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What's the best country to be a woman in? Check out the official list.
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Finland is great. Leader in education and 2nd on this list. Definitely have to put it on the vacation list.
The U.S. of course. Women here have the luxury of being carried around in binders.
The top 5 are located in the cold region. Brrrrr
I wonder if they took into account that there are ~96.4 million, 18 to 64 year old women in America. That is quite a bit more working women in America than there are in the top five on the list in combined population. Raised by a single mother I can appreciate the importance of gender equality especially in the work place. Fortunately, my mother was very assertive and the result was equal pay for her work.
+Paul Greenwood

From the actuall report:

"A population-weighted average of all scores within each region was taken to produce these charts"
Very interesting report, but it could have benefited from a more geographic analysis. There were not enough maps in there... 
Interesting that American are pro gender equality....unless you're gay then you're out of luck.
Wayhay... Ireland in 5th... who'da thought...??
This ranking puts entirely too much emphasis on Political Empowerment.  
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