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All five Senate GOP women voted against today's equal pay bill.
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Wow, talk about going backwards and treachery..
It's rather ironic, isn't it? They choose their party line over their daughters, sisters and all other females who do not have the privilege of being elected officials. It's rather sad. 
big money runs the the GOP!!
I have nothing to tell ya! I only hope and pray that THAT DAY will never come. 
Congressman/women already have a law that stipulates how much they get paid. But for everyone else  fuck em.  LOL   hypocrites slutty whore hypocrites.
+Estelle Holder :  I agree with your assessment wholeheartedly.....these steps back can only hurt everyone over the long haul; there is no legitimate reason for them to vote against this bill that I know......
+Bob Morrison No i am not fat, a drug addict, nor have i been married mulitple times  but I am a white man  so close I guess  lol
Headline Should Read: Last Thing We Should Be Focusing On Is Focused On. Focus Will Continue.
Darryl, using that language helps not at all.  Don't attack their sexual mores, or looks.  Attack their actions, as Senators, to not stand up for women.
ahhh. a new GOP witch hunt. we can't get enough of these, can we? having different political values does not qualify as a viable existence, does it?
I'm not sure that the Federal government should be in the business of telling employers what they must pay any of their employees.
This bill isn't just about helping women.  It also includes limiting employers and increasing power and funding to the labor department.  I can see why it was rejected. 
Good for them. Stop the dems and their foolish tinkering that causes more problems than they solve.
Darryl, don't do that. Their sex, sexual activity, sexual proclivity, or weight have nothing to do with anything. Be a good person and attack policy, not personhood.

Bob, if employers would pay people as people, that might be true. As it is, they pay men, and kinda sorta pay women. Telling them to pay according to job, not according to sex isn't an onerous burden, it's simply necessary. Kinda like telling them that they can't charge blacks double price or force women to use the "special entrance."
If a woman can do the same job with out taking time out for have babies, work long hours, carry a 200 pound person, military do the same job as a man same amount of push ups same style, same back packs same weight. I'm for them. Have anyone seen any law suits where there been any infringements. I see this as a distractions from the real issue. Blame republicans for everything. Including global warming. There are laws already on the books to handle any case. Your hatred clouds your thinking.
+Kenneth Dunlap What exactly does "pay people as people" mean? And what if the roles were reversed (as it is in some cases) and an employer wanted to pay female employees more than male employees? Why do they not have a right to do so?
Aww, in poor little billy's world the damn wimmens are just leaches that take away from the all important men.

Small point of fact billy, women "in all jobs (including clerical/office jobs)," make less than their male counterparts even though they tend to do a far better job.
you can't make a socially imposed double standard defunct with a DEMOCRATIC VOTE. which now of course 'GOP WOMEN! have ruined (it's alllll their fault!! waah waah) . sorry folks, but it's a lil more complicated than that.
It means Bob, that you pay a person for doing a job. This tends to be more fair and equitable than paying men one rate and women an entirely different, and lesser, rate.
Omg I'm not suprised. Sometimes I think the reason these ice cold GOP witches don't care about woman is cause they had all there reproductive organs removed and replaced with a mini fridge. They are the coldest people in the world. They're obviously getting little party bonuses to help out there party. If I didn't have this creepy feeling about how soulless they act I'd swear I was turning into Rush Limbaugh's good twin. Except that girl was fighting for her friend not stabbing every woman in America in the back to move themselfs up.
I'm reminded of the brain-dead woman who is a politician, yet argues that women shouldn't be able to vote. She harkened back to the glowing wonder days of yore, when women did what they were told and stayed the fuck at home. Much like a few people here seem to wish hadn't ended...
Do other people get to decide what is "fair" or do I get to decide how to allocate my own money? What if I decide to shop at Store A and Store B thinks that is "unfair". Can the government step in and say, "It's unfair for you to give your money disproportionately to Store A. From now on, you must shop at Store A and B evenly." Can you see that the government has no business telling me what to do with my own money?
Are you an idiot Bob? Can you seriously make such a ridiculous correlation and not be an idiot?
We have more job opportunity for women than men there more women I'm leadership position than ever before. They have made more leaps than any other group. I see why this subject is only on the Huffington Post. How can you take any serious here.
+Kenneth Dunlap You undercut the force of your own argument when you resort to name calling rather than presenting a logical response to my argument. If you're not careful, people might assume you have no argument.
+Bob Morrison seriously? How in the world does a woman not vote for this Bill? Amend parts that you don't like, but don't support it? Repubs are special ppl. Oh I get it, they voted against it because they are already getting paid.
That wasn't an argument, Bob. It was an asinine leap from one concept to an entirely unrelated concept. Maybe you need to actually address the issue at hand rather than play "my fallacy trumps your point." Only idiots do that game, which is why I asked about that...
+billy bragg "They have made more leaps than any other group" Why would they have had to make a leap in the first place? +Angela Turnbow you should be ashamed of yourself. Ppl are brainwashed these days.
They did not vote for it because it would help the working class people.
+Kenneth Dunlap  So one group of people (consumers) gets to decide where to spend their money, but another group (employers) doesn't. The government gets to decide if I as an employer am spending my money "fairly" but, as a consumer, they don't have that right? You don't see the connection? Your continued name calling is really convincing me of your intellectual prowess.

+Arthur Davis Maybe you can answer my questions about the government deciding where I can spend my money?
Ppl these are not personal attacks from me, they are personal attacks against your thought process.
+Bob Morrison How are they deciding where you can spend money, all they are doing is saying be fair and not to discriminate, is that asking to much? Don't even answer that, we know the answer.
I do not think +Bob Morrison would have the same opinion if he were the one being underpaid by more than $430,000 over his career.  This is about discrimination, not about shopping.  What I want to do with 'my own money' is to be fairly paid in the first place.
What's gets me is the response from the Republicans, trial lawyers? lollllllllll wth? I mean they could have said anything better than that!
Bob, do you really miss the halcyon days of yore when blacks were waiters and had separate fountains? When women had to have their husbands beat them or face stigma for being an inattentive wife? When gays were left dead on the side of the road and their murderers were clapped on the back by their friends?

The government ended these behaviours because they were bad. Allowing places to pay the "lesser" people "(like blacks, gays, latinos, women, etc.) less money for the same job is doing nothing but keeping those days alive. You and your prejudiced friends will nearly all be dead of old age soon (along with your bronze age mentality), and we won't miss you.
+Arthur Davis What? Telling me how much I have to pay an employee is not deciding where I can spend my money? Really?

+Regina Mullen Who wouldn't like the government requiring their employer to give them a raise?

You said This is about discrimination, not about shopping. But when I buy from one supplier and not another, I am discriminating against the other supplier. When I buy from one bakery, I'm discriminating against all other bakeries. This is about my right to allocate my resources as I see fit and not have nanny government telling me what I can and cannot do. Who says things have to be fair?
+Kenneth Dunlap Thank you for the well wishes. And you said I made an asinine leap from one concept to an entirely unrelated concept.
Im not american and i dont know much about american politics but doesn't this sound a bit wrong? People should be paid based on their competences and you don't need a legislation for that... Just my thoughts.
You said This is about discrimination, not about shopping. But when I buy from one supplier and not another, I am discriminating against the other supplier. When I buy from one bakery, I'm discriminating against all other bakeries.

I'm sorry for asking if you were an idiot Bob. I should've simply taken the bard's advice and allowed you to "remove all doubt."
Sadly Francois, here in America we do need legislation. Otherwise, Bob and his buddies would pay blacks dimes per hour, women quarters per hour, and white men $20 dollars per hour.
+Kenneth Dunlap Apology accepted ;-)
+Francois Zard I think people should be paid based on the free and un-coerced agreement they make with an employer. Why should the government set the wages?
+Francois Zard you are correct "ppl should be paid for their competences but here in America that doesn't happen.
+Bob Morrison nope its not the same but I do see we will never agree on this however, I am happy that I was blessed not to work for you well paying sir.
I think EVERY senator should receive a different wage. Let them experience vastly different wages, and see how they like it.
Personally, I think that everyone who views this the way Bob here does should be only paid half what the women in his field earn. Let's see how fast he campaigns for women to earn more!
+Kenneth Dunlap I find your accusation of racism extremely offensive. I would find the best employees I could and pay them based on an agreement we both find acceptable.
+Mark doubleu on top of that I'm curious if the Republican women who voted against this make the same amount of money as their counterparts...
So you're not a racist, you're just a misogynist. Is that considered better amongst your friends?
+Kenneth Dunlap in my country (lebanon) which is sadly a third world nation (and will be so for the next few centuries) there are such legislations that even force you to employ people based on their religious sects. It's a sectarian political system in which all public positions are assigned based on a person's sect. This means the president is always Christian (by the law), the prime minister a sunni muslim, etc...
Ironically, we haven't had a competent leader in 50 years. The same applies to all public positions and even extends to army and police institutions. The country is on a steady way to hell.

The moral of the story is, if you want to stop racism, you have to deal with it on the social level and through better education not legally and through legislation. Thank you.
+Mark doubleu Senators' pay is one thing that we do have a right to set! They work for us.

+Kenneth Dunlap Remember my example of an employer paying women more than men? I'm perfectly fine with that as well. You just can't resist name calling can you?
Nope, I have this thing about calling bigots bigots. 
+Francois Zard that has been the fight for years (trying to deal with it socially) its working but we have ppl in power in this country (US) that do not want to see that happen no matter the cost. Frankly ppl are tired of it and i call almost garuntee that this election year will show its ugly head!
+Francois Zard Good example of government meddling in the free market with the goal of "fairness". Legislation only rarely addresses the root causes of social inequity.
Francois, legislation that calls for all people of a skillset and similar experience to be paid an equivalent wage is far different than what you describe. What people like Bob hate is that an even playing field might let people have delusions of equality.
something as simple as pay everyone fairly is a hot topic in this country, how fucked up is that!
+Kenneth Dunlap What I hate is Government-forced equality. It's an artificial equality and it never resolves the underlying issues. I would rather have a society that judges people not on the color of their skin or their gender, but on the content of their character.
Afro circus Afro circus polka dot polka dot Afro....I love that commercial... just thought I'd loosen up the tenseness in this room a little.
And yet you argue hard on behalf of people who want the exact opposite of such a society. Perhaps you need to reconsider your own positions.
IF a man and a woman are doing the same job, they SHOULD get the SAME pay... This bill would have NOT harmed the employer - only to the effect that they couldn't take action against an employee for sharing their wage information with another employee... It would have also instituted that the Labor board INCREASED outreach programs to employers to help them to eliminate wage disparities (lack of similarity or equality: difference)... There was NOTHING bad about this bill, yet they VOTED against it??? Makes no logical sense... Other than to stonewall President Obama's objective to help  working class American's make a better life for their families...

Just a reminder of what the Article said: "Paycheck Fairness Act, which would have required employers to demonstrate that any salary differences between men and women doing the same work are not gender-related. The bill also would have prohibited employers from retaliating against employees who share salary information with their co-workers, and would have required the Labor Department to increase its outreach to employers to help eliminate pay disparities."

None of that sounds very ominous to me... It's just the senate stonewalling a great idea AGAIN... Doesn't mean it can't get put though again though... Just saying...
+Kenneth Dunlap I argue on behalf of people who want a free society, not one encumbered by government mandates in every area of our economic lives, including areas such as "fairness".
+Jennifer Shaffer will you be my baby momma? Well written , stating the facts! Just kidding about the joke, I'm happily married 7 years! Funny thing is my wife and I work at the same company, she is a supervisor and I am a level 2, she has been with the company 8 years and I have 6 however, I make $5000 more per year than she does, please explain?
+Kenneth Dunlap "legislation that calls for all people of a skillset and similar experience to be paid an equivalent wage"
Are you trying to say that right now in America there is a law that says women should get paid less than men even if they are doing the same job with the same efficiency?? That would seriously make me lose faith in humanity. Otherwise, you're trying to force people not to discriminate and this should not be done with legislation. That's what I'm saying. This looks a bit like socialism: Government-dictated equality.
+MAry Kinnan I think you're right. The idea of freedom is, for the most part, passe. But I can dream.
+Francois Zard what would you propose? if the govt can't do it? ppl here have hate, deep hatred for others and a fear to be second class for some reason. I do like your arguments being (that you say) you are not accustomed to American politics.
A woman politician is still a politician. There all slaves to their donors. Where there's unlimited money, there's unlimited corruption. I'm honestly not surprised.
+Arthur Davis i'm not proposing a solution, i'm just saying that this solution has been tested so many times across the world and has failed over and over. Why not learn from other's mistakes? From what I can see as an outside observer who again is not accustomed to US politics, the US is changing. Never before would I have imagined the US would be spearheading a legislation like SOPA (the stop online piracy act). Now this. It's like you people are moving away from true democratic and free system that you invented yourselves!
+Roger Baillie More coercion. I like it.
By the way, for the record, I'm an employee, not an employer. And it's none of my business what my co-workers make.
Seriously anyone thinking that the Republicans are going to do anything before November are just delusional
. Especially when it comes to women and minorities. You have a better chance of winning the lottery.
Francois is absolutely correct. It's sad that Americans can no longer think and act for themselves. I'm seeing my country crash around me day in and day out, and it is becoming very distressing.
Perhaps it was not passed to protect corporations.If it passed working ladies all over the country would be suing employers to level their salaries with their male counterparts...just a thought
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Wow that's just ridiculous, brain washed dummies
+Arthur Davis LOL @ being your baby momma... I have 4 already and that would have been a HELL NO anyway (JK)! No more damn kids!!! I am a grandmother for that fact... A four yr old grandson and a 4 week old granddaughter... Oh BTW, I am only 42... LOL... 

To my point... Let's see what is my point??? Oh yeah, the $5,000.00 a year difference in your pays... Look at her chest and look at yours... Pull out your britches and look between your legs and do the same to her... But PLEASE, do this at HOME and with HER PERMISSION first... Do you see the difference??? Yeah, so does your employer... Only they do it with those x-ray vision glasses/contacts they are wearing instead... They know they can get away with it because there is no law that prevents them from doing so... Sorry, if that sounds crass or something, but it is true... I did a research paper on glass ceilings and pay differences in today's work environments for my Associates degree in Business... 9 out of 10 women are to meek to speak up and say, "NO this is what I want for pay because THIS IS WHAT I DESERVE!" Me on the other hand, I am just a biatch enough to tell them what I deserve because I know what I am worth!!!

I believe that this country was supposed to have been started on EQUALITY and Freedoms... Yet, every one gripes and complains about inequality but it is the WOMAN who still gets the shaft... Just No one is willing to speak about it... And I am not just saying this because I am a woman... It is just the plain and honest truth...
Arthur Davis, why would blacks or any other group have to make leaps. But it happened. Now want to be the same as men that is physically and mentally impossible. God made us different for a reason. You have some think differently. I guess you feel that government should be in all aspects of our lives.
+rosie hecker von danzig Well, actually, Rosie, you can. I live in a country where discrimination based on race, gender, religion or sexual orientation is forbidden in art. 1 of the consitution. All you have to do to stop gender discrimination in wages is make it illegal. After a while even the former opponents think that equal pay is fair and self-evident.
@ Francois Zard: Government mandated equality got schools and other institutions to become desegregated, it also granted women and minorities the right to vote, and it allows for me to be able to work anywhere with out having some creep trying to sex me up.
There is no law that says women should get paid less than men, but there is a cultural practice in which women get paid less than men for doing the same jobs.  And that is something we need to get rid of.
Disagreement is tolerable. Poor exposition and writing less so. Can we flag posts as "inappropriate" if they overuse capitals, string together question marks, and make terrible use of ellipses? Posts of this type clearly represent unfiltered, unedited mental diarrhea, and are offensive; it is rude to ask others to consider an opinion that one has given no effort in forming. 
if a man makes more than me and deserves it because he is more qualified by all means he deserved it....however if i am equally qualified for a position or even more yet i am given less over a man....damn straight that is is sad that we have to argue about something like this....alot of the issues the GOP have been so intently involved in are pretty sad...i feel like we are moving back in time and not forward....this country is going to break...and soon
So sad. A woman fucking another woman. Sorry for the bad words.
Finally got to get back. Update Bob has been spewing crap for an hour. Kenneth has been giving Bob a tongue lashing. Bob responds with more sacks of bullshit. Aurther added constructive comments to a dead end conversion. And Francois showed he has more sense than Bob and can keep a positive attitude while dealing with an unfair system. Even more important we got a woman's input on the issue of woman's rights.
What about the free market? Nah... Overrated. 
Must be an election coming up...
Such a shame. With women like these, they make their male counterparts look like Santa. It's tragic, really tragic.
+Ariadna Leal The government never mandated equality of results, they mandated equality of opportunity. There is a big difference.
Glad there are men who care about woman's rights. I hate Dbags. Stupid spreads like a disease.
the only people who will benefit from passing this bill are lawyers and the women that work for them.
how about paying these women less than their fellow men senators? I bet it would make them cry foul once they are the victims, or hmmm may be not!
So you set a standard and then, when someone - m or f - excels, they're able to be held to a lower rate.. I'm thinking a re-think about this whole matter.
They are correct to vote against it, of course.

The cause of the so-called "pay gap" is that women take time off due to pregnancies. The "pay gap" is not really a pay gap, rather a fair pay according to what they give back. 
You want proof? When you compare women without children to men, the "pay gap" disappears. 
Mind you, I am not saying this is fair; it's just how it is. Forcing the elimination of the "pay gap" (in between inverted commas because it is a liberal invention) will only mean less jobs for women. Sad but true.

Life isn't fair. Get used to it.
Darryl Griffith, you said your not an addict, your not fat and haven't been married multiple times. What in the world does that have to do with this discussion? I am a recovered alcoholic. I have earned two Master Degrees since I stopped drinking. I have a good job and own a business as well. Your comment was very offensive. Are you suggesting that fat people don't have brains and shouldn't contribute to discourse? Besides Limbaugh lost a lot of wait. You also are not very compassionate to those who have faced the terrible pain of divorce. You act very self-righteous 
Then they should be paid less then their male counterparts and shove a finger in and whistle for voting against it.
Ben Xie
"I have earned two Master Degrees..."
"Limbaugh lost a wait of WAIT [emphasis mine]" ???
Sorry had to say it
Was there something wrong with the bill? A compromise they did not want to take?
What gives the government the right to force an employer to pay an employee anything?? Pay should be based on skill and performance. If you dont like your pay go somewhere else!! Keep government and business separate!! Am i the only one who understands how a business is run??
I hope they are getting paid less haha!
+Dan Cox , if I was named after a penis I would be angry at women like you too lol
Employee #1: male. Takes every single break he can to get out of working. Leaves right at 5. Never goes above and beyond. Been with company 2yrs.

Employee #2 female. Normally works 30 minutes after she is supposed to be off. Working hard overall but wont want to move up in the company. Been with company 1yr.

Employee #3. Male. Works through lunch. Come in an hour early and stays a hour late. Aiming to get a promotion. As soon as one opens up. Even thought that wont be for a year or two. Been wig company 3yrs.

Employee #4 female. Works just as hard as employee #3. Been with company 4 yrs.

Now in different situations, what how should the payscale work.

1. Employee #4 gets a promotion. Employer can't bump employee #3's pay that would be illegal wont it. Even thought he is good employee and also deserved a promotion.

2. Employee #3 gets a promotion.
Employer can't bump employee #4 pay up. It would be illegal.

People want this to change we need this to change. I don't think anybody is for unfairness. Nobody likes hat someone gets paid less because of there gender. (Those people that are name calling and attacking people personally, grow up. If you can't say anything else regarding the topic then just shut up. Personal attacks are for cowards.)
Passing a law like this will fix it. But it will also hurt others along he way. It is like title 9. At school sports (you must have equal amount of Guy sports as you do girl sports) sure playing feilds are even but at what cost. Almost every school CUT boys teams. Thet didn't add girl teams. I think that is what will happen with this. They aren't going to reward people that deserve a raise. Thy are afraid of the government coming after them.

I am off the soap box. Next person go. My thumbs hurt.
I love how it's always the job of the government to fix these kinds of things... Shouldn't this debate be left to the individual states? Isn't that how our constitution was designed? I think it's awesome that our government has given us a freedom back that was never theirs to take... If you don't like the outcome of this failed legislation, take it up with your state, take it up with your employer, go find a job that pays you what you're worth; BECOME the employer instead of the employee... what's stopping women from starting businesses and paying female employees more than the male counterparts? NOTHING NOW!
There is a book that explains most of the gap, the book title is called “Did you ask?” it was mentioned on NPR a few weeks ago. The author found that females are not as aggressive in negotiation of salary and benefits. When this was taken into account, the gap narrowed to $0.05. So if the primary cause of the gap is negotiation skills, what good would a law do?
And then Obama will champion the cause ; will become a hero , punny .
+Paul Guardino , +Dan Cox Nothing says "immature" quite like making fun of someone's name. I hope the other kids in your 6th grade class go easy on you
Good, at least some women will work to keep the jobs of their fellow women in the workforce. Passing this would cause women to be much less likely to be hired which would be terrible in the economy we are in right now. You can't force an employer to pay someone more than they are worth without making that person less desirable of a worker. I'M LIVING IN AN IDIOCRACY. TIME TO GO BACK TO THE REPUBLIC WE WERE MEANT TO HAVE.
land of the free. As long as you register your business. Pay income taxes. Pay for welfare, medicare, healthcare, road usage and other government programs that you don't have the choice to use, understand that driving is a privilege and you don't have the right to think you can do it on your own without registering with the state, and now, you have to pay people the same based upon our standards not based upon the standards you have for your employees and for yourself when you started the business. I'M FREE
+Bob Morrison  This guy gets it. You can't run a business if you can't RUN A BUSINESS. don't like the way it's run, don't go there. (don't like the government, you are screwed)
IF a woman can do the same job, she should be paid the same, but often women are not able to do the same job as men. i am not able to lift as much as the men at work!
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