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"Without thinking twice, he ran into the flames and rescued this young lady," Detective Alex Rodriguez told CBS. .
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Another advantage of being a lady. If it was a guy, the mayor would simply wait for 911 to arrive. No?
I've heard him talk and he's brilliant and amazing
Mayor Booker? No, I could see him doing this for anyone, man or woman. He's surprisingly awesome, especially so considering he's in Newark.
Okidoki. I withdraw my comment then. Thanks for the input.
I wouldn't mind voting for him. He can be governor of NJ first, and clean up after Christie. I wouldn't mind that one bit.
sure he's a neighbor and not a superhero now but wait till election time when he'll be sure to remind everyone of this
He won't (personally) remind anyone of it, but I'm sure that his campaign staff can create an imagery of a man running into a burning house and carrying a woman on his shoulders out of a burning house. Then these words would follow: "this is how you BE your brother-and-neighbor-keeper."
Vote for Booker.
Cory Booker for president in 2016!
After being mayor of newark, nothing can scare you.
He looks thuggish. Not your average Politician. What Party? I doubt if a Republican can be so caring!
+Jorge Rama
Thanks for the info. I just thought I could guess before verifying. Well, that explains it.
What exactly does a "thug" look like +Lion Fisile ? All I see in the picture is an African American male with a bald head.
Oh... Nevermind the "THUG" phrase. I just meant to say that he looks toned and strong, that's all. It's kinda like what the first commenter said: "BADASS".
Step aside Chuck Norris !!
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