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Know what this is?

(Image via NASA SDO)
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Damn it I forgot. Guess I have to wait another 170 years. :P
how can i see that?
+Google Daily 
Man you've got to be joking. Don't give out harmful advice...  Sunglasses are NOT safe for staring directly at the sun!  For someone who is trying to make a popular fan page, you need to be more careful what you tell people.

+Trung Le Look for an amateur astronomy club in your area.  They will likely be set up in a park watching the transit and would be happy to let you see.
Wish it had been less cloudy here this morning.
The astronomical equivalent of watching paint dry, not to be seen again for over 100 years...
this is venus going over the sun and it wont happen again till 2117 witch is 105 years
It's Venus passing between the Earth and the Sun.
There's a little black spot on the sun today.
It's the same old thing as yesterday.
It's my soul up there,
Of course I know what that is.  It's Venus crossing in front of the sun.
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