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The latest issue of TIME, featuring our cover story on the rise of attachment parenting, "Are You Mom Enough?" hits newsstands Friday.

(On the cover: Jamie Grumet, 26, and her son, 3, whom she breastfeeds. Photograph by Martin Schoeller for TIME)
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Rob Go
Totally fucking disgusting.
Only Time could get away this garbage....
Yes yes yes yes yes. rofl - I'm interested to see how the comments will get polarised into male vs female POV's...
Breastfeed a 3 year old???? Why???? And why on the cover of a national magazine???? WTF does not begin to cover this.
Breastfeeding is a good thing...and there are many pics who are worse in terms of nakedness...and there is nothing disgusting abouitt ....what bothers me here is that clearly the mother has a problem cutting the umbilical cord...oedipus complex well on its way. But of course a magazine will explore our voyeurism...
What comes to mind is an incredible level of narcissism and egotism from the mother...also it is nearly shocking how little interaction she has with her son on this picture: it's clear that she wants to shock the viewer...hmmh I wonder what the son will say about it when he is older...
I see ISSUES on the horizon with young Oedipus here.
+Gabriela Ehrlich There's nothing wrong with breastfeeding. It's breastfeeding when the kid is three that's the problem.
Rob Go
+Jessica Sorozan You're not an expert, but you have common sense. Props! This mom on the cover, absolutely none.
when a kid can walk, talk, feed himself, and all the other things 3 year-olds can do, it's time to get off the boob. isn't it a parents job to teach their kids how to take care of themselves (obviously not entirely by the age of 3)? how is being a 3yo's personal bottle helping them?
As with everything else Time went for the shock value, this crossed the line and that's what it was intended to do...shameless shock media...not surprising.
Well, thats what they are for, ultimately its the mothers choice, although there may be an issue when she shows up to feed her little one in kindergarden.
I hope parenting groups inundate Time with their "opinions" on this truly ridiculous portrayal of breast feeding (a very important issue) taking a topic of great importance and turning into a truly disturbing image more related to pedophilia than anything else, Time needs to be called out for this...
+Gabriela Ehrlich JUST curious: what in your opinion IS the CUT OFF time
Reading the article the lady on the cover says that she herself was breastfed until she was six. Insane. The kid is three now and is about to turn 4.
I would argue for breast feeding until they can use a glass, as my kid got baby bottle tooth decay. Both my kids used plastic bottle which may have had harmful chemicals in them, such as BPA. You've got to question why fertility rates decline.
breast fedding and it is on the cove of time magazine not hot or cool
My kids weaned themselves at 10mths and 14mths respectively. They decided it was easier to chase down a glass at that point than mommy. I can't imagine trying to do it until 3 and the picture is purposely disturbing. However, I am not an expert and Americans tend to be very prudish about breastfeeding but not pornography. And that is more disturbing than the picture.
This is disturbing. That kid will need serious counseling one day!
+Gabriela Ehrlich Oh, I doubt he will be able to say very much. It is sorta hard to talk when you have a tit in your mouth. Quite an edgy cover, Time, I am have trouble scrolling up to look at it in public. Hah.
I won't let anyone drink my beer. Why would I let them near the fun bags?
Mais ne pensez-vous pas qu'une autre raison de + nous laisse les aimées . Dans le moi de chacun de nous une maman qui tôt où tard fais face.. flotte...
Well mum when you feel it is time to stop stop! it will be time out for you when you say so.
aw come on now... he'll make a great atheist, or some otherwise repressive person when he's a big boy =s
its to chep idea......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
at least he looks less creepy than the kid from game of thrones
He'll suffer in Junior High. "Your Mama...."
Are you still making him used to tat....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is child pornography being introduced by the lesbian coalition!
She's trying to make a statement. Can she work at the same time and earn money? If she breastfeeds her child up until 2 years old, it either means that she is taking an indefinite maternity leave or that she's a stay-at-home mom....
No she is out of bounds for putting this on a magazine cover. Our children are being exploited enough. This is not a baby as you can see. Child pornography plain and simple. Would you like it if a man had a three year old girl grabbing his butt or tongue kissing him?
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