminded me of watching battlefield earth for 5 min before laughing at how far off the mark it was
thiz lookz like a batman clawing sumbody but it suks
I wonder if Hugh posts his own posts of if someone does it for him.
The words wolverine and minimal don't rhyme.
Would like to see it, just hope you dont kill off anymore of my fav charicters this time:)
if i see da movie, i have a prettty big feeling imma pee on meh self >.<
i luuuuuv wolverine!!!!!
This is news to me. But if Hugh jackman continues to be wolverine, I'm sold.
Love it. Great Art Work. I like it, Right to the
Point. As a Wolverine should. Great work.
Rachel A.
great poster, I love Hugh Jackman
Since i just found out there gunna b a prequal yea i am excited!!!!
ALEmania, es el fundamento de la polemica estetica
Another Wolverine Prequel? Awesome! When's the release date?
What's the new prequel going to be about?
wolveine goes t japan or something.  I can't beleive you guys haven't been paying attention to his posts, he's been talking about it for God knows how long
I use deviantART! I'm actually pretty good at it, and I use it on my Chrome Book, which means I draw with the stupid sticky touchpad, not a graphics tablet. Anyway, yes! Ecstatic for the new Wolverine prequel! I feel like I've been waiting my whole short life for it! When does it come out!? What will it be called!? :D
Manny C
Wolverine is my favorite x-men and the most interesting one of all
Another Origins film? When did this happen? Hopefully they do this character justice this time. 
Hell no, how many movies does Hollywood make before they realize they've ruined a perfectly good comic book character?
Yey mega excited, didn't know there was one!!
yes.  yes I am! Although not as excited as I am about how much G+ lets me talk to +Hugh Jackman !!  Most awesomest. Mwah. x .
Hugh Jackman:  what else do you want
Absolutely eager to see more Wolverine!
I didn't even know there was another one coming out!!!!  I think I'm going to be more excited than my 3 boys!!
zee key
Bring it on! 
i love minimalist pictures. so aesthetic 
im obsessed with hugh jackson
Paula G
Yes yes yes .
As long as you are the one who will be playing Wolverine, I am looking forward to it :-)
Do we at least get a teaser? And are the writers going to at least TRY to follow the comic???
First one was really cool. I used to love seeing Wolverine around Christmas time on the back of Marvel comic books carrying Santa's sack. Anyone remember this?
Wolverine is the coolest motherfucker ever. 8D
Hugh Jackman is the second coolest motherfucker ever.
Being an artist, i'd have to say it's a little too plain for my taste.
Looks like two Batman facing each other.
they should restart the whole series again and that includes" first class"... what I would love to see is traditional custumes, capt. america wore his in this time so why not others
yes..excited..didnt know it was going to be made..anyone have a link?
totally going to nerd out as a graphic design major the figure ground and color elements/principles implemented here :)
Sorry, I find the poster lacking inspiration! How about having a contest for the next poster? No pro artists just amateur fans. I believe it would induce many an amateur artist to think long for a unique concept. BTW, am a huge fan of X-Men and Wolverine.
yea +Dale Leisenring that wold be awesome great idea let @stan lee pick it out and how the f are they making a prequel?  the origins movie started with him as a boy what are they going back to the womb?
Who isn't. Can't wait for the new prequel
Graduated this week, made my summer.found out about the prequel, made my year!!!:)

not really!!!!!just kidding but i havent seen any of the movies!sorry i dont get out much!!!!!!
Woooohooooo....! Wait.. No sequel?
im a dc person but i think that poster just made me like a adamantium-skeletonified mutant
Good news, Hugh! I am looking forward to it. Hey, I just watched "The Prestige" for the second time. This time we watched it with our kids all teenagers. We all love that movie. One of my favorites.
Give the rights back to MARVEL and make it right.
Days of Future Past storyline for X-Men First Class 2? Hugh Jackman as older self of Wolverine would be cool. 
Sweet. Avengers was awesome, but I missed me some Logan!
busy with a large group of over 100 people waiting for the moment
Its actually two Batman masks from side view! :P
im soooooooo excited i literally cant wait!! good luck hugh!! :D
excited for the new Wolverine prequel?
YES !!!
Great poster. But Wolverine wasn't very good. Lacked realism and violence. He is an adult anti hero.
I'm fully excited for the prequel! You are the Best Wolverin there could ever be!
yes i'm excited and i agree with ommar
That's a cool picture. Oh yes, I'm excited!
another one! im up for it my dad has every single x men movie and will never get rid of em love the movies myself.
I am a minimalist. Anything I do not use regularly, I donate. I am not wealthy, it's just based on a principal I believe in that if I have something I am not using and someone else can, it should be theirs. I do the same with money in my pocket. I wanted to purchased a home and the woman selling it for whatever reason kept putting me off. She noticed I had dropped a $20 bill. Then she mentioned her electricity would be shut off. I gave her the $20 bill. I didn't need it at that moment. When I needed $, I had it.
like it... simple and cool at the same time
Somehow it reminds me of batman mask :-p
very simple and awesome reminds me of the cartoon wolverine and i am excited for it
OMG.. This is really awesome.. And i cant wait for the next wolverine
hey hugh i loved it when you punched dolph ziggler in the face
love u wolverine as always i do u r my favourate herooooooo!!!!!
now ready to make slice of steel again hahahaha
I've always been a big Wolverine fan and you, Sir, are perfect for him. :-)
hey, who is wolverines friend/enemy again?
yeeeeeaaaah.bring it on already.
who isn't? i just can't wait!!!!
that poster is so friggin kewl!!!!
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