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#暴君  有人看暴君么?太精彩了

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The conference floor and session rooms at #io14 were abuzz with great conversations about design. While these great conversations continue here on the web, we wanted to share some of our favorite moments from the conference. Flip through the photo album below to get a glimpse of design across the two days of Google I/O 2014, from the keynote, to live sessions, to the design sandbox, and to the workshops.
Design at Google I/O 2014
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Today we introduce #WorkswithNest.

Learn how we're making your home a more thoughtful & conscious place:

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I/O. I/O. Its off to work I go! Hope you all enjoy what we have in store over the next two days.


google io 要开始了~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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google io 视频直播怎么看啊,官方地址是多少啊

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Nest At The Center Of Google's Smart Home

Using Google Now, a homeowner will soon be able to talk to a Nest Learning Thermostat and complain about the heat because Google Now will become “Works with Nest” certified sometime in the fall.
And Google is turning the Nest Learning Thermostat into the hub of smart homes.

Google today announced the “Works with Nest” certification program.
Gadgets, cars and universal remotes will all work with the Thermostat, providing automated actions independently of the brand.
Nest’s Matt Rogers says the idea behind this system is to build seamless and practical experiences in the home and to sell more Nest gadgets at the same time.
Nest wants to overcome the fragmented market that exists today where individual devices are controlled by proprietary apps that live in their own world. They will do it by help of  the protocol provided by the “Works with Nest” program.
Some of the most popular smart home gadget makers have signed onto the “Works with Nest” program, including LIFX, Logitech, Chamberlain and even Whirlpool.
With Whirlpool, when the Nest thermostat notices the homeowner is away, a connected dryer will switch to Fan Fresh mode so the dryer’s cycle doesn’t end early and instead keeps running so clothes stay wrinkle-free.
Google also enlisted the help of IFTTT (If This Then That) so home owners can program smart switches for the Nest Protect and Thermostat.  IFTTT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement. Learn more below.
Mercedes is also part of the program and select models can tell a connected Nest Learning Thermostat when the driver will be home, activating the heating or cooling at the exact moment so not one cycle is wasted on an empty home.
Learn more
 In this article WWDC 2014: Meet Apple's melding of software and services you can read about Apple's and Goggle's strategies regarding the smart home
In the article I wrote that Google might buy Dropcam. Nest has later bought Dropcam.

Google buys Dropcam for $555 million
Microsoft's ’90s vision for the smart home looks in many ways like today

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Picture Credit: Techcrunch
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