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“The natural law is that we should all have equal access, equal opportunity with the planet, but it seems the way we’ve divided it up politically or economically, that is not the case.”
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that is what is happening now here in mexico and we're almost a month to elect a new president
+Hugh Jackman Sounds like you're beginning to think like a technorati, which taken in proper context is a good thing.
Natural law?? Where in nature do you ever see this being the case?
Love your work, Hugh. But this statement, by itself, is really silly.
There are so many factors that determine what access we have in life that are far from fair and equal.
natural laws..universal make sense..unfortunately relies on the sensibilities of the human-kind to apply and execute..will be a longtime in the waiting methinks for the collective global ego to be stood aside to allow entry to commonsense...
I can't even listen to your words because this picture is so beautiful....
Well, the world would be better if women where in charge ;)
That's why we need VISAs......!
I don't know if it's the "natural law" but it sure would be nice!  (Pic's  Justin Timberlake in a few years) 
If you could create a level playing field e.g. By a revolution, it wouldn't last. Some would still attain a higher level sooner or later. At least in America the rule of law establishes a way for everyone to strive equally. At least, that's the way it's supposed to work. It works well enough, I suppose. Else why would so many people risk their lives to get here. We must be doing something right. But, it's still a long war from being perfect. "the price of liberty IS eternal vigilance." if it doesn't work reasonably well, then revolution. So far and I'm so glad for that.
I only pray for PEACE with the allies helping everyone.  We have spent too much MONEY and borrowed more.  I feel the BeAttitudes and The Golden Rule should take all policies apart.
We all DO have equal opportunity, really. It's the outcomes that aren't guaranteed.
...bruce lee said they make us believe in the theory that one person is better then the other......
Is This Really Hugh Jackman? as in Tony Stark abd Iron Man???
I am all for equality but Natural Law CERTAINLY doesn't say that we all get equal access. History buttresses my point. 
Hugh Jackman doesn't play any of those characters Lindsey. He plays Wolverine. 
+Caroline Ratajczak - Caroline  I totaly  agree with what you are saying. But may be Hugh Jackman means something else!!!!!!!!
I like the photo......  
you are totaly right!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesom   :)
Sad but true. Hopefully future generations grow out of the divided mindset we currently live in.
A new system would require a new attitude, so stark in contrast, it would take a long time to evolve, whilst still maintaining progress. It's very sad that freedom is still so very far away.
Equal access to God without fear of threats, persecution, or death!
Actually, the natural law is more like "survival of the fittest."
But this is a can of worms. We have to ask what equality really means and where it belongs.  How many flies have you swat? How many spiders down the plughole?  Life is unfair, at times. Each and every one of us begin our fight for equality the day we are born.  Some of us are luckier than others, I know that.  We are none of us born in unity but as individuals and equality is therefore never on the table to be served up as a free buffet.  Would we be happy in a world where everything is equal? How would life be?  I sure would like to find out but I dont think it will happen in my lifetime. And yes I realize we are maybe talking about slightly different things but when you think about it, it really does come down to the spider down the plughole. thanks to everyone who posted their agreement with my comments. x
Let's consult Magneto on this.
I think everyone is misunderstanding what he meant. In reference to the natural law, every man and woman should have access to all land, food, water, etc. I guess it would be a sort of unspoken, Utopian natural law for us all to share the wealth of the Earth.  Instead, we put a price on everything that is tangible. Disagreeing with what others have said, we are NOT all equals in global societies, which needs to change!
Sadly, the reality is we can sound of equality in access as much as we can but we live in our world that the fittest survive, thrive. Boils down to power-and truthly someone has to do the job., lead. We just can hope for leaders with hearts as Prez. O.
+gigi taylor - I Don't like  using that term but it is " a Dog it Dog World " and everything relates to how much Assets and Money you have in the Bank................Money + Knowledge buys lots and lots of  power whether we like it or not etc.............
I don't get the whole religious thing.  I'm agnostic....But.  Whatever gets you through the night is fine by me, as long as it doesn't infringe upon anyone else's rights.
Wonder what the rest of this comment says...kind of taken out of context.
he kinda looks constipated!~ NO HATE!
You know the sexiest part of a man is his brain and conscience
Print the whole piece...It is impossible to tell what this actor means when he is quoted out of context.
I think you are mistaken Julie that he's being qouted out of context. I think pple are just expressing their views about the subject matter. He is not by any means under attack.
= opportunity.  Politics?  It appears as though the harshness of the environment that a group of people exist in determines the severity of their political thoughts.  People raised to survive in  harsh environments are less accepting and friendly to outsiders. It this the survival instict? Expecting a shortage of Resourses and not wanting compitition for those limited resourses? When there are enough resourses for everyone , people are happier and their is less conflict. 
Agree.  If someone had the answer we would have no need to comment
All things being equal, I would be married to Hugh. Guess I ended up down in the pile!!!! Ha!
Interesting, is that a quote from someone or is that you? It also looks like a part is missing too, I'm not sure what is being said the idea of equality is something that is often misunderstood and is often misinterpreted too. A misinterpretation of it is that everyone should all have the same jobs, with the same money, the same value for your house, car etc.That can't be done but equality really means is that no one can deprive you of your ability to create success in your life, that there is no arbitrary power that can deny you your life. The only way you can be deprived of pursuing your success/happiness is if you cross the line and committ a crime. The other thing too is that the Earth is not an equal plane of existence, there are deserts, swamps, jungles, mountains, plains etc. so we can't all have the same equal opportunity depending on where you live. You can't build an igloo on the desert but you can build a pyramid.
IMHO I think the world could never cope with living equally. There has to be rich and poor - good and evil - young and old. I am of the older, poorer, and good group, still wishing for equality.
I wish others saw things the way you do
+Caroline Ratajczak - Caroline  the good things about posts it makes poeple communicate and  give their point of view that is what the world is lacking in communcaition on every level, lack of caring, loving  ,and just sharing.............
I think Hugh is very  sexy............
There are essentially two ways to look at human nature. It is either essentially good and humanity needs to tap in to the core good within themselves. The other way is that humanity is essentially broken and in need of something other to overcome this weakness. As the greed of those with power has proven itself a historical certainty I tend to believe the latter.
Divide up your share "economically" then.
The promise is looking beyond either-or thinking and embracing more sophisticated models of thinking and living.  We have to reimagine our current structures and make room for a new and better world. 
Yes Margaret - I am with you on that.  Has anyone considered, I wonder, what we are all saying here?  When we talk about equality, how many of us would admit that we see equality as something better which we are wishing was part of our lives.  How many of us would gladly want to live in a poverty stricken country where drought prevailed and food was scarce (and women were less than dirt still)?!  No, we all look to the better place, for our selves, our children and the generations to come. Its all part of our make up, our evolution through life.  And I am getting far too serious for my own good!  I should shut up.  I am coming out of a less than equal share of sadness and so, for me, I live every day as if it were my last and make the best of what this beautiful world has to offer.
Maybe that is not the case because that is not the natural law.
Maybe the way we've divided it up politically and economically
is the natural law. Didn't econo-political divisions begin with the
birth of this most recent civilization some six or seven thousand
years ago? Civil organization (legislative class), religious organization
(clergy class), and an organized military class came into being.
What laws would these three entities follow naturally to produce
econo-political division. My first guess is the laws of human nature.
Econo-political divisions are nothing new.
Not so sure what you are talking about
me dont get dis..... but Hugh Jackman is still awesome.
Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen...
I'm so excited about hugh Jackman's upcoming musical film, Les Miserables. can't wait to watch it. <3
What a moron. Actors think they know everything just because they played the role of an important person. The only exception has been Ronald Reagan. 
if humans make better decisions than God, provide some of their share for less fortunate areas the limit could be solved
your performance in limitless is outstanding 
+HAWDENG Hawrame  I don't think people can make better decisions than God. His decisions are final and for a reason. For you to write that and post it was God's decision.
Hugh, you're a decent actor - not a deep thinker.  Stick with acting.
Look to yourself, to your family and friends. Do with and for each other, first, then things begin to work and branch out.  We keep a mindset of "them" and "they".  We are them and they.  No one owes me and I have my own mind and ability to go forward.  Those who are unable need our community support - secular and/or faith based.  

We need to stop looking beyond our own backyards for happiness, or, help and certainly, not to any government body populated with self-serving politicians.
Wise words Hugh and it's true. opporunity it not always the case. getting your own paid off land for yourself is hard to do, let a lone a livelihood that will benefit both you and the community around you.
the best quote ever!!!iit is so true...
Zoe Yee
Jesus said" there will be troubles in this world..." can't beat that.
Because they have buried Original Planetary LawLore under their White Tribe Legalities. So we would forget who we really are!!! And it has worked on the most part.... ah, but then they keep saying.... 
"It is hard to kill those damn Savages!" 
Original meaning of Savage = Those who live amongst the Trees!
Because Mother Earth keeps awakening those who she knows are aligned to Her!! 
So true. Whatever happened to "We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal"??? Equality has not existed since then, at least not for everyone
Well said. Idealism at it's best.
In Webster natural it is related to nature,at the start of there was no people like you and me,so we could talk of natural law ,you should considering reading law books.
we may be created equal, but we each put forth different amounts of effort
thank you hugh. we all need to be able to get the same oppurtunities. it is about the effort, but its also about being able to.
Hugh Jackman, a person with a conscience. Bravo!

In the immortal words of Billie Holiday "Them that's got shall get, them that's not shall lose, so the Bible says, and it still is news"

Have to admit that things seem to have gotten way out of whack with the rich getting ultra rich and the poor sliding to oblivion.
Love the photo, but there seems to be a lack of critical information in the post tagged with it. I am NOT saying that I do not agree with where you were going with it. I just believe you could have been a little more informative with the statement. 
Not true...we are all born naked into this world. You get what you put into it and if you fail to succeed in your own goals then damn it, don't blame anyone else but the person looking back at you in the mirror.
Like the sea. It belongs to humankind; nobody can own it. But look at what China is doing now. It declared that South China  Sea belongs only to China. Since when that the sea was owned? Why not they don't declared too that they owned the wind the sun and the star. Only fools do that kind of things. And only bully ram that kind of thinking.
everyone has their own opportunities but how we use it up can change the result...
easy to blame than take responsibility - where there is will there can be a way.... all have choices.. wish had been wiser to make better choices!!
I wonder if Hugh ever comes close to this account (I'm betting no). It just a list of quotes and nice pics. I can't believe it always in the "What's hot section"
is it you who said that?
This is my number 1 husband . he is sooo wow lol'
hugh is a good actor,im impress most of his movie,
How is that the natural law...tell that to competing lion prides
lol hugh, stick to making films about boxing robots
what is going on in his mind, "shit it's so hot"
اوافقك الراى 
Believing like we do that were still equaly free because were not on a leash, forgetting that we do not really have the right to control means that we turn a blind eye to those who do. This is why these inderviduals can rule, control, and decide for us. Wrong!
And it only could change when we somehow got back to the ancient social prototype, that says money does not exist and law-regulations are made by the mother of nature.
Very sweet thought ;) ......  ''equal'' - people have never been / are not /will never be  equal ... the World could not manage that. 
hi how r u my name is  Ryan
I don't know of a single species that follows what you call 'natural law.' The term you use is what humans want to believe...
It doesn't really matter what thoughts we make about our planet. The most important thing is to think about it and try our best to make things better. Every one in his own borders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Actually, natural law is tooth and claw. Doesn't anyone watch Andy Griffith anymore? Equal access to opportunity and justice is a Christian / Marxist philosophy
No Mr.Durham. Natural law is an expression contradictory to Statutory law. Nature in here doesn't mean jungle!
It's like a open secret now this days.No one is actually able stand before this situation.
All laws of nature are not about equality! In nature the stronger, smarter, bigger prevail! Human laws could be about same/equal rights and opportunities... only then it will be up to us to make our choices! Something that doesn't happen in real life, because people who have the power, want to keep things unbalanced... They need us to be different in all aspects (education, quality of life etc.) so they can benefit of this. Take for example my country Greece...
a lei da natureza é apenas .... a lei do homem está complicando a lei da natureza para desenvover
We are all born equal, some are just more equal than others. 
Lena GOULIELMOU - Social and economical discrimination (unfortunately) is certainly everywhere, and is arguably the very  reason why society (the world at large) functions, this though does not make it right, as some people have their well being and full potential suppressed by their background, these people may be smart and strong, but, their not as blessed as we are here! - this is unfortunate ;)
The planet keeps loosing either way...its sad!
the human right is also destroyed by themselves.
hrm not my fav... You look like George Micheal from the 80s...
Fantastic actor and I am always going to be in awe of him as a person. It takes special human to adopt children and then to see how passionate he is about stage acting makes him even better. He sings, dances and acts. I love you Hugh! 
That is what teaching is all about. when someone can say something so cool that you just changed someones thinking.
Maybe one day things will seem different :)
The divide is greater by far it comes down to a spiritual decision: Jesus Christ.
Why do some of you people have to make everything about you, he is clearly very aware of his success and how lucky or blessed he is "your choice" 12 to 14 hr work days for weeks on end = "hard working man" he is nice enough to share his thought's with us, i appreciate his   insight, he could be doing a million other things and well to, so save your negativity for payday.
I will 2nd that and he is one of the best looking guys around.  We need more of him.
Qe qereis qe os diga. Mi imaginación no qiere conocerlo en persona por si me llevo una decepción... Adios Amor

If you can't see your beauty/truth, your fear will drive you to acquire as much as you can at whatever means necessary. Thanks for your words Hugh!
That's the world we're living in. Just put it in the "life's not fair" pile. Man seems to be the one that gets in the way. I've decided to trust God since He's the One who's in control anyway. Blessings, Terry :-)
Está sufocado ??? Quer uma respiração ...
That is not the natural law. It is man made. The strong rule always. Is it fair that a doctor who saves lives in LA earns 200k a year, and an actor who serves as much value as a stripper, both are entertainment, earns millions. It is what it is. The strong need to dip in their pockets, not for more taxes since DC throws our money away, but person to person to help those who want it and need it.
yo opino igual desafortunadamente la politica no va de la mano con las necesidades de cada persona o individuo y solo sirve para beneficiar a unos cuantos
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