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"When I was growing up there were only 4 channels on TV so I always remember on the weekends playing rugby in the morning and in the afternoon watching great old musicals."
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That's what he looked like when he was in Kate and Leopold
and now look at you hahahahahah you are what 4 year olds watch on tv and in movies it funny in a way
You like musicals too?! Perfection <3
kt cool
Aussies <3 ruggby.
When I was growing up there were only two channels on TV!!!
when i was growing up,we had tv signals only 6 hours a day. I too memorised all programs. Crtv.
I was glued to Educational Television until we got cable(seriously though, my mom would always take my sister and I to the park when we had time). Then it was Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel...oh, 80s Nick and Disney, how I miss you. 
Sounds like quality time Hugh! Great way to develop fitness of the mind and body.
You guy so lucky,When I was growing up there were only 1 channels on TV,and only 2 hour a day in the evening. lol
Big fan of you expecially in XMen
omg! tv in the 80's for me was 3 channels and you might have gotten one of them in if you sent someone up to the roof to fiddle with the antenna for a half an hour and when you came back in to actually see the tv.......THE PRESIDENT IS ON!!! You look great Hugh!
Saw about your kid Oscar in InTouch magazine, so cute! 
and,what is it makes you talk of tv now? Are you nostalgic ?
Wow, not alone! ~ I was a local TV kid too!, 3 channels but tons of imagination, cable became available in my house when I was on my late teens
and what did this education television turn you into?
Coz,when i see your profile photo,i know not what to imagine
No doubt it is, breathtaking! I'm in love with this man ... A thousand kisses my beautiful angel!
Jon M
Jack your six month older than me, and I remember having to go outside to use the out house when I had to go lol,  the good old days:)
There where some great comedies those days as well. Starky.
Just loved Sunday, mums roast dinner followed by a classic film that the whole family sat down to watch.
I bet "Flipper" was on every channel :)
The afternoon for me was old Westerns. 1930's -1950's Westerns.
We just got our 6 year old hooked on musicals, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, Singing In the Rain, Music Man, On the Town, she's loving all of them!
good old 2, 7, 9, and 0, or was it 10 back then????? lol
Мне в детстве разрешали смотреть только мультики,и "Спокойной ночи малыши",остальное время отдавалось воспитанию и общению со сверстниками,а каналов у нас было 6 
Those were the days when air signals were free...damn damn damn I miss it
Согласна, было хорошо,люди больше общались между собой...
Да нет уж,лучше красное вино,оно хоть для здоровья полезней!!!!
And u actually had to stand and walk up to the TV to change the channels... we r so spoiled now!!
My country upbringing had 2 channels of TV.  1 Commercial station and the ABC.  Number of channels is different.  Number of good shows to what.  Not so much.
When my mom was in Germany they only had one channel and half the time it was in German and they couldn't understand it. So my mom would have been pretty happy if she had four channels.
Same here, ABC and GET (great east land television)
You are lucky to have had 4 TV stations, I only had 2 and the highlight of the week was COUNTDOWN........if you don't know what countdown is you are to young to appreciate the music from my era :)))
Well when I was a kid we only had one channel and there wasn't anything on then either. lol
Damn, ya'll must be really old..................
We had TV.  I remember being underwhelmed.  There were barns to explore and baseballs to be thrown (and not often caught).
awsome hey i seen you on wwe monday night raw that's was amazing big fan hope you are still making good movies like x-men origins wolverine.
Thank goodness we can watch all your movies on most of the hundreds.
Old musicals are so cool!  I loved South Pacific...." I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair" lol :)
LOL. I imagined teenage wolverine wearing whiskers and playing rugby. Or did Hugh prefer mustache those days?
Now you can have, and 300 channels, but I specifically rejected the TV box, so as not to lose time, and do not watch ads 10:00 and 5 minutes from the fact that I'm interested!
теперь можно иметь и 300 каналов, но я специально отказался от ящика ТВ, чтобы не терять время, и не смотреть 10 часов рекламы и 5 минут из того, что мне интересно!
u have aaawwwwwwweeeeessssoooommmeeeee pics 
u r the coooooooooooooooolest pop star i know
ur always happy thats the good thing i like about u
rugby union is my favourite sport in the world it is so ruff and tuff
Kind of wish i had some time to play rugby now.
In my youth we only had 2 channels and we had a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I grew up with 7 channels, and TV went off at night! My kids find that hard to believe, lol!
ingles no entiendo pero que es guapo es guapo
When I grew up there was only 1 channel on TV and that broadcasted for only 2 hours each day: 10 minutes cartoons for kids, the news and  1 movie for grown-ups. So I would play outside with the other kids all day long. It was fun.
We had only one channel when I was growing up, now we have four...I think, but anyway, you look awesome-- as usual.
Couldn't agree more we went to university together!
Hugh Jackman is totally awesome! We used to talk in the cafeteria and he
was a struggling journalism student then? Now? Celebrity networth?
$39Million and a fantastic bloke still!!
well its cool to know that even in his younger days he never gave up on his charisma and charm.
I used to do the same thing Hugh! 
Great! In India we had only one channel, and all we could play was cricket in the only ground if we were allowed by the big boys...and ended up watching some sleepy weepy movies in the evening. But visits by or to relatives lighted up the times.
Really buddy and now there r lots of channela and we can't decide sometime what should be watched ,by d way u r one of my favourite actor
Ah, i remember visiting my grandmother in England and having only 4 channels. O.o
Very handsome.  You don't seem to age at all.
I  also loved to watch musicals.  South Pacific was one.
We had only 3 well 4 if you counted the Public Broadcast Station. That's where I always watched Sesame Street and a little show that Morgan Freeman used to be in called The Electric Company lol. On Saturdays we would do our chores and then watch American Bandstand and it was old movies after church and Sunday lunch with the family. I still love a great old movie :)
4 omg! U lucky bugga, I had 2, ABC and 1 commercial that had the weather man come on air at 7pm telling us to kiss our parents n go to bed, lol
Growing up in Trinidad W.I we had 1 channel, there was  seasame street at 9am and  electric company in the evening,  except for cartoons on saturday mornings that's all the tv we kids watched but there was a lot of imaginative games, good books to read, and lots of laughter it made the six of us inseperable.Those were the good old days. I feel sorry for my kids with all their distracting technology.  
the most handsome actor of the Hollywood.<3
You look great in this picture, so handsome...
Vai ser bonito assim lá na P.Q.PARIU!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eu digo melhor, vem ser bonito assim aki em casa!!! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Señor hermoso,usted con pelo corto o largo es ve fenomenal.cuidese.
you were lucky...we had no TV at all when I was Young!
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